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How to choose the best baby mattress

by:Aoqi     2020-05-28
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You may have been busy decorating the room for your beautiful newborn baby and he or she will love it!
But don\'t let the decor put you off buying a good crib for your child.
What is the best baby mattress? The best baby mattress is any mattress that will keep your baby safe and harmless.
Unfortunately, toxic substances were found in many crib mattresses.
These toxic findings include the discovery that a large number of baby mattresses are made of PVC.
When mixed with mold and mildew found in the House, arsenic, antimony and phosphorus in PVC become potentially fatal neuropreparations, even at such a small dose.
In addition, the artificial fire retardant found in the infant mattress pad and mattress is related to toxicity.
These findings are Dr in New Zealand. T. J.
The \"return to the basics movement\" of the sprit and the British Barry Richardson.
These delays produce toxic gases that are present on the surface of the mattress.
These findings and 1991 \"Back-to-
The \"sleep\" campaign launched by the \"no longer have SIDS\" foundation, when the baby did not sleep face down, it was found that the mortality associated with the SIDS decreased significantly.
SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is an accidental infant death, which can usually be detected by using a baby\'s breathing monitor.
People realize that babies are inhaling toxic chemicals when they sleep face down.
What measures are being taken to prevent the situation. The \"no more SIDS\" foundation recommends packing baby mattresses in an airtight lid.
As a result, during 10 years of use, about 700,000 babies in more than 30 countries used the lid, but did not report a crib death.
The foundation is also trying to inform others and regulate the lethal potential of PVC so that everyone can use a gas-not-penetration covering.
What can I do when you\'re looking for the best baby mattress? It is very important to choose an organic mattress and cotton mattress, and promote toxic elements such as no phosphorus, antimony, and arsenic.
In addition, avoid the use of sheepskin, polyester or acrylic materials in cribs, which may also contain these toxic chemicals.
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