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How to Make a Baby Cradle Bedding

by:Aoqi     2020-05-27
When craftsmen hear a new baby coming, they jump into a high-end car and do something special for the new arrival.
Bedding is one of the common gifts that people make for baby showers.
You can make bedding for any size crib (including cradle.
The only difference between cradle bedding and crib bedding is that there is no bumper cover and the blanket is smaller.
When sewing baby cradle bedding for a new baby in life, use the actual cradle as a guide.
Make a suitable sheet for the cradle mattress.
Measure the length, width and depth of the mattress.
Write down all the measurements with pen and paper for future reference.
Cut a piece of cotton on the size of the mattress, plus 3 inch, to make a suitable mattress.
Fold the fabric into several corners to make sure all corners match.
Place the bowl in the corner of the fabric so that the bowl touches both sides of the corner, with some extra fabric at the corner point.
Draw a cutting mark around the bowl on the edge of the fabric with a pencil.
Cut on the mark and make curved edges for the mounted paper.
Place the fabric on a flat surface facing up on one side.
Fold to form a shell under the original edge. Leave a 1-
Insert the elastic inch opening.
Measure the distance around the mattress by 5 inch.
Cut off elasticity in this measurement.
Insert a safety pin into one end of the elastic band and connect it to 1-inch opening.
Insert another safety pin into the free end of the elastic element.
Use the safety pin to pass the elasticity through the shell to help you.
Pull out the safety pin and sew the ends of the elastic band together.
Close the opening.
Cut a piece of fabric into the same size as the fit paper.
Turn under all the original edges of 1/2.
Fix the fabric in place using pins.
Sew all the way around the sheets to form the hem and finish the flat.
Cut Enough 4-
The inch square of the fabric is equal to the size of the sheet a little more.
Sew the square into rows, and then sew the rows together.
Cover the quilt.
Lay a layer on top of the quilt with cotton wool and some backing fabric.
Nail the layers togetherTop-
Stitch the layers together.
Fold under the original side and pin to maintain the position of the fabric.
Sew a circle on the edge of the quilt to form a hem and complete the quilt.
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