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thread count 350, but who\'s counting?

by:Aoqi     2020-06-08
William novijan
12,2006 in the second and final issue I filled out for the regular reporter who came back next week, I don\'t think there is anything more than shopping or in my case, snoop is better in some glory within six.
Radius of Madison Avenue: linen shop
Braun, Leon, Porter, and pratsi.
Although you may have to narrow your eyes to see signs of caution, sales this month at these polite old world malls abound, with a 25% discount and a higher discount.
Yes, expensive: at Porthault, the most basic set of large sheets, a bottom, a top sheet and two sheets start at about $800.
But since statisticians estimate that about 30% of your life is spent in bed, why not?
Amortization is the guardian angel of luxury goods (
I think it\'s also the first assistant to deny overspending).
For example, think about the good people who save money all year round so they can leave on a cruise ship with countless hundred people.
After thousands of dollars, all they have is sunburn and \"experience\", how good is this after that demon tailor called \"memory snipe?
Instead, they can buy soft and delicious sheets at Porthault, which will last a lifetime. (
Try not to use too much soap when washing. )
The enthusiasm for the linen touched a variety of people.
Enter Porthault, Pratesi, Léron and E.
Braun went into the computer and I couldn\'t imagine another search would make the names of Kathy Hilton and Sol Bellow almost identical. (
In his novel, lavestan, Bellow noted that Abe lavestan and his companion Nikki \"slept on the Pratesi linen and under the beautiful Angolan skin \".
He realized that the luxury of all this was funny. \")
Advertising though I can tell you which coffee shops north of Madison Avenue 60 have the best club sandwiches-
Viand Turkey on 78 th Street and bacon and avocado chicken for three people across from Zitomer pharmacy-
I can\'t tell you with confidence, which of the above four linen shops is the best, is it Swire-elegant to call it dry goods? Nightgowns?
Paper with the highest number of threads?
In any case, this is a hype;
After 350, the number of lines became a problem of personal taste.
Some people like it crispy (fewer threads);
Some people like silky. more threads).
As a customer, I\'m still crawling around the head of baby pillows in these stores, which may sound prehistoric in this rich, poor age. (
Baby pillows and cases are about $160 in Porthault.
Great gifts are always better than flowers, especially for people in the hospital. )
But I can tell you that the gentle people I know have the highest level of splendor and style, the shop (
Bank account allowed)
In all four stores, the feathers in general are some of the extraordinary private jets of the junior, second, third and fourth-level nest-ship tree houses. (
Other than \"I will\", \"hold on to my dear, I will give you the tail number,\" which is the best thing the rich have to say to people who are not very rich, but I digress. )
All of these shops sell premium bedding and bath towels.
At Porthault, situated on a brown stone, as beautiful as anything in Paris, people crave all sorts of things, from hand washing to the trash can with colored patterns, pattern like mil blue and white heart, Green on white clover.
In the lively and Lady atmosphere of Leon, the gear was attracted by the Belgian basket --
Weaving towels and a range of floor mats and napkins for each occasion, including Halloween and many occasions for Christmas and July 4 (
12 location settings for about $1,500).
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The orange and steel boutiques may remind you of Rome in 1970s.
Except High
Customers can find a durable cotton sheet they like in the Summer Palace.
Remember when I was exploring here with my friend Andre Leon Tali, I asked the store if there was still a red \"Hell Garden\" sheet for his mentor Diana Freeland
The answer is yes, can be obtained by special order, about $540 a queen-
The size of the top, the size of the bottom is $260, and the size of the pillow is $240. E.
Braun recently opened a shop in Beverly Hills.
The location and decor of Manhattan have remained the same since 1952.
It is proud of its fashion design approach.
From the bedspread to a variety of mats and napkins, most of what is being viewed is a sample of what can be ordered. A hand-
For example, embroidery creatures with ocean patterns are about $200 each.
It is not uncommon for customers to bring their favorite antique porcelain to the store and develop a pattern for local settings that either copy or imply the pattern of the chosen dish. (
Prices can be consulted. )E.
Braun is also known for its custom silk duvet made entirely of Silk (
Fresh fiber based on cocoons for centuries
Ancient Asian crafts)
On the Silk double roll cover, it is very warm and very light in weight. A queen-
The size of the duvet and cover is about 3 pounds (about $5,000).
In my many observations, I have noticed in Porthault, Pratesi, l\'éron, and E.
Braun wasn\'t meant to control the type A characters, they liked to flip around the shelves and deal with the sales guys as if they were beautified --and-fetch-it cashiers.
Although these stores have a lot of goods that can be taken away today, their backbone is their manufacturing --to-
Ordering business: sheets that may take six months to get, for exampleSewn abroad
The sales staff sell like the decoration staff.
You sit at a table in a comfortable chair, show things, discuss ---
This is a very positive concept.
A friend who lives in Europe is no longer a fan of shopping in Manhattan.
She measured the success of any store with the number of yeses she heard and the number of nos.
My friend concluded: \"There are too many stores in the stores in New York.
Even taxi drivers may say no on the way.
\"These linen shops are an exception.
When I overheard Porthault\'s chief vendeuse Carol plope, I thought of my European friend --
Jackson, after asking back and forth some questions about cotton production, told the customer, \"Madam, what I want to say is that you want anything we can do.
In addition to the word \"sales\", the best word in retail is \"yes \".
18 East 69 Street New York linen lion Haut; (212)688-1660.
Pratt West, 829 Madison Avenue; 288-2315.
Leon, 804 Madison Avenue753-6700. E.
Braun Company, 717 Madison Avenue; 838-0650. ATMOSPHERE --
It\'s like a weekend in Babe Perley. SERVICE --
Good, then some. PRICES --
Every shop recommends a young man to start with a handkerchief (
Average price is about $40).
From there, the sky is the limit.
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Thread count 350, but who is counting? .
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