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Dramatic moment quick-thinking bystanders catch a boy plummeting six storeys using a BED SHEET

by:Aoqi     2020-04-27
Yesterday, a little boy who fell from his home on the fifth floor was caught and saved by a group of delivery drivers. The three-year-
The old one fell first on the balcony on the third floor, then onto the sun visor above the delivery shop, and then onto the ground.
The store manager got his arm off while saving the boy.
The child was later taken to hospital for a broken leg.
At the time of the incident, Tan Wuhui, the delivery driver working at Yunda Express store, told China News that he heard a loud noise from the ceiling.
Many of us rushed out to check what happened.
We saw a little boy leaning on the side of the balcony on the third floor, \"said Mr. Tan of Hangzhou.
\"It looks like the boy is going to fall, so a few of us quickly grabbed a sheet from the cloakrack.
Surveillance footage shows the moment the delivery driver opens the sheets and adjusts to where the boy might fall.
As many as a dozen Yunda Express workers and neighbors gathered outside the store.
The boy boarded the top of the delivery store manager and then boarded the sheets with the sun shield. The three-year-
Later, the old man was sent to Binjiang Children\'s Hospital for a fracture of his right leg.
According to reports, manager Wang Yulin was taken to Shao Yifu hospital with a dislocation on his right arm.
Police officer Tong Bin told the media that the boy\'s aunt was looking after a baby when he climbed through the window.
Windows does not have a safety net, he stressed.
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