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The Non-Toxic Baby

by:Aoqi     2020-03-20
They are everywhere. . .
From the flame retardant in the crib mattress, it may lead to cancer of harmful chemicals such as BPA, and may even destroy BPA substitutes for hormone receptors.
All parents want their children to be safe.
Toxic, but it is impossible to raise them in glass foam and buy all the organic products that may destroy the bank.
What should parents care about? Dr.
Pediatrician, member of The Goddard School Education Advisory Committee, Jack mepol, director of the Spark center, assistant professor at Boston University School of Medicine and practice in pediatrics at Boston Medical Center provide some sensible advice.
Keep your baby. toxicDr.
Maypole often receives questions from parents about how they identify and avoid toxins in almost everything children come into contact with from food, toys, to clothing. Dr.
Maypole responded: While an increasing number of suppliers recognize the benefits of having babies eat as much organic food as possible to reduce exposure to pesticides, a campaign followed, create what we call organic/toxin-free living spaces for babies and toddlers. . . .
Given the widespread presence of many of these substances in the market, this is a valuable but elusive goal. . . .
In addition, there may be conflicting information about the safety of certain materials. . . .
The truth is that their body shape and the way they develop make it easy for children to be influenced by what they eat, what they play, what they wear or move on.
Exposure to potentially toxic substances may have a greater impact on children\'s smaller bodies.
When it comes to toys, be natural when you can.
So what can parents do? Dr.
Maypole made some suggestions when choosing the best products for young children, but it should be noted that it is not possible to afford all organic and natural things, this does not in any way reflect their choice as parents or their love for their children.
Baby or baby toy made of bamboo, unfinished wood or wood toy with water-
Stain-based is the healthiest option.
For the baby to snuggle up, mouth or explore, I recommend blankets, clothes or plush toys made with so-
It is called \"natural\" cotton or wool.
Parents should consider the ideal double phenol (BPA)-Free of chargefree and PVC-free.
Plastic covered with 1, 2, 4 or 5 is considered safe and traditional cleaning and storage methods should be sufficient.
Many companies, several of which were founded by the relevant parents themselves, pay great attention to the development of non-
For young children who are most vulnerable to chemicals in the environment, toxic products.
Making good choices from food, clothes to bedding can help keep your child healthy
Friendly feeding items made of natural silicone or glass with silicone lid.
Everything they do from toddlers
Glasses of color, sensory size-
Lovely silicone wipe friendly silicone cover
Stay away from the mat so your messy diner can safely eat any crumbs on her plate.
Natural mat: natural mat make all
Natural organic crib mattress cover and mattress canopy.
Although these mattresses are not cheap, many people think that organic crib mattresses (
You can use it in the toddler\'s bed later)a splurge-
Worth investing.
If the organic mattress is out of the budget, consider a cheaper organic mattress topper, making sure your baby doesn\'t have access to potentially harmful chemicals in most crib mattresses.
Finn Emma: Finn Emma produces 100% organic products, almost all of which are made for babies.
Not only are their 100% organic cotton dresses cute, but they are super cutesoft as well.
They also made a series of more difficult products. to-
Look for wooden and organic toys including wooden and organic cotton teething rings.
While most people will not be able to splurge for all
Organic toy lines for their little ones, it makes sense to make sure that something designed to spend as much time in the baby\'s mouth is as safe as possible.
Baby Cat and bird: many mothers (and even Dads)
Like to bring children.
Not only is the baby\'s back bag in direct contact with the baby\'s skin, often as a favorite nap, but it is inevitable that the baby will start chewing the strap before too long.
Catbird Baby makes a gorgeous, versatile and very comfortable Mattel with 100% organic cotton.
It\'s only nominally more
The simplicity of organic meitas and design makes it easy to use from infancy to toddler years.
Woombie: Woombie made several organic items for small items from blankets to towels.
Many babies like to sleep in the first few months, so organic sw swaddles may be a good option to help keep the baby\'s environmental toxins in place
It is free for many times the baby sleeps.
The additional benefit of the Woombie organic swaddle blanket is that there is a breathable \"air pack\" design created by the nurse to help reduce the possible risk of overheating of SIDS.
Since the baby really only needs a few towels, it is feasible to buy organic towels in spring, such as cute animals --
Woombie\'s theme product will spend a lot of time in contact with the baby\'s freshly washed skin.
Green Toys: green toys are not only good for your children, but also good for the environment.
They are made from recycled milk cans and then processed
Density Polyethylene (or HDPE)
It is one of the safest and cleanest plastics around.
In addition, green toys are made in California, which has some of the country\'s most stringent environmental, health and safety laws.
Rock green detergent: Wash whatever your baby is wearing.
Roc Green was created by a mother looking for toxins.
Free detergent, effective, not found.
It does not contain common toxins in detergents such as phosphate, parabens and SLS, so there is no need to worry about harmful residue friction on the baby\'s skin.
This also makes it a great choice for sensitive skin and cloth diapers.
The price of Roc \'Green is comparable to that of other detergents, so it will not go bankrupt.
Naartjie Kids: Naartjie children\'s clothing is made of 100% natural cotton and is soft and durable.
Although not organic, it is an affordable option to dress children in natural fabrics.
Naartjie Kids has lovely coordinated patterns and also uses an unusual garment dyeing process that helps prevent fading, thus extending the length of time the clothes are used.
San Diego baby care pillows: care babies spend a lot of time on their care pillow heads and some people already know that their care pillows are very attached to them whenever they want to eat, drag it in front of mom.
Because when babies are small, they use their breastfeeding pillows to the maximum extent. The San Diego baby ecosystem is a great choice
Nursing Pillow for smell, glue, foam, lead and neighboring benzene-free.
It is important that there is no flame retardant chemical in the pillow.
As a reward, the pillow has a removable back support pillow and a built-in pillow for the mother
Privacy protection.
Weebaby Baby: weebaby Baby features an organic newborn suit with a climbing/gown, hat and socks, and is very cute.
These are all for Africa.
Toxic mom, or you can buy one yourself to make sure your newborn debut in style and safety.
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