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The MaterBater Pollinator

by:Aoqi     2020-06-13
Do you think maters are getting smaller?
Are they less than before?
Are they mushy or ugly?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need a material tomato flowering pollinator. Biochemistry electronics. .
I realize there are many ways to artificially pollinate plants.
The most common thing is to use an electric toothbrush.
It would be great if you wanted to do so.
You can also be like the person in the photo.
He is using an aviation solenoid powered by an alantern battery.
My small material factory will be worn out before I finish all his material factory.
However, I only have a few to do this and the material workers work very well.
Also, I\'m one of those people who are very happy with building things on their own rather than buying it.
If you do the same, then the material worker may be the only option for you.
You may have a problem that you don\'t even know.
Are you getting smaller, softer and uglier?
The problem may be that your partner is not getting enough sex. That\'s right. I said sex.
Perhaps it would be helpful to review the biology knowledge a little.
Flowers are the sexual organs of plants.
The pollen of the flower needs to find a way to enter the ovary before it can bear fruit and breed.
This is usually not a problem because Mother Nature has her way and is very good at what she does.
However, sometimes people get in the way and mess things up.
Maters originated in Peru.
Once they are discovered, people will love them and drag them around the world.
This is where the problem begins.
People took the Mattel couple home, but they left the bees that pollinated them in Peru.
The result was a serious decline in maters production outside Peru. .
Bumblebees can also send pollen to pine bees, but they are not as effective as those in Peru.
Professional mother growers around the world buy and release boxes full of bumblebees in their greenhouses so they don\'t have to manually pollinate their plants.
This is an effective way, but bumblebees can be expensive.
The problem most home gardeners have with Martel and other crops is that there are not enough bumblebees in the wild to do the job effectively.
Scientists estimate that the number of American bumblebees has decreased by 96% in the past 20 years.
Horses are in serious trouble because bumblebee is one of the few insects that pollinate plants by ultrasound.
This is the scientific term for the hard vibrations needed to pollinate tomatoes.
Also, you know, the bear bees also provide pollen for coffee.
If this crop fails due to the extinction of the bear bee, we will be in trouble.
I have to find another place to stay.
I can only imagine what my wife would look like without morning coffee.
For just a few examples, potatoes, eggplants and blueberries also need ultrasonic pollination.
A material worker will work with all these plants, but if all the bumblebees are gone, you will be in the garden for a long time.
Here is a link to more information about the hornet problem. .
Most of the flowers are easy.
Maters, however, are not like most flowers.
The wind can send pollen to the horse.
Bees and other insects can also help.
Hell, when you go through the garden, just brush it at a alma mater.
However, none of these methods are very effective.
If this is what all of your maters get, then you will have a small fraction of the ugly maters that are mushy.
In order to effectively blossom and pollinate your alma mater, you must feel rough about it.
You have to shake it.
In the chart below, you will see that the sexual organs of the alma mater plants are covered or hidden.
Organs of most flowersshall we say -more exposed.
It\'s really easy to spread when your stuff hangs there for the whole world to see.
In mater flowers, it is more difficult to get pollen from the flower kernels to the ovary where the baby maters were born.
The material worker came in from here.
The material man will do it. .
Professional alma mater growers said that in hot and dry sunny days, the best time to pollinate the alma mater is between ten o\'clock A. M. and 4: 00 pm.
Try to do this when the night temperature is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. .
Material workers can make a big difference on your material crop.
If there is no pollen entering the ovary, you will eventually get the pollen that is called a flowering drop by the farmer.
That\'s what it means.
Flowers fall off the plants and you won\'t get anything.
If only a handful of pollen arrives in the ovary, you get small, mushy, and sometimes even very ugly maters.
For a lot of large, meaty and nice maters, you have to put a lot of pollen into the ovary.
When it comes to getting the job done, the material worker is a good way to put it where it needs to go. .
Is your maters ugly like this?
This is not a beautiful sight.
No one wants to see someone coming out of the Garden House with this ugly thing?
That\'s what they call cats. faced maters.
One of the main reasons for this is that there is too little pollen entering the ovary.
Build a material worker and you will be proud to be with your maters. .
Construction materials workers are very simple.
No big deal.
Here\'s a list of what you need: the parts you need :-
3 v Micro Vibration (pager)motor -
A battery clip for two ordinary batteries.
I used AA batteries. -
A 9 volt battery clip
A hard line.
I use copper wire, but the hanger can also be used. -Thin un-
An insulated wire that holds the motor on a hard wire. -Sugru.
It\'s really convenient for a bunch of things.
I won some in a game here and decided to give it a try.
Epoxy glue is also OK.
Tools you need :-
Soldering iron and soldering tin-Wire cutters .
These steps are simple enough for a child. 1 -
Use Sugru to secure one end of the hard line to the back of the battery seat. 2 -
Fashion a cup-shaped tip from Sugru, as shown in the figure.
Inside is a bit like a cone in the shape of a flower. 3 -
Secure the motor firmly on stiff wires by using UN packaging
Insulated and welded wires.
I do this because the elderly don\'t stick to my motor housing.
You probably weld well. 4 -
Weld the battery clamp wires to the motor terminals.
It doesn\'t matter which wire to which terminal. 5 -
Use Sugru to secure the wires from the battery to the motor to the stiff wires just to prevent them from getting in the way. 6 -
7-install battery
Only one terminal of the battery clip is stuck on the battery clip (either one).
Nothing will connect to another terminal now.
Now you and I know that there are a lot of differences in the way a person builds these things.
You can also use a lot of different materials.
You can replace Sugru with epoxy glue.
Hangers can replace stiff wires.
You can even add a switch or a larger battery and motor if you want.
Just use what you get and build it according to your own needs. .
Motor vibration wire, wire vibration small soft silicone (Sugru)
The Cup at the end of the wire vibrates the flowers of the alma mater.
This wire acts as a passive amplifier to strengthen the vibration of the motor.
This vibration causes pollen to fly around, ensuring that a large amount of pollen enters the ovary of the flower.
There is no switch for my MaterBater.
I fixed one side of the battery clamp on one battery clamp terminal, pushed the other side of the clamp to the other terminal with my thumb and opened it.
I pulled it back and turned it off.
All you have to do is lift the small cup to the center of your alma mater and open her.
In a few months you will get lots of big, beautiful, meaty maters.
Here are my first two babies. Twins!
Enjoy the time of the mater sandwich-
One of the best joys of summer.
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