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pregnant? use your smartphone: 12 best pregnancy apps

by:Aoqi     2020-03-20
Intro: Not sure what happens when you expect?
Your smartphone can help.
The pregnancy app is a thriving niche.
Search on the Android app store Google Play and the iPhone App Store produced about 1,000 results.
ByteMobile is a research company that anonymously obtains data traffic statistics from 3g and 4g networks, meaning that they monitor the actual use activities of mobile users around the world, the first quarter 2013 Mobile analysis report was released in February.
According to the report, on average, 47% of mobile users using one or more health apps use pregnancy-related app.
There are apps for monitoring your baby bump, apps that provide a check list to help \"baby brain\", apps that provide a list of pregnancy foodsno\'s.
There is even an app that will deform you with photos of your partner to show what your child might look like.
Health and Medical Online database web md--
Or like some people like to call themselves.
Diagnostic website--
WebMD Pregnancy was released this week, a free iPhone app that offers \"hundreds of doctors\"
Approved \"multimedia information and suggestions for expectant mothers \". This app is all-encompassing. It includes 3-
The changing body of the mother and the visual effects of the baby\'s developmental weekto-week (
Due date based), a check-
List of Frequently Asked Questions from doctors (
Based on each pre-
Birth appointment)
Symptom tracker, shrink timer, healthy pregnancy tips and articles for the current three months.
But there are many other pregnancy apps that can help mom. to-
Prepare for pregnancy.
We help new parents with dozens of apps.
Click on the list to view some of our favorites.
Statement: Most pregnancy apps are created for fun and are not approved or sponsored by medical professionals.
Always ask your doctor any and all questions or concerns about your pregnancy.
Quicklist: 1 Category: Try concept Title: Period Tracker, free for Android and iPhone URL: media: 18724448 text: At first glance, perperiod Tracker looks better than a tampon commercial, but don\'t let that delay you.
This app, created by GP International LLC, is very user-friendly.
Just press a button to keep track of your monthly menstrual and ovulation cycles.
After entering the start and end date of the period, it records and calculates the average period start date within three months to predict the start date, ovulation day and birth day of the future period-
All of this shows up for a month-by-month calendar.
Users can also mark \"intimate\" days on their calendars.
The Period Tracker allows users to record mood and symptoms such as acne, body pain and cramps by date.
In the app\'s Period log, users can write down their own questions or ideas so that they can share them with doctors later.
Quicklist: 2 categories: Try concept Title: Kindara Fertility, iPhone URL free: media: 18729229 text: Kindara Fertility app is a bit overwhelming at first but any
Oriented will love this app.
Kindara has a lot less flowers than other ovulation trackers, it breaks down your menstrual cycle and all these days based on liquid type and flow, and draws them on the chart within 30 days, and record the number of days the user ovulates.
It also allows you to track your body temperature. -
Because when you ovulate, your temperature will rise a few degrees. -
In addition to emotions, OPK results, spots, and pain levels, you can also talk to your doctor about this at your next visit. The click-
Thanks also for guiding users through the tutorial to browse the app after downloading the app for the first time.
Quicklist: 3 categories: monitoring Bumptitle: BabyBump Pregnancy, free for Android and iPhone URL: Media: 18724385 text: by Alt12 Apps, Inc.
, Not only write down the remaining days before the due date and the week of your current pregnancy, but also tell you what symptoms and time you may have.
For example, the app tells you in 18 weeks that you may feel dizzy and assures you that this is normal.
It is combined with charts and illustrations, as you can see in the obstetrics and gynecology office, which shows what the baby will look like and how it should be positioned in a week-to-week uterus.
BabyBump also connects you to the community message board in the app, giving users a discussion of almost everything from general support to baby name ideas, and sharing your growing lump\'s
Quicklist: 4 categories: monitoring Bumptitle: Pregnancy/germination, iPhone URL free: Media: 18729055 text: spout app for med ART studios stands out from other pregnancy apps, because it provides the completescreen, 3-
The interaction of how the fetus, its organs, limbs and facial features develop on a weekly basis.
Kind of like a cliff note for the \"gray anatomy\" reproductive section, each slide in the app shows the next stage of fetal development with three to four buttons per slide, interesting facts pop up with these buttons.
For example, on a 21-week slide, a button pops up, \"the fetus you are developing now has frequent hiccups.
Similar to other apps, Sprout has a \"doctor says\" tab that offers a week\'s timeby-
As the fetus grows, you may experience a weekly explanation of the symptoms.
It also includes a weight tracker, a baby kick counter, a shrink timer and an organizer to track appointments and prepare for the arrival of the baby. Including details from what is in the hospital bag to the necessities that bring home, such as car seats.
Quick List: 5 categories: baby arrival plan: Peace nursery, $0.
IPhone URL: media: 18729032 text: for all organic and ecological peoplefriendly --and expectant --
This app is for you.
Peace nursery app for spiritual exploration world provides shopping list for ecological environment
Friendly nursery including organic crib mattress, organic cotton crib sheets and other time suggestions.
The app also provides tips on how to build a healthier home for your child, such as opening windows from time to time for better ventilation.
Quick List: 6 categories: baby travel plan Title: Baby Bag, iPhone URL free: Media: 18729120 text: There are several pregnancy apps including a list, list what should be packed in hospital bags during delivery.
