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Top 10 NASA Inventions

by:Aoqi     2020-04-10
In the early 1960 s, an aviation engineer named Charles Jost worked on a technology designed to ensure that the Apollo command module and its astronauts were able to recover safely after landing.
Four years later, the experience came in handy when Yost was used to help NASA\'s Ames Research Center develop aircraft seats capable of absorbing collision energy and increasing passenger survival opportunities.
Yost creates a special type of plastic foam that has the magical ability to deform and absorb great pressure and then revert to its original shape.
The researchers found that what was originally called a \"slow rebound bubble\" not only made passengers safer, it also made people who flew for a long time more comfortable to sit, because it could make the weight distribution more uniform.
In 1967, Yost set up its own company, dynamic systems.
Promote innovation by \"tempering bubbles.
\"Since then, the memory bubble has entered many applications.
In the 1980 s and 1970 s, professional football Dallas Cowboys used it to line up for the players\' helmets to reduce the trauma of the impact on the pitch.
Shoe manufacturers call for special high foam manufacturingComfortable insole.
In the hospital, mattress pads and wheelchair seats made of foam support patients with sore, dangerous sores on their bodies.
The company is constantly discovering new uses for memory bubbles and their offspring.
A company in Colorado uses a memory foam to build inflatable bumper rafts for white water rides in the theme park that can resist sinking.
A company in Kentucky built it into a saddle of a horse and used it to make prosthetic supports for injured animals [
Source: NASA derivatives.
Next, we will look at a smart invention to protect NASA\'s high
Technology equipment from elements-
Whether on Earth or on Earth.
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