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designer spotlight: boll & branch first to revolutionize ethics in luxury bedding industry

by:Aoqi     2020-04-28
The designer spotlight is a regular column focused on style and professional women.
Boll & Branch triggered an ethical revolution in the field of e-commerce
Luxury industry.
Founded by a wifeand-
Husband duo Missy and Scott tanen, it has become a stronger, more substantial company with the mission of \"making better sheets by making better companies \".
Today, the high quality of Bell and branch design
Quality, organic bedding and linens at affordable prices, ethical and transparent practices throughout the supply chain, while also incorporating social awareness
Returns a component to its business model.
As a result, Boll & Branch distinguishes itself from competitors such as parachutes, Brooklinen, Frette, and major department store brands.
\"We are not simply selling [premium]
To produce products at a lower cost, we have to undo and rebuild almost every aspect of textile production, which is notso-
The status quo is good.
We created business in the 21 st century.
\"Designing Home Textiles from scratch,\" said Scott Tanin, CEO of Boll & Branch . \". Boll (bowl)
& Branch direct-to-
Consumer luxury home textile collection including duvet ($200-$250), sheet sets ($200-$275)
, Pillowcase & shams ($35-$65)
Laundry and bath towels ($12-$45)
Recently, there are premium baby linens and beach towels.
Part of their income is for not selling, which is a counterhuman-
Human trafficking organizations.
Chatham Hotel New Jersey-
US-based companies have received 100% GOTS directly.
Certified organic cotton from five fair trade certified factories in Kolkata and New Delhi, India.
They hired about 1,000 factory workers and reported paying more than three times the average wage of Indian textile workers;
Plus medical benefits, safe working conditions and reasonable working hours.
1,000 factory workers, 10,000 farmers and families
Support above poverty
Line bells and branches today.
Before the launch of Boll & Branch in 2014, Scott and Missy tanen met at the University of van der Burg, both of whom received degrees.
After graduating from college, the two embarked on their respective career paths.
Before giving birth to the couple\'s three daughters, Missy was educated as a third-grade teacher.
Scott started his career in marketing and he spent several years getting the award
Before pursuing his first startup project Funtank, he won the project of a large consumer brand, Funtank became one of the world\'s leading leisure game publishers and developers, and was later acquired by the publisher clearing house
Later, he established the early red5 Capital.
Stage Investment Fund.
Kristina Moore: What inspired you to come together and roll out Boll & Branch?
Missy Tanin: Scott and I were buying new sheets while decorating the bedroom (
I know, it sounds old-fashioned! )
It took a whole day from one store to another and we were completely confused.
What is the thread count?
What is Egyptian cotton?
What\'s the difference between a $200 sheet and a $800 sheet?
We just feel that we can\'t be the only consumer who is completely confused by what seems like such a simple product.
So we think we can do better!
Only after a deep study of the textile industry, more specifically, the cotton trade, did we find that it was caused by dishonesty and manipulation (
From its origin)-
We think the sheets need to be re-made from scratch.
Scott Tanin: when we were aware of this, we decided to start at the root of the Boll & Branch, to solve the problem, starting with the cotton seeds themselves, empower those who grow one of the world\'s most popular crops until our products reach the customer\'s home.
Moore: how do you think your company is changing the lives of professional women?
Miss big: as the biggest direct Campto-
Consumer bedding brand, we provide the highest quality luxury organic cotton bedding for all customers including professional women.
She got a beautiful product that was very soft and durable and built to strict standards
Third place in designer bedding price! As a direct-to-
Consumer brand, we will return the savings to her so that she doesn\'t have to worry about the high price, at the same time it is convenient for free delivery, and it is very troublesome --
Free return for 30 nights trial-
We did the job for her so she didn\'t have to waste her time going to the store.
Scott: as the first trade fair
We are also minimizing the impact on the environment and making sure our products are toxic
Free to meet the highest standards of sustainable development.
We get moral resources from small farmers organic cotton farmers in India so she can sleep soundly at night and know the exact source of bedding!
Moore: Tell us about Boll & Branch\'s approach in textile purchasing.
As far as I know, this is a key difference in the market.
Believe it or not, most product manufacturers don\'t actually know the source of their products.
In the textile industry, farms are the source, so for Boll & Branch, our business model is based on our commitment to ethical sourcing from Indian smallholders organic farmers.
Missy: as far as Scott is concerned, the most important thing is that we value transparency and traceability, so it is important for us to directly supervise all aspects of manufacturing, from the rotation of the line to the final stitching of the factory.
Boll & Branch is the first bedding company to have a fair trade certification.
What does this mean?
Missy: We are the first Fair Trade home brand in the world, and our commitment to ethics starts fundamentally.
