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Why we should purchase a baby crib?

Why we should purchase a baby crib?


Some parents think that the baby grows up very quickly. The baby crib will be useless for up to one or two years. There is no need to buy a crib, but using a crib will have many benefits for the baby.

(1) It can prevent parents from harming the baby due to sound sleep; at the same time, safety guardrails are equipped around the crib, which can effectively prevent the baby from falling from the bed.

(2) Separate sleeping between the baby and the parent is good for the baby's breathing and good air circulation, which can improve the baby's sleep quality.

(3) Cribs can prevent children from being overly dependent on their parents and cultivate good habits of independence.

(4) The baby sleeps in the crib to develop good work and rest habits without being disturbed by the parents' work and rest time.

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