What\'s special about Andreas Krawczyk\'s BabyBag app is that it allows users to create several custom \"packing lists\" for you, your partner, your child\"-
Oh, Grandma. to-
Be can have a list.
Other apps only provide a checklist of \"Mom\'s bag\" or \"Mom, dad, and baby\'s bag.
\"This app gives users the freedom to personalize more lists.
There are three labels for each packing list: all, showing the complete list you choose to put into your bag;
Packaged, only the items you have checked out are displayed;
And missing, showing the items you haven\'t checked.
But one of the best features is that the app allows you to set \"first pack reminder\" and \"second pack reminder\" by date and time \"--
Maybe your due date.
Quick List: 7 categories: Baby pregnancy plan Title: I\'m pregnant today, Androidurl: media: 18724396 text: the free babyCenter\'s \"I\'m pregnant today\" app is one of the most popular pregnancy apps in the Google Play store and has been downloaded more than 1 million times in the past month.
This is the other most important thing-
Pregnancy app included, weekly-by-
Fetal Development images for the week, explaining that your pregnant body will change over time, there is also a due date calculator, etc, but the \"check list\" is one of the best features of this app.
Assigned as its own label, the check list breaks down within a weekby-
List a week of advice on what you can do to stay healthy and prepare for delivery.
For example, in 16 weeks, the app says you should do a kegel workout and make a pre-natal appointment for your first three months.
Quick List: 8 categories: Keep healthy Title: Food avoided during pregnancy, $0.
IPhone URL: media: 18729141 text: This app can\'t be simpler.
Its name says everything.
The pregnancy app created by LitCharts provides a full menu of all the foods you should avoid when you are pregnant and divides them into eight main categories: cheese and dairy products, seasonings and condiments, drinks and drinks, fish and seafood, frozen and processed food, meat and eggs, eat with vegetables.
From there, the app breaks these categories further down into different ways to prepare the food and what should and should not be eaten by pregnant women.
Meat and dairy products, for example, are divided into six categories.
A section marked \"eggs, cooked\" with the words \"cooked eggs are safe for pregnant women, but below
Cooked eggs can be contaminated with salmonella, so pregnant women should avoid runny nose or softboiled eggs.
Android similar: Pregnancy Food Guide, $2.
99 quick list: Category 9: Keep healthy Title: pregnancy and health! , $3.
99 iPhone URL: media: 18729045 text: There are several apps for both iPhone and Android devices that offer pilates, yoga and other exercise actions tailored specifically for pregnant women-
Again, please consult your doctor first--
But many of these apps seem to be expensive.
Some sell for up to $9. 99.
Healthy Pregnancy!
As far as the app is concerned, the price of Brooklyn College Roots LLC is $3.
99, but clean and user-
The friendly layout makes this app seem worth it.
First, the home screen asks the user if they want to do 30-
A one-minute workout or a full workoutbody one.
The next screen asks the user to choose exercise according to the intensity: \"Mom is tired, feels good, or super mom.
It then lists the type of device you need and shows the stepsby-
Step practice instructions with photos.
Quick List: 10 categories: Keep healthy Title: I\'m pregnant, Androidurl: media: 18724438 text: Kolsoft gave me pregnancy
Apps with a weekby-
Weekly explanation of changes in body and fetal development, calendar, weight tracker, kick counter, packing check list and notes, or the \"diary\" section.
But what sets this app apart is that it also provides tips for a healthy diet during pregnancy, as well as fitness exercises for pregnant women.
Quick List: 11 categories: in lab Title: shrink timer, android url: media: 18724428 text: say you don\'t want 3-
Doctor\'s appointment reminder, but the big day has arrived and the contractions have already started.
Consider a shrink timer app instead of trying to time the shrink with a watch.
James Ots\'s shrink timer app looks almost like an app that marathon runners use to track training runs.
The app monitors shrinkage by pressing the button at intervals of start time and duration, and then tracks how shrinkage increases over time.
Quick List: 12 categories: in lab Title: shrink monitor, iPhoneurl: media: 18729089 text: shrink monitor app developed by Maxwell software in-
Deeper than most shrink timing applications.
Monitor the contraction frequency and time interval, and the contraction monitor allows the user to evaluate the strength of the contraction in the range from \"very slight\" to \"very strong.
\"It will then generate a summary of your progress with a chart.
For more naked
Bones, stopwatch
Type shrink counter, full term-
The manual contractor timer made by Mustansir Golawala for the iPhone for free is very easy to use.
Quick List: 13 categories: Bonus: Pregnancy app for m pregnancy, $2.
99 iPhone URL: media: 18729473 text: in addition to the obvious stereotypes, the m Pregnancy app provides some interesting features for men with pregnant partners, especially those who may turn a blind eye to the idea of reading pregnancy books.
The app was created by Double Dip Media, Inc.
, Showing the development of the fetus in increments that one can understand.
For example, it tells you a 10-week-old fetus is 1.
About 2 inch long, the size of a beer hat.
The app also includes pregnancy facts and tips for dadto-
For example, the food she should avoid when your partner is pregnant and how to help her prepare for delivery.
It even has an odometer.
Just like the \"score board\" that counts into the baby\'s due date.
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