Unlike most bedding brands, start-
Whether or not, we know exactly where each ounce of cotton comes from, which is used to produce our products.
In addition to the traceability of our cotton, we have established real personal relationships with these farmers and factory workers and believe that they are real partners in the business, value their skills and opportunities for success
Except for full fair trade certification (
Cotton prices, conditions of production/safety and fair labor prices)
Every product that we produce in Boll & Branch has passed the Global Organic Textile Standard Certification (GOTS)
, Gold standard for independent certification of product safety and organic material composition.
Moore: What is the business challenge (if any)
Keep the available price points while ensuring quality?
Not like other directto-
Consumer brands, we not only reduce costs by not using traditional retailers, but also eliminate unnecessary price increases related to cotton dealers by working directly with small farmers, organic cotton farmers.
This means for consumers that what they get is completely unique. and beautiful -products [by]
Boll & Branch not found elsewhere.
Scott: from day one, our biggest challenge is (
And continue to be)
Educate our customers where their cotton comes from and the importance of making informed decisions about the products they buy.
If we can solve a problem in the world
By creating a safe and fair environment for people who grow cotton and produce our products, we will have a positive impact on the lives of people who really need cotton.
As we strive to expand our reach and ultimately have an impact on these farmers, this is something we keep thinking about.
Moore: Why are you working with no sellers?
Missy: While Boll & Branch\'s supply chain is Fair Trade Certified and there is no child labor and forced labor, we realize that not everyone in the industry is sticking to such strict standards.
That\'s why we are committed to donating a portion of each purchase to our non-profit partners instead of selling to help end the unethical practices that plague the textile industry.
To date, efforts by Boll & Branch have helped support thousands of victims of human trafficking.
Moore: Do you have any suggestions for entrepreneurs who destroy an industry?
Scott: If you want to break a category that has not been challenged for generations, you have to be brave.
We are not simply selling products at a lower cost, we have to undo and rebuild almost every aspect of textile production, which is notso-
The status quo is good.
At Boll & Branch, We redefined the concept of category disruption.
Not only have we changed the quality-to-price ratio of bedding and home textiles, but we have fundamentally disrupted the basic way the industry operates.
We created business in the 21 st century.
Design Home textiles from scratch.
Moore: Is there any advantage in leading a company with your spouse?
Scott: I can\'t imagine leading the business with everyone else!
No one in the world trusted me more than Missy, especially in the early days of the two of us, we were very dependent on each other to build our respective business units.
The most important thing is that we are together. When you self-
As we have, many sacrifices have to be made to fund a business.
We are making these sacrifices together to address these challenges together.
Because we share it, it makes our success sweeter.
Missy: Another big advantage is to share it with our family.
Our three daughters, Sophie. 12)
Brooke and Hailey (twins, 9)
It\'s really part of a bell and support team ---
In fact, they even have business cards!
They are able to see their parents pursue their dreams and continue to work hard-
Even if we saw the challenges we faced in the first placeup founders.
They also see that we have been trying to keep a balance for them.
It is important for me to pick them up from school and keep their normal life as much as possible, despite my work
Life is nothing!
Moore: What is the most exciting thing about working in today\'s live studio? to-consumer space?
Miss big: as the biggest direct Campto-
As a brand of consumer bedding, we have the ability to provide consumers with organic cotton bedding of the highest quality and luxury possible. Being direct-to-
Consumers allow us to interact directly with our customers and control our entire supply chain
With organic cotton purchased directly from the farmers who planted it, and products sold directly to customers-we were able to provide our products in the third part of the designer bedding price, at the same time to fully control the brand experience for our customers, this is very important for us
Moore: What is the next step for Boll & Branch?
Missy: We have been looking for new product categories that make sense to the brand.
We recently launched summer beach towels and basketball free throws, but you have to keep an eye on the rest of the work!
Moore: how do you replenish your creativity and energy?
Scott: I started a company called Funtank and made video games before I set up Boll & Branch.
I like the game very much until today.
Although I can no longer play in the office after Missy and the kids go to bed, I\'m still looking forward to launching my PS4 . . . . . . Just not as many hours as before!
Missy: Although parenting itself can be tiring, the three daughters who take care of me will do more to re-
Inspire me more than anything else.
At the end of the working day, I put 100% of my energy and energy into these jobs.
Whether it\'s helping them with their homework, snuggling up on the couch, or reading them bedtime stories, I realize that my most important job title is \"mom \", this helps me prioritize and focus on the important things in my professional life.
When your mom and dad start the company together, their children usually feel the biggest impact.
I realized that I performed best when I knew the impact on them was minimized.
By dividing my life as a founder and my life as a mother, I feel that I am able to maintain a high level of energy and creativity in both.
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