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The flood hit neighborhoods wealthy and poor. The toll in Texas is difficult to calculate.

by:Aoqi     2020-06-04
Brays Bayou swallowed the whole well.
When Harvey was angry, the lawn trimmed by South Houston.
It turned the lawn into a lake, infiltrated the whole family, filled the cave and the living room, gathered around the piano legs, and let the family escape from the Highlands.
Then, as it must, the Bayu retreated to its proper outline and the people came back.
By the end of the week, the sediment of the silt, like a gray flower, sits at rest --
Neatly trimmed grass on Braesheather Drive.
In some houses, the hired man tore the walls naked and removed the mud from the imitationwood floors.
Electric tools hissed in the early morning sun.
On the other side of town, a few miles north
Pass the train station in East Houston and the highway that surrounds it
When it rained in Harvey, under another bar, a short and uneven Street was winding.
Every house on Tarton Street is full of debris.
But the sidewalks here are narrow, so piles of stuff spilled on the street, trucks wrapped around, and as the family threw most of what they had, it was getting bigger and bigger.
This week, in the devastating floods of Hurricane Harvey, thousands of people evacuated their homes and began to return to rich and poor communities, finding their homes damaged, their lives destroyed, and difficult to calculate tolls.
At Brays Bayou, this is the third flood in three years, where people don\'t waste time when they start rebuilding.
Susan Las took a shopping bag and strolled around her house, putting the wooden stand that used to be her closet in a cage and tidying up her clothes.
The water soaked her shirt at the elbow and she checked if they were moldy before bagging the shirt.
\"We have improved everything,\" she said . \"
\"It\'s okay.
Susan and her husband, Jim, in her 70 s, learned from a smaller flood in 2015 that destroyed the house.
They finished rebuilding last year and they did their best to mitigate the blow Harvey arrived last weekend.
They put the chairs in the dining room on the table and while the tables may not be available, the chairs may be fine.
The antique wardrobe was unsuccessful, on the roadside of one of the many trash cans in the block.
The sofa is beautiful,
\"They are from Bernhardt,\" said Susan Las . \".
But most of the furniture they lost came from Costco.
Raths is no longer putting too much stock on fancy stuff.
The couple spent the storm at bellrell\'s daughter\'s house, so when they had 3 feet deep water on their own street, their car was not drowned.
They have flood insurance, and Jim knows the ins and outs of the policy.
They have to fight some battles with the company and determine if they are rebuilding again or moving (
He wants to stay and fix it, she tends to start over somewhere else.
Good contractors will be in short supply, and by the end Raths will probably take tens of thousands of dollars out of their pockets.
But the important thing is fine.
\"God has taken care of us,\" said Jim Las . \".
\"The main thing is, it\'s just something.
The more you have, the more you are controlled by it. \"In the wall-
Stripping and mud
In the striped front room, it was safe to put a frame of paper on a high shelf.
Jim took it down.
This is a gift from his daughter, a short essay she wrote after 2015 floods.
\"Life brings all kinds of floods,\" it began.
\"Some are the flood of blessings, excitement and joy.
Some floods are full of surprises, disappointment and change.
\"On the other side of the town, old Jose Baltazar.
His house was sitting behind a barricade of destroyed bedding, and his children were dragged out of the house one by one.
Baltazar squatted on the shovel in the living room, scraped up his destroyed floor and threw away the tile fragments from the front window. His 7-year-
Old Mia stood across the room looking at him and grabbed a doll with both hands.
Baltazar was careful because he shoveled a box of hugs that didn\'t stain the girl or the balance on the windowsill.
With the exception of wet tiles, diapers and dolls, there is almost nothing useful in Baltazar\'s home.
\"We have nothing,\" Baltazar said . \".
\"It\'s hard when they want toys.
It breaks your heart
Mia\'s 10-year-old brother Marcos left his Bible on his handmade wooden bed.
Deep water on Sunday.
But when the family came back, the bed had collapsed and the Bible was just a mess.
The walls of the bedroom have never had any shelves, though some sad things hang off the screws and escape from the water, with a ball cap with Baltazar\'s work Company logo.
The hat and the Virgin Mary\'s bust are like the rest of the Marcos room, unless you count a bunch of wet children\'s clothes that are rich throughout the house.
When his father scraped off the living room, 19-year-old Jose Jr.
Checked the bedroom where he slept with his wife and children.
Baby crib is still there, but Jose Jr.
He looked at it doubtfully and said he might buy a new one.
He pulled the carpet up the day before, and the next job was a drywall. Jose Jr.
Working in construction with his father.
\"We need to rebuild it,\" he said . \"
\"We won\'t stay here again.
We need to fix it and rent it.
But it will take time, \"he said . \"
They don\'t seem to have much time.
Baltazars said they had no flood insurance.
They have been living in a relative\'s home since fleeing, but she will be back soon from Dallas and they don\'t know where they will be.
They were dressed in the same clothes as when they ran away.
They still have cash for another week or so.
\"We haven\'t asked for any help yet,\" Baltazar Sr. said.
\"We may be in the future.
Jesus, 3, walked into the living room and squatted under his father.
He is using pieces of tiles like toys.
\"I think we can do it . \"said.
\"We can start from scratch.
He pointed out that, further down Tarton Street, there were four children with their size --
On the same day his family survived, his grandparents and died in Bayu.
\"Have a good time,\" he said, and go back and shovel the floor.
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