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Jeff Bezos Reveals His No. 1 Leadership Secret

by:Aoqi     2020-04-06
A few months ago, Jeff Bezos de Murray, founder and CEO of Amazon, told me it was an interesting milestone.
The retail giant, which has extensive links to books, music and video, now has more than 20 million products in the stock market, most of which are non-media goods: diamonds, leather shoes, tennis rackets and almost anything else that humans can transport.
Adults may still be mentally linking Amazon to Bano, but for teens, Amazon is now synonymous with stores.
This remarkable turning point may be Bezos\'s greatest achievement.
Officially transformed Amazon from an online bookstore selling other things to retailers and business service providers, who used to sell books mainly, and he got one from the original Internet bonanzas, and once again created a story of success.
Its stock has risen 397% in the past five years.
Net assets of approximately $19 billion, 48-year-
Always one of the richest 30 people in the world.
However, he is still doing a dash around Amazon, a startup boss is working hard to make his first pay slip, and a teenager finds out all the fun you can have at the overnight camp.
Bezos explained on a rainy Friday morning at Amazon\'s Seattle headquarters that I am a legitimate and happy person.
If Jeff is not happy, wait five minutes.
What is unhappy?
He is the number one CEO in the United States.
There is no doubt that Jobs\'s death has made him the person in charge of the business that others want to see, emulate and worship the most.
His top priority can be proved by numbers: Using bang-for-the-
The buck approach, which takes into account factors such as continued performance, moderate pay and ability to lead a person, puts Bezos comfortably at the top.
In fact, he is at the highest 5% of every indicator.
In numerous electronicsmail back-and-Face and faceto-
In the face of Bezos, I have already understood why.
More than a century ago, another legendary retailer, chicago Marshall s Marshall Field, supported fatalistfield\'s slogan: customers are always right.
Bezos, perhaps more than anyone else, has brought this mantra into the digital age, gradually solving a big mystery of the enterprise: figuring out what customers want before the cash register rings, and then let these insights be rewarded.
In an era, when high
Flight technology is ahead of other companies in terms of worker benefits
Bezos is proving the effectiveness of another model: taking care of his 0. 164 billion customers rather than his 56,000 employees.
Jeff Bezos, Amazon\'s manager, thinks he\'s strong enough.
But the number overwhelming their lives is the internal nickname \"empty chair \".
Bezos regularly sets aside a seat at the conference table and informs all attendees that they should consider the seat occupied by the customer-the most important person in the room.
If the empty chair is the ultimate owner of Amazon, then Bezos is Amazon\'s billionaire enforcer, who calls it the guardian of the metrics culture, trying to make a loud noise and have a clear voice.
Amazon tracks its performance with about 500 measurable goals.
Nearly 80% are related to customer goals.
Some Amazon people are trying to reduceof-
Goods in stock.
Others are racing to build a larger library of downloadable movies.
Complex algorithms translate a set of shopper past habits into custom suggestions for new customers.
List of best sellers per hour to determine what is popular.
Review each week to track who is in the course and where it needs to be corrected.
Amazon is so confident in its ability to personalize websites for every user that the company has almost never created a classic customer --
Part of the character, such as the football mother or the gear head.
For the Bezos team, such marketing standards are too inaccurate.
A heated debate about what indicators to see is Amazon\'s lifestyle.
Manfred Bluemel, a former senior market researcher at Amazon, said it was an incredible challenge for another person.
You want to be absolutely sure of what you say.
If you can put up with a series of questions, then you choose the right indicator.
But you \'d better put your stuff together.
The best number wins.
Bezos is more strict with what customers don\'t want.
They hate delays, flaws, and going out. of-
As a result, Amazon\'s metrics patrol keeps track of these numbers, hoping to minimize them as much as possible.
Even the minimum delay in loading a web page is trivial.
Amazon has an indicator of 0.
The 1-second delay in page rendering can be converted into a 1% drop in customer activity.
Former executives have stories about Bezos Entertainment\'s obsession with customers.
Simon Murdoch, former head of Amazon\'s UK business, remembers serving customers in the United States. K. next-
If their order is delivered before 4 p, it will be delivered on the same daym. ;
Bezos personally urged him to extend the delivery time to six pence. m. , 7 p. m.
Later, even if that means a radical change in warehouse time. (
Amazon offers the same service today.
Same day delivery in most parts of the United Kingdom and the United StatesS.
If the order is received that morning, the city. )Another one-
\"Insider of the times\" remembers the unremitting efforts of the stronger peoplethan-
The usual cardboard, so that customers can reuse its box for other goods or gifts, create goodwill, and put Amazon\'s name in front of the second batch of potential customers.
