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Four of NZ\'s best designers\' favourite things

by:Aoqi     2020-07-06
Don\'t let furniture design experts tell you what is popular.
It turns out that our brightest manufacturers are not the biggest fans of popular products.
\"My job is to look for ways that are different from trends, not follow trends,\" said Jamie McClellan . \" He designed furniture for Tom Dixon, a British heavyweight.
\"I try to avoid the trend.
\"Ron Crummer, a lighting and home furnishing designer, did the same.
\"I try to stay away from design trends.
As a matter of fact, once I realize one, I will move in another direction.
\"It\'s safer to have this New Zealand manufacturer square --
McClellan, Kramer, Simon James and Baker Doe
Talk about how they can create useful, beautiful and mouth-watering contemporary works around the world. . .
Simon James Design and resident believes Simon James, 42, godfather of furniture design in New Zealand.
In 2001, he founded the brand of the same name, sold his own works, and soon introduced international brands to China.
Ten years later, he was with Scott Briggins.
Established Resident, a high focus on creating and selling
New Zealand design-
Batters like Jamie McClellan and Nat Cheshire.
The Milan Furniture Show, New York and London design shows residents every year and is now available in 13 countries.
Describe your aesthetic. . .
\"My work places a lot of emphasis on functionality and attention to detail.
I try not to score.
Things are complicated.
\"What is your working day like?
\"I spent the third time designing, the third time running the business, and the last time managing the creative direction of the residents.
\"How long does it take to create a new piece?
\"Depending on the size and scope of the product, it ranges from 6 months to 24 months.
Ideas always start with pencils and paper.
The next stage involves computers.
Generate 3D models so that we can understand the form and scale and then the detailed drawings and prototypes.
This is largely a collaborative process from input from the sales and production teams.
Failure in the early stages is not a bad thing, it can lead to interesting research or directions that you have never planned in the first place.
\"Which one do you like best?
\"Pick-up chair designed for residents in 2014 [
Winners of Best Awards].
\"What inspired you?
Architectural and graphic design and travel.
I was inspired in big cities like New York, and inspired by the isolation of our northern Bach.
\"Is this a good time to be a New Zealand designer?
\"There is still a long way to go in the design of New Zealand on an international scale, but the creative resources are there.
I like the isolation of New Zealand.
This is a very effective place to develop products.
We can keep our heads down, without much interference, and then release our products at key times in Milan, New York and London.
\"What are the furniture trends we can expect in 2016?
\"I believe texture will play an important role in the design.
With the return of craftsmen, customers are more interested in this process and the manufacture of products than in the past.
More honest material and workmanship is a trend
This is a great design based on craftsmanship.
\"Do you want something you designed?
Slow chairs for Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.
It is very generous in the size of the seat, but due to its mesh structure, it does not feel heavy in the space.
\"Douglas and Baker, together with her father, Douglas snalin, founded her furniture and lighting studio in 2007 behind the Clevedon garage.
Since then, the brand, known for its aesthetic reduction, has grown into an international business with two stores in Auckland, one in Melbourne and one around the world.
\"For the past eight years, we have been moving at a rather crazy pace,\" said 34-year-old Doy . \".
\"I really like to force myself.
\"How did you become a designer?
\"I am working on a bachelor\'s degree in fine arts and have a romantic idea that I will live by the sea and become a painter --
Until I heard a creative director of ALT Group [at the design meeting]
New Zealand design studio
Talk about the concept of ideas.
I will probably not be a painter living by the sea, but I can be a creative person.
\"Dad always has a lot of requests for tables and so on, and he always asks for my input into aesthetics.
It becomes more frequent and we start to really enjoy what we are doing.
I still tend to think like an artist.
As a designer, my Boao Forum for Asia helped me, if not to make me different.
Describe your aesthetic. . .
\"Simple and feminine.
I like the material and the language of its tone, lines and form;
And how one material talks to another.
I have spent a lot of energy thinking about the timeless quality of the work because I like to think that customers will love it for a long time when they buy a piece.
\"What is your working day like?
\"I take the time to conceive and deal with ideas for new jobs, and together with interns and junior designers, we address and develop, prototype and test these ideas.
We have a huge Craftsman \"tool belt\" to help us produce our products;
Glass blower, electrician, engineer, Mill, professional painter.
\"Then we have to sell things.
I have learned the business mind even if it goes against my point a little.
Media, photo shoots, books, websites, social media and managing databases, sales trips, and meetings are all we are-house.
Our little machine is running constantly.
\"How long does it take to create a new piece?
Work quickly sometimes.
Our dresser.
Winner of Best Prize in 2014
Come together very quickly and seamlessly.
But it\'s been six months since our recent collection.
My inner miser is not willing to let anything fail, so we usually have problems --
Until we solve it.
\"Which one do you like best?
\"It\'s hard to say, but there are works that make us successful, or help pave the way for us, like angle table lamp 2. 0.
It caught our attention in 2009 and lifted us from the shed
Add bricks and tiles to the designers.
\"What inspired you?
\"A variety of sources.
The bedroom series draws inspiration from previous generations and their lifestyle;
What fascinates me is that the colonists bring furniture, maybe even knees, from the northern hemisphere --
Deep in the mud, there is always a dresser, head of bed and decorations.
At the moment, Alexander Carder\'s cell phone and Bauhaus furniture have inspired me a lot.
\"Is this a good time to be a New Zealand designer?
\"This is such an exciting place and time to practice.
We have innovative architects and designers. outs.
They purchase locally and use local people to customize the work for the project, and the result is world class.
Our work is becoming more and more recognized around the world. I think it started [from]
Designer] Hawkes Bay
David tebrecht and Simon James
Both companies have paved the way for the world.
