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Visco Memory Foam Mattress Guide

by:Aoqi     2020-03-30
There are a lot of names for sticky memory foam mattresses, but they all point to a very unique material that is sweeping the mattress, pillows and comfort products industry.
Here\'s why you should investigate it.
Foam mattress guide©Charles C. Harmon Co/A sticky memory foam mattress gets its name from the sticky Memory Mattress
Elastic materials were developed for NASA in the 1970s with the space program.
The astronauts in the space program are facing incredible challenges. Troops, take-off and re-
The entrance, and the materials available at the time, were not enough to buffer their bodies.
Of course, they are not looking for memory mattresses, and the seats they need are more of a large and thick recliner.
Sticky memory foam was developed from foam with some unique features, such as the opened cell, which can be restored to its original shape and elasticity after being compressed.
You may have seen commercial ads for 30 tons of steam roller crush mattress and how it slowly reverts to its original shape. . .
Alternatively, perhaps you are more familiar with the photo of the hand above the mattress, which still shows the handprint.
Both illustrations are designed to show you the slow recovery of sticky memory foam.
Because the billions of cells in the sticky memory foam mattress are open, the air can slowly escape from these cells and enter the neighboring other cells.
When you lie on a sticky memory foam mattress, it \"melts\" from your side until your body is fully and evenly supported on the entire surface.
That\'s what some people say, like you\'re floating in space. (
Even though I love my mattress, I never felt it was a good explanation for the feeling)
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