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Humvee Toddler Bed With Toy Box

by:Aoqi     2020-04-01
Material: The size of this bed frame leaves an opening of 29 1/2.
This will fit the standard toddler/crib mattress.
After cutting 29 1/2 gasket parts, side rail parts and toy box bases, I assembled them using pocket hole screws.
It is a good idea that you can use other screws or methods
Drill holes, glue, or cap the screw holes down with a wooden pile to prevent small fingers from catching the screws/wood etc. . .
Use the 3/4 \"material of these main frame members and save the 1/2\" material for the template below.
These PDF files were created using 123D Make.
This allows you to print pdf mode in full size and then re-print
Assemble them like puzzles.
I chose to glue the paper shape directly to the plywood of 1/2 and then approach the line with the puzzle and hand held sander.
After gluing the 1/2 truck profile parts to the outside of the bed frame, I decided to only paint the bed frame black and finish the profile parts with a clear natural wood finish.
Many Hummers are desert tan, close enough to the birch plywood I use. Wheels -
You can cut the wheel yourself using a jigsaw puzzle or a fixture/router, but I decided to skip this step because I found some pre-
Grind round item Wood at Menards for a reasonable price.
You are looking for wheels about 14 or 15 inch in diameter.
I put the bed frame up on the building blocks until the wheel looks at the correct height before connecting to the truck.
Hood/toy box-
The engine compartment in front of the bed is a toy box.
The lid of the toy box is made of 1/2 material.
Soft-off hardware is a must-have for saving small fingers and great engineering.
The hardware comes with a chart to show the correct position inside the lid of the toy box. Doors-
You will notice that my original plan was to put the front door on the hinge and take the door off.
This seems to be a smart move for my toddler, let\'s face it, and many Hummers miss the door anyway.
I fixed the pipe insulation to the edge of the climb with a can of adhesive.
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