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how to make a diaper \"cake\"

by:Aoqi     2020-06-07
No diaper cake, no baby shower is incomplete, it is a gift and can also be used as a beautiful center.
Here\'s how to make your memory more memorable.
Step 1: roll the diapers up with rubber bands, twice at a time, and put them in the middle with rubber bands.
Step 2: surround the champagne bottle, place the champagne bottle in the center of the service tray and roll it up with nine sets-up diapers.
With an extra-
Big rubber band.
Then, repeat the process with 15 pairs of diapers to form an outer ring.
Step 3: cover it with a paper towel, take two paper towels, layer them, and fold them into a square twice.
In the center corner, cut a series of slit about the radius of the bottle.
Step 4: expand the tissue carefully spread the tissue and slide it over the neck of the bottle.
Smooth the paper towels on both sides of diapers.
Extra security-
Big rubber band.
Step 5: build the second layer of the cake using nine pairs of diapers.
Since you are creating a layered cake, make this layer smaller than the bottom.
With extra-
Large rubber band, cover it with a paper towel, fasten it with another extra rubber bandlarge band.
Step 6: Repeat the process on the third and last layers of the cake.
Don\'t cut paper towels for this top floor;
You want to keep the top of the cake smooth.
Step 7: wrap each layer of the cake with a white ribbon.
Fixed with transparent tape.
Step 8: tie the ribbonWrap decorative ribbon around each layer and fix it by twisting the wire or tying the bow.
Step 9: add a bow from the remaining decorative ribbon at the top of the cake, leaving a long tail hanging on the side. Voila!
Your diaper cake is ready!
Fact: When babies are one year old, they use about 3,500 diapers.
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