From 2007 to 2011, Tina Patterson, Amazon\'s senior brand manager, recalled the tense moment of previewing TV commercials for upcoming ads --to-launch Kindle.
Earlier versions included a whimsical clip, the Kindle-
The reader became a brave bullfighter and was thrown into the air by the charging bull.
Everyone laughed except Bezos.
He pressed the rewind button and silently played back the scene of the matador.
Then he turned to the group and passed a grade.
I know it\'s cute and a lot of people think the Bulls are fun.
But the customers there were kicked.
We can\'t hurt him.
The protection of enthusiasm was rewarded.
University of Michigan calculates a customer every year.
The satisfaction index of 225 companies in the United States.
Amazon has been a leader in online retail for many years and has been in the top 10 am of all companies many times.
At present, only Heinz, Clorox, Apple and three car brands surpass Amazon.
But excellent customer service does not fully explain the great success Amazon has achieved. Other high-
Sales at touch online retailers cannot be compared to Amazon\'s $48 billion sales last year.
At the same time, traditional retailers such as Target and Costco have stepped up customer service, but their total market value is behind Amazon\'s $98 billion.
Give Bezos a data.
Taking the customer as the center, let him dare to innovate and believe that he is doing the right thing.
\"We are happy to plant seeds and wait for them to grow into trees,\" Bezos said . \".
We do not pay attention to the optical system in the next quarter;
We focus on things that are good for our customers.
I think this aspect of our culture is rare.
Amazon\'s Kindle, for example, was born because Bezos, who has international hundreds of data points, believes millions of people will want a clear electronic product.
Book readers for any book can be downloaded in 60 seconds or less.
He set the delivery target without being bothered by technical questions about the correct compression ratio or transmission speed of book files.
Engineers are free to address the technical challenges they see fit.
They just need to make it fit for consumers.
It took several years for Amazon to master the hardware needed to make the device, but Bezos did not blink.
When a treasurer asked him how much he was going to spend on the project, the CEO retorted: \"How much do we have ? \"?
The idea changed Amazon.
After the sharp fluctuations associated with the point
Com boom and collapse, Amazon\'s performance is basically flat in the medium term
2003 and the beginning of 2007, in line with books, music and other related industries.
As investors realized that Bezos had quietly built many new growth engines within his company, Amazon took off again.
All of this stems from the same theory: if Amazon allows customers to set specifications, it can conquer any number of consumer goods and services.
Bezos also decided to offer business customers (
Frightened his own engineer)
By completely transforming Amazon\'s internal software architecture and selling access to it.
Boss bonew diktat subverts amazon\'s approach to tasks ranging from quality assurance to inter-team communication.
In 2006, he launched the Amazon Web Service as an independent company.
It is estimated that the company\'s revenue last year was $1 billion, with a target of $2 billion, thanks to faster growth than Amazon\'s main storefront.
It offers dozens of cheap online services to customers from NASA to Netflix
Ask for computer services through cloud.
In the Cassini space probe\'s exploration of Saturn, the original data of 180,000 photos were processed on Amazon\'s computer within 5 hours, costing less than $200, thomas sodesstrom of nasa\'s SpaceX Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.
The work done --
The House will take 15 days, he said.
The last time the Kindle Fire was launched, a computer tablet that played music and video, hurt short again-
Amazon, which sells for $199, seems unable to pay the cost.
Bezos was upset.
He called it the most successful product we launched.
The bullish reason for the fire is obvious to him.
If it can entice users to buy more from Amazon, the cost of promoting these tablets globally will be well worth it.
Amazon\'s revival is basically a personal performance of Bezos, an equal part of quant and dreamer.
Bezos, who grew up in Houston and Miami, never stopped because of a traditional retailer\'s apprenticeship. e.
Sell things.
Instead, he was still sorting out the numbers, and once he proudly told his grandmother that he had calculated that her smoking habits had shortened her life.
He went to Princeton to study physics and finally entered the field of computer science, which made his career on Wall Street short and profitable.
Bezos\'s dreamers hope to be at the forefront.
His teenage hope is to become an astronaut.
In order to improve his chances, the school said goodbye to him.
In his teens, he spent the summer on his grandfather\'s 25,000.
Acre Ranch, Texas, repair machines, work with cattle, learn about yourselfreliance.
Respect for this morality explains why Amazon screens its job seekers for strong bias towards action and the ability to solve obscure problems.
Both help identify people who can innovate quickly and get right by their customers.
A popular interview strategy: requires candidates to develop an action plan as a brand manager in an area that lacks any direct knowledge and then be told that they do not have a budget.
Candidates who have been stumped will find their way into Amazon slipping away.
Those who pieced together guerrilla answers through free online tools such as surveymonkey tend to thrive on Amazon.
They may have been the ones who challenged Bezos in math class, and have also succeeded in Grandpa\'s ranch.