\"Who is your favorite designer?
Waka, Faye towood, Baker Brittan and Max Lamb.
\"What furniture trends do we expect in 2016?
\"I would like to have a lot of brushed chrome, combined with beige and camel.
\"Do you want something you designed?
\"There are so many, but for now, the Eta chair that Paola Navone has designed for Baxter.
\"Basically, Ron Crummer thinks he\'s a problem --solver.
\"The items I designed can help people live more comfortably and efficiently,\" Auckland said.
The manufacturer, known for its lamps and household goods, is inspired by plants, animals and patterns in New Zealand.
\"I tried to find the problem and seek a solution.
\"I incorporate sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials into my design,\" he said . \".
At present, Crummer is working hard to develop a series of new flowers
Inspiration lamps and statues can be placed in different locations to suggest different forms.
He is also part of Dragonbox, a design group for the Oakland Art Week this month.
How did you become a designer?
\"In fact, after working in an unsatisfactory job, out of boredom and despair.
I decided to find out what I really love.
As a child, I always do nothing.
Everything is imagination.
So I was immersed in the design of furniture and household items.
Except for the Interior-
Diploma in design, I\'m basically myself. taught.
Describe your aesthetic. . .
\"Modern, with as few designs as possible, there is no unnecessary noise or fancy sound.
\"What is your working day like?
\"They include paying, packaging and delivery to retailers, and paying invoices to manufacturers and material suppliers.
I understand that everything that has nothing to do with being a designer is what you need to do to be a designer.
On a personal level, I constantly tap my voice in terms of brand and aesthetics.
\"How long does it take to create a new piece?
\"Concepts, ideas and designs don\'t always come to my mind.
It may take weeks or even months to do a good thing.
For every design I show to a retail store or customer, there are millions of sketches that are not shown.
After a while, you reach the point of having your own children.
Even if there is nothing to worry about, you will worry about them.
\"Which one do you like best?
\"It could be my Tiki clothes hook.
It is not a fact that it has been selling well;
This is a simple, practical modern design with quirky shades and minimal production
Waste elements with little energy for manufacturing attracted me.
\"What inspired you?
\"All my designs have their own stories.
They were affected by nature, my Cook Islands.
My growing experience in New Zealand.
\"Is this a good time to be a New Zealand designer?
\"The number of cheap imports from New Zealand has been increasing in recent years.
Copyright infringement and knock
Products made overseas are frustrating.
\"Who is your favorite designer?
Karim Rashid uses organic shapes and colors in his designs, and Dieter Rams uses colors in his inspiring design principles, which he lives in.
\"What furniture trends do we expect in 2016?
\"I hope it will be a lasting thing, made in New Zealand and passed on to future generations.
\"Do you want something you designed? \"A water-
Purification brochure specially designed for people who can only get the inferior water supply.
The product is designed to solve a problem;
Affordable, portable.
It can help people who really need help.
\"The diversity of Jamie McClellan\'s design portfolio is incredible.
Yes, he made beautiful tables, chairs and lights, but he has also turned to bicycles, kayaks, storage systems, hangers and household items since his own studio was set up in 2006. And the 37-year-
Old is currently working on a range of wall lights and table lamps, rattan furniture, watches, toy sailing boats, wool shoes, brackets
Paddle board and windsurfing board.
\"Our work is driven by the desire to design healthy, calm, considerate and authentic items,\" McClellan said . \" McClellan won several Best Awards.
\"They are objects that we think have the right to exist, and we want to live and use them in our own lives.
\"How did you become a designer?
\"By building Lego, drawing and making things in my dad\'s shed.
I have inspiring art and design teachers in both middle and middle schools who recognize my passion for these things.
They guided me in the right direction towards the industrial design degree at Wellington Institute of Design.
Describe your aesthetic. . .
\"A strong outline: an object that is refined into the purest, most calm, and most effective form, but usually with key details expressed with confidence;
Visual balance.
Celebration of the project-
Everything is in the right place;
Everything has a purpose.
\"What is your working day like?
On the surface, this is very simple;
I try to design beautiful, timeless items.
My process is very similar to when I was a child.
Lego has been replaced by CAD and 3D printing, but I still do a lot of drawings and original models --making.
\"I work with many other experts in the studio, working with designers Andy Jacobs and others, and working with skilled artisans and manufacturers.
All the time I paint and make, I spend as much time watching and listening.
\"How long does it take to create a new piece?
\"Projects can range from months to years --
This is not always related to the scale of the object.
Sometimes it may be waiting for the right idea to come up.
\"What do you like best?
This is a difficult question to answer.
Just like having to choose a favorite child!
At the moment, I am really stimulated in Avanti\'s work.
I have been working with their internal team for six years and some of our recent bike frame designs are the most exciting.
\"What inspired you?
\"I don\'t want other products to be inspired.
Instead, I like to see engineering, sculpture, visual art, architecture.
\"Is this a good time to be a New Zealand designer?
\"There are some incredible talents in our coast.
It feels like a creative community where we are more comfortable on our own skin than ever before, and maybe we have finally reached the critical mass.
Perhaps we finally realize that our isolation is a blessing.
\"Who is your favorite designer?
Aquille Castillón, Tom Dickson, Donald Judd, Carlo scarkapa, Stefan Diz, Enzo Mali.
Jean Prouve, industrial facilities, youth engineering
There are too many.
\"What are the furniture trends we can expect in 2016?
\"I know it sounds really pretentious, but now, once something becomes a trend, it\'s no longer personal.
\"Do you want something you designed?
\"Maybe it\'s a bridge.
It may even be a viaduct or a water pipe.
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