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New Year gifts with Paytm Mall: Up to 85% off on home decor gifts

by:Aoqi     2020-07-05
Most of the time, it is a difficult task to find new year gifts.
But this is no longer a big task if you are shopping at Paytm Mall.
The Paytm Mall offers carefully crafted home decor items with a maximum discount of 85%, which you will love to give away.
To save you time, we have selected some of the best Paytm Mall offers for home decor items.
Look at them and order some for your loved ones.
Double station type
If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to collect vintage decor items at home, it will be a perfect New Year gift with a discount of 83%.
Its traditional analog design will certainly attract everyone\'s attention, and it is perfect to put it on the wall of the corridor.
In addition, its black and white color combination is suitable for almost all color themes.
Order at Paytm Mall and get the perfect new year gift for vintage lovers.
Archies metal gold candle holder 40% off + 25% cashback. This candle holder is designed in a similar way to a weighing scale. Its high-
The premium metal is durable, and the combination of black and gold colors gives it a royal look.
There is a matte finish on the desk stand so you don\'t have to worry about the metal losing its luster.
This is a beautiful gift and will certainly be appreciated by the recipient.
Place an order here before it is out of stock. Multi-
Color glass candle holder set at 60% off this is a set of 4 candle holders designed to form the shape of the lantern.
Since they have hooks at the top, whenever they want to enjoy a candlelight dinner at home, the gift recipient can hang them near the window or put them on the table.
Click here for more information and order from Paytm Mall.
Anasa decorated metal modern brown desk lamp for up to 50% off & 15% cashback. This lamp is elegant in appearance and striking in modern booth design.
It can be placed anywhere in the home or even in the office.
Since it is made of metal, you don\'t have to worry about its durability when you send it to your loved ones.
Use the promo code SHOPHOME15 to earn a favorable cashback and click here to place your order.
Anasa decorated with blue Moroccan lanterns, 80% fold. This ceiling light will be a beautiful new year gift as it has the ability to make the room look beautiful as soon as it is on.
Due to the amazing carving of shadows, your room was beautifully remodeled with the help of lights and shadows.
You can use it with tealights and LED lights.
See more details here.
Anasa decorate a set of 3 recycled candy packs with more than 60% discount on pallets in the new year, and if you want to become creative, say goodbye to the traditional gift-giving concept, you have to buy this one.
It will be a perfect gift idea for those who value creativity and craftsmanship.
You can order online, fill the container with some candy or candy, wrap it in a tray, and give something special to your loved ones.
Order at Paytm Mall and bring some ideas for your gift.
Check out all offers on gifts at Paytm Mall here.
Statement: This is a promotional story and Paytm Mall takes full responsibility for this.
The price of the product mentioned in the above article may vary with the offer offered by Paytm Mall.
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