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how to wrap a baby bathtub in wrapping paper

by:Aoqi     2019-11-10
The baby tub is an essential gift for a baby shower, but presenting it as a gift can cause problems due to its size.
Some people choose to take the unpacked route, fill the bathtub with other items such as gift baskets and wrap it in glass paper.
If you want to wrap the baby tub in wrapping paper, the easiest way is to still wrap it in the box ---
Simply wrap the box like everyone else.
If there is no box, you can still wrap it in a lot of wrapping paper.
Roll out the wrapping paper on the floor so that at least 6 feet of the paper can be opened.
Place the baby bathtub in the middle of the paper, and the long side of the bathtub is parallel to the long side of the paper.
Pull the end of the cutting side up to the top of the bathtub.
Tie the end to the side of the bathtub itself.
Pull the rolling side to the top until it overlaps the other end.
Cut the end of the roll and tape it down.
Fold the sides, top and bottom of the paper to one side and tie the tape to the side of the tub.
Repeat on the other side.
There may not be enough paper to cover the bathtub.
Expand the paper on the floor again and set the part-
In the middle is the wrapped bathtub. this time, it is facing the bathtub horizontally and the side is facing the end.
Pull one end up, over the top of the tub, and then pull down with tape.
Pull the other end over, cut the end off the roll, and tape it down.
Stick the edge to the side of the tub with tape and fold it up if necessary to make it look neat and tidy.
Wrap a large ribbon around the tub that winds vertically and horizontally. Tape in place.
Attach the bow with tape to the top of the ribbon.
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