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Is it ok to use baby walkers for infants?

Is it ok to use baby walkers for infants?


Should I use a walker for my baby?

This issue has always been controversial.

In fact, the existence of any product must have good and bad points. The key lies in how we use it.

Still it's a parental choice and what's most important is that they be in one for short periods. Know that they do not help a baby learn to walk. It's an entertainment device. We suggest them for that reason, especially if you have a high bred baby. There are times when a parent must get something done and we feel a walker/bouncer is better than letting them cry.

As for age, it's recommended that the baby be old enough to sit unsupported and certainly to have excellent head control. If you try it and the baby slumps, you should really wait.

The most important thing, babies should only be put in a walker in a safe environment, eg not near pools, hot pans or stairs. This is just common sense on the parents’ part, in a walker babies are higher up and can reach things better so baby proofing your rooms should be top of list of things to do as it won’t be long before they can reach all that stuff anyway.


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