In the eyes of Amazon\'s consumers, cheap efficiency is as much a part of Amazon\'s culture as empty chairs.
In fact, Bezos linked the two together.
Bezos announced in his 2009 letter to shareholders that Amazon has begun a war against Japan\'s word \"waste\", \"Muda.
The more he can get rid of unnecessary costs, the easier it will be to deliver rock music --
Lowest price for customers.
The campaign is very dynamic, he wrote.
Bezos said in an interview that Amazon has recently managed to increase its warehouse usage by 23% and regain 6 million square feet of underutilized space.
He is also proud of Amazon\'s work on prepaid packages for airlines such as FedEx, so the goods will not be delayed by airlines and need to be sorted further. x94Sortation?
\"We use the word so often that it rolls down from our tongue,\" Bezos said with a smile . \".
But it\'s not an ordinary word, is it?
Executives at the company felt the pinch.
Bezos strictly controls expenses, avoids color printers and turns to reliable old black --and-white models.
No one flies in first class (
Although Bezos sometimes rents a private jet at his own expense).
Experiments are hatched and managed by teams as small as possible;
Bezos once observed that if a working group needed more than two pizzas, the team would be too big.
The office still has a cheap desk and is made from a participant board door blank, an extension product of 1990 s that Bezos refused to replace.
Managers may complain, but they learn to bring sandpaper to work so that their merino sweaters are not torn apart by pieces.
None of the company\'s five senior executives earned more than $175,000 a year.
Bezos received a $81,840 salary last year, and hasten has been raising his salary since 1998.
He has raised at least $0. 75 billion by selling Amazon shares since 2010, but that\'s exactly how you make money at his company.
Stocks and options are the biggest source of wealth;
Many people in the leadership team have $20 million or more of their unowned shares. This mind-
Set is an exception in an industry that sees talent as a delicate asset that needs constant care;
Enjoy free benefits in Silicon Valley
The onsite massage is like a pot of coffee in the kitchen. At Glassdoor.
Both current and previous employees have rated their company as a workplace, while Amazon is a mid-level company.
1 out of 5, somewhere between Delta Airlines (3. 2)
Burger King (3. 0).
Steve Yege, a Google employee and former Amazon engineer, at 4,500 in last October-
Word Internet posts have attracted more than 100,000 readers.
He complained about Amazon\'s decor, food, wages and the need to do dirty tasks at times.
He described his former boss as a terrible pirate, Bezos, and his mission was to make people struggle like ants with rubber mallets.
However, Yegge also praised bezos\'s ability to drive massive change through the organization, particularly the initiatives that led to Amazon Web Services.
Those two. pizza-or-
Innovation teams are less flexible because they need cost
Effective, Bezos can deploy dozens.
Even Google cannot respond so quickly to its Web services, Yegge added.
This comparison shocked Yegge when he quit lean. and-
It supports luxury Google, where there is free shuttle bus with wireless network
Fi lets employees go to work.
Amazon, which began with a garage and nurtured on a shabby patch of land on the Seattle waterfront, has now moved into its fifth headquarters to gracefully repair the South Lake Union area in Seattle.
The company\'s new campus consists of nearly a dozen shiny glass and steel buildings, including courtyards, cafes, restaurants and some public works of art on display.
Jeff Bezos should have been there for a long time.
In January, he was just 48 years old and could easily run Amazon for 20 years.
This is good for stability.
This can be a challenge in retaining other executives who are eager to become CEO.
Bezos says he knows when to avoid intervention so his project leader can find his way.
However, it is a congenital difficulty for the founder
The effort to get the COO to work directly under Bezos was unsuccessful ten years ago.
How much power can Bezos share when Amazon founder-led customers call everyone?
Bezos did not leave kibitz in second place, but read it. the-transom e-
Most CEOs see mail as an unbearable mess.
When Amazon was very young, he scanned the customer\'s notes greedily, and he did not shake the habit.
There are dozens of times a year, and the proposed initiative has become a functional improvement. Even angry e-
Bezos says the Mail is great if you want customers to be honest.
Then fan mail.
Ask customer e-
An email Bezos forwarded to Forbes has become his favorite, with a woman telling how Amazon has influenced her life in the last 12 years.
First, she bought books and CDs in her 20 s.
She then costs $79 a year to qualify for free shipping as part of Amazon\'s Prime program for heavy users.
Now Amazon is helping my son pick out the mattress and crib, she wrote.
Instead of being overwhelmed by all the shopping related to pregnancy and the arrival of the child, she feels in control.
Finally, she wrote: Thank you very much for making my life easier.
They say it needs a village, but, in this case, mom only needs Amazon, her American Express, and the iPhone.
