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How to Turn Crib Into Toddler Bed

by:Aoqi     2020-04-13
Transferring your child from a crib to a toddler bed is equally exciting and scary.
On the one hand, he is growing up and experiencing new things.
On the other hand, you will face the night full of him running out of his crib and never going to sleep.
As it all happens, the last thing you want to do is buy a new bed for your child.
Fortunately, you can install a toddler track on your existing baby bed, convert the crib into a toddler track, saving yourself a lot of time and money.
Determine if your child is ready to transition from a crib to a toddler bed.
You never really know when she\'s ready, but it doesn\'t make sense to force her if she\'s not ready.
According to the BabyCenter website.
Com, many people think that the time to move a child is when she starts climbing out of her crib, but that\'s not a hard rule.
Your child\'s room.
Most likely, when he learns that he can escape the toddler\'s bed, he will spend a lot of time running around the room, so be prepared.
Pay special attention to any socket or wire he can reach.
Also, make sure that his vanity cabinet is locked so that he can\'t use the drawer to climb up to the top of the dresser, which can cause serious damage.
Lower the mattress to the lowest possible level.
The mattress height must be low enough to align with the toddler track.
This also makes it easy for your child to get in and out of the bed.
Depending on what kind of crib you have, this may require you to remove the part of the crib to reach the mechanism that raises or drops the mattress.
Remove the dropper from the baby bed.
Drop side is the side of the crib and hangs lower than the rest of the crib.
In some models, drop side can slide down from the rest of the crib.
Tools are required to remove drop side for all other models.
This can usually be done by removing some screws;
But some cribs are more complicated.
Before removing anything from the crib, please consult the manual of use of the crib.
Install a toddler track on the baby bed.
You\'ll almost certainly need tools to install a toddler track, so check the instructions before you start to make sure you have everything you need.
Be especially careful to ensure that the handrails of toddlers are firmly secured to the rest of the bed.
You may find that the track of toddlers is given a little bit, which is normal in some models, but if the track shakes too much, it may not be safe for your child.
Place pillows where the child can escape the toddler\'s bed.
Your child will be sure to explore her new environment, which may include running out of bed or trying to climb the toddler tracks.
It is wise to plan ahead and put pillows where she is most likely to land.
This will provide peace of mind for you and your children.
As she becomes more familiar with the bed, you are more comfortable with the possibility of leaving the crib after she goes to bed, and you can remove the pillow.
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