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Non-Toxic Co-Sleepers for Baby

by:Aoqi     2020-03-24
Every parent only wants to give the child the best, but what is the best option in terms of baby bedding?
Common practice for many families
Sleeping proved to be the best option, but there are many decisions even with this option.
Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a contract
The baby sleeper is the material used in the manufacturing process. Green-
Parents with ideas want to build an ecosystem
Friendly option to buy nontoxic co-
The baby\'s sleep is not only for the health of the environment, but also for the health of the baby.
Why choose a nonToxic Co-Sleeper?
Babies usually sleep 10 to 14 hours in bed.
Having spent so much time on the mattress, it is important that the mattress provide a safe, clean and healthy environment.
In the first few years of their child\'s life, their immune system, respiratory system and nervous system are developing.
This fact makes the baby more susceptible to toxins that may enter the body through the respiratory system.
When considering the time for the baby to breathe the air around the mattress, it is easy to understand why it is important to ensure that the mattress does not emit potentially harmful smoke.
According to Jane Shepherd of healthy children.
A typical crib or crib
Sleeper mattresses usually contain a polyurethane foam mounted in a vinyl PVC covering.
She went on to say: \"polyurethane foam is a typical crib mattress filling material made of petroleum containing toxic chemical additives.
Potential health effects may include irregular heart rate, difficulty breathing, chest discomfort, mucosal stimulation, headache, cough, asthma
Like allergic reactions, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, nausea, blurred vision, and reduced lung function. Vinyl (
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Considered one of the most toxic and environment-friendly plastics used.
Since PVC is hard plastic, chemical plasticizer must be added to make it a soft, soft covering.
These plasticizer (
Phthal salt is the most commonly used)make up 30%-
Crib mattress 40% of the weight of vinyl surface.
They are not bound by vinyl and can ooze or fall off
Gas in the surrounding air.
\"Considering this information, it is not difficult to understand why the choice is nottoxic co-
Sleeper is probably the best for babies.
There are several options to consider when choosing nontoxic co-
Sleeper and guide will provide resources for several different styles that will allow you to choose the best option for your family. Non-
Toxic mattress for Porta-
Select port for cribsstats home-a-
Baby crib next to family bedsleeping.
This option provides the convenience of traveling with a crib if necessary.
Companies such as Naturepedic provide non-toxic port-a-
Crib mattress made of organic cotton.
The full range of Naturepedic crib mattresses has been tested and certified by Greenguard, a research institute designed to reduce people\'s exposure to chemicals and other contaminants.
Products can only be Greenguard certified after thorough testing and are guaranteed not to emit toxic gases.
Port Naturepedica-
Crib mattress is designed to be non-
Toxic, chemical-free and waterproof, while providing a firm support recommended by pediatricians for infants and newborns. Non-
Toxic mattress for traditional Co
Hope to use the traditional style of co-family fashion
Sleeper, yes
Toxic mattresses provided by companies such as Arm Reach Concepts.
The company\'s iconic brand \"natural perfection\" offers certified organic cotton mattresses with waterresistant wool.
The addition of wool keeps the core of the mattress dry without a traditional vinyl lining or covering.
The \"natural perfection\" series of all mattresses and bedding is made of certified organic cotton that does not contain pesticides and other chemicals. Non-
Toxic family bed
Fashion is one of the more unique choices in co-
Sleeping is \"family bed Co-
\"Sleeper\" from bean products \". This co-
It is unusual to lie in a family bed.
Equipped with removable support to prevent the baby from rolling down, this collaboration
The sleeper is made of 100% organic cotton cashmere cloth and can be a machinewashed.
Pillow pillows are covered with a non
Toxic, hypoallergenic Poly fillers made from recycled plastic bottles.
This product was promoted as an environmental protection product.
Friendly, it is said that no gas or harmful smoke will be emitted.
Many choices are needed to choose parents.
Providing the healthiest and safest sleep option for your baby is a simple one. When co-
Sleep, choose the option of non-sleeptoxic co-
Baby sleep is an option worth exploring.
Article and photo Source evaluation of \"baby sleeping in crib\"Sleeper\": www.
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