Ironically, Amazon\'s next target seems to be a smartphone.
Amazon\'s Silicon Valley Division of Kindle, Lab 126, has been recruiting a large number of mobile devices.
Technical engineers for the past two years
Amazon did not confirm anything, but it did not do its best to crack down on speculation.
If Amazon really hits the lush smartphone market, it will do so with valuable advantages such as the physical address of its customers, the buying history of a wide range of categories, and credit card data.
Even Apple can\'t claim all of this.
Bezos will continue to attack Muda in the short term.
Last month, Amazon bought Kiva Systems for $0. 775 billion, a small robot maker that shipped goods to the right location in the warehouse.
Kiva solar can speed up the cycle time of our fulfillment center, Bezos said.
Having Kiva gives Amazon a first breakthrough in technology, which means it can deliver products to customers faster.
In a way, this is the last area Bezos needs to worry about: In last December, he was very proud that Amazon was able to do 99 well.
It promises to deliver packages to customers by Christmas for 99% of the time. No small feat (
Ask Best Buy).
For Bezos, though, it also means they only show up once in 10,000.
We were not satisfied until 100% years.
With the death of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos is now the leading philosopher in the tech world --CEO.
What does he suggest from reading (
Give the declaration of independence an opportunity)
How to deal with stress (x93Laugh a lotx94).
Still, Bezos insists on doing business.
Your strategy is based on things that don\'t change.
Sales of lipstick, tractor seats, electronic products
Both book readers and data storage are part of a big plan with three big constants: offering a wider range of options, lower prices, and fast and reliable delivery.
Fascinated by customers.
Bezos brought an empty chair early in the meeting so that the lieutenant would be forced to consider the key participants not in the room: customers.
Now, the role of surrogate ventures is played by specially trained employees who are referred to as \"customer experience bar drafters \".
The vice presidents frowned.
We are willing to be misunderstood for a long time.
Many of Amazon\'s expansion initially looked like a miscalculation of losing money.
This can sometimes lead to a fall in the company\'s share price, causing contempt from analysts. Bezos shrugs.
If the new initiative is of strategic significance to him,to-seven-
No problem with annual financial returns.
There are two kinds of companies: companies trying to charge more and companies trying to charge less.
We will be the second one.
Many retailers are talking about reducing costs and passing on savings to consumers.
Few people can do it as intently as Amazon, one of the eight official company values.
Endure the return of cheap office furniture: $90 billion in stock market valuations and 35% in revenue growth.
Determine what your client needs and then work backwards.
Specifications for big new projects like Amazon\'s Kindle tablet and electronics
The reader is defined by the desire of the customer rather than the taste of the engineer.
If the customer doesn\'t want anything, even if it means breaking a once powerful department.
Our culture is friendly and warm, but we will be content with it if there is pressure.
Data in Amazon, especially head-to-
Head test of customer response to different features or website design.
Bezos called it \"measurement culture \".
There are dozens of such gladiators.
There are style displays every week and there is not much time to soothe the discourse or complex social cohesion rituals.
You must be willing to fail if you want to innovate.
In the early days of the company, many editors were hired to write books and music reviews and then decided to replace them with customer reviews.
The auction failed.
As long as Amazon can learn something useful, Bezos will see this mistake as part of life.
In the old world, 30% of your time is dedicated to building a great service and 70% of your time is dedicated to shouting.
In the new world, things will reverse.
Amazon\'s advertising budget is surprisingly small for a large retailer.
Bezos believes in oldfashioned word-of-
In the digital age, the mouth becomes more important, so he prefers low.
Key process improvements designed to buzz happy customers.
The most popular thing is: The War that Amazon put on the flip bag, so toys and other goods will be easier to open.
Everyone must be able to work in the call center.
In the era of viral Twitter and blogs, complaints can be devastating.
Bezos asked thousands of Amazon managers, including himself, to attend a two-day conference call.
Annual center training.
Reward: humility and compassion for customers.
This is the first day of the Internet.
We still have a lot to learn.
Bezos first made this point in his initial letter to Amazon shareholders in 1997.
He did not change that.
At Amazon\'s new headquarters, the two largest buildings are one day north and one day south.
In the interview, Bezos still talked about the Internet as an unknown world, and has not fully understood the Internet and brought new surprises. x97G. A.
Can you work for Jeff Bezos? Amazon.
Com is hiring crazy.
The company has more than 56,000 employees worldwide and has opened jobs in 53 departments including customer management and website production.
However, take this diagnostic test before you start imagining yourself joining the Bezos team.
Then you will know better if a highly special culture suits you.
Where are they now?
When we reported on Manchester United\'s 13 CEO/founder on July 1998, the Internet hype was in full swing.
Only one recovery beforebubble heights. Jeff Bezos (
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