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Dangerous drop side cribs no longer for sale

by:Aoqi     2020-03-25
Cribs should be the safest place in the home, parents can leave the baby unattended, and anyone who buys a new crib from a new parent should now be more confident that their children will indeed pay attention to safety.
Starting Tuesday, companies that produce or sell baby cots in the United States must comply with the latest safety standards set by the United StatesS.
Commission on Consumer Product Safety (CPSC).
The standard will no longer allow the manufacture and sale of so-
Called the drop side crib, one or both sides of the crib can be lowered to make it easier to reach the baby. \"[The]
\"Since 2000, the separation of the descending side rail has been linked to the death of at least 32 babies,\" said Yvonne T . \".
Maddox, National Institutes of Health
\"Due to assembly or installation errors, or wear or failure due to use, there may be a gap between the crib mattress and the downside rail,\" she explained . \".
As a result, the baby\'s head may be sandwiched between the mattress and the side railing, causing suffocation, or the baby may fall from the crib.
CPSC said that it was reported that 3,520 accidents and injuries had occurred from November 1-20, 2007 to April 11, including the fall of the baby from the baby bed, the fracture of the skull and the clip of the baby\'s limbs between the baby\'s bed slats.
CPSC spokesman Patty Davis said the new safety standards also require manufacturers to provide more robust hardware such as bolts and screws so that the entire crib can be better secured;
Baby bed slats need to be a bit more sturdy so the baby can\'t help but kick them out with care and the mattress supports to avoid any possible gaps that may trap the baby again, or cause the baby to fall from the crib.
Davis said that from 2007, 11 million baby cots have been recalled, mainly due to the risk associated with the drop-side function.
\"All these improvements will bring a new generation of safer cribs for consumers and American children,\" CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said in a statement . \".
The CPSC approved the new rules in December 2010, noting that the federal mandatory guidelines on crib safety had not changed in nearly 30 years.
The Cribs produced under the new guidelines will be by far the safest, Davis said.
Retail stores and two
The hands store may no longer sell these temporary cribs, and there are still 18 months left in the hotel and daycare center-until December 28, 2012-to get rid of the old cribs and buy new, safer models.
It is not illegal to have a temporary crib in your home, but Davis said that CPSC calls on consumers not to sell or give away their old crib because they are \"dangerous products that can kill babies \".
She said it is recommended to throw these cribs into the trash.
However, if a family cannot throw away their drop-side crib, they are urged to use a fixture attached to both sides of the drop-side.
Davis said it can reduce risk by preventing the drop face of the crib from moving up and down.
Once parents find the safest crib for their children, they need to do more to prevent their little ones from choking.
In addition to the sheets on the mattress, the crib should be empty when the baby is lying in the crib.
This means that there is no pillow, blanket, to protect the baby from hitting the rolling bumper on the Batten-something that could suffocate a child if he rolled over and buried his face on the Batten.
Parents can find more about how to protect their children\'s safety from NIHand consumer report crib safety tips by looking at the CSPC crib information center.
Since 2000, CNN\'s Miriam Falco has killed tens of millions of people?
Maybe it has more to do with people who shouldn\'t breed, what a terrible thing it is.
Have you read the details of every baby\'s death?
I read a lot about them, which is certainly not the fault of my parents.
I am very sympathetic to those who died in these cribs.
They should certainly not be blamed for this.
How numb and ignorant you are, Dan.
Dan, you\'re an idiot.
Dan, I don\'t think that\'s fair.
Suggesting that all these deaths are the result of \"incompetent\" parents is a considerable leap forward.
Maybe, maybe not.
But you don\'t know, I don\'t know.
All we know is that 32 babies will never grow up.
If a better designed product can save only one of them, it is worth it.
Now, don\'t get me wrong.
I am not one of those people who think that the government should not legislate to some extent.
I think people should be responsible for themselves and their children in the end.
But if you\'re going to make a product for mass use, especially if it\'s designed for very small kids, you \'d better make one
It must be safe.
Shoddy materials, poor assembly instructions, and so on are simply asking for trouble.
Dan, 32 deaths are just one of the statistics.
The other is \"3,520 accidents and injuries\" associated with this crib \".
In combination, one can think that the change of crib design is necessary.
However, it is certainly not necessary to be a jerk.
This is ridiculous.
At this rate, we should ban heavy-duty television, which kills about 100 people a year when they fall on small children. (
Over the past 10 years, we have seen far more than 32 deaths here. )
Or, better yet, let\'s reduce the maximum speed on the highway where tens of thousands of people die each year.
Instead, some federal officials think they know better than the rest of us, and they force us to throw away the baby cots that are worth billions of dollars.
I agree with Laura. . . . You\'re an idiot. . .
In my opinion, we are lucky that you obviously have no births, so you can say all your stupid and hurtful comments without having to prove how smart or caring you are.
Use your head.
Making sure a drop-down crib is a simple thing.
You only need a few planes of L-
Brackets and some screws.
Instructions on the Internet.
What really happens here is to get you to throw away the crib and spend the money on the new baby bed. .
I bought a sturdy crib and a fitted mattress, and the gap on the side was never a problem.
Give a hint to breastfeeding mothers.
Put the crib in the bedroom, remove one side, adjust the crib mattress to the height of the mattress, and push the bed to the side of the crib so they are even.
This will allow you to slide your child to feed you in the middle of the night.
No one lost any sleep.
After breastfeeding, you can slide your child back into the crib.
This can really extend the room on your bed.
There is no danger to your child. SLEEP for all.
Do you know that breastfeeding babies don\'t usually need hiccups? Lets face it-
All the \"bad\" cribs have been made and guess where-
In addition to the countries responsible for all the junk products in the world,CHINA!
This is a country that does not care about human life at all.
They are constantly producing toxic food, mame, children and adults who are blind and are watching if they can escape.
These practices are fully supported and encouraged by the Chinese government, who continue to set new standards on poor manufacturing technologies to ensure that their products can only be used once.
Garbage products from garbage countries! !
Is this probably because 98% of everything comes from China?
You need to distinguish between manufacturing and design.
But maybe you are too ignorant to know the difference.
Also, will you try your best to buy Americans?
Who made the sneakers you wore?
Are you willing to pay extra for shoes made in the US? (
New balance made some shoes in the US, but I think they all start at $79).
Dan: that\'s terrible.
Have you read the details of every baby\'s death?
I read a lot about them, which is certainly not the fault of my parents.
I am very sympathetic to those who died in these cribs.
They should certainly not be blamed for this.
How numb and ignorant you are, Dan.
Yes, I used one for my second and third Kids, which saved space.
For my first child, we bought a crib that cost hundreds of dollars and he used it 5 times and I gave it to a brand new one. good luck!
The quality of things has been falling, I have a 1 year old son, I can buy him a beautiful crib, the problem now is, for families with lower income, all of these new cribs can\'t afford it, so maybe the government needs some charity now to get a crib for their kids, just to say they can still make it, don\'t make it so cheap and crappy that all these poor babies have to pay for everyone\'s stupidity! Amen! !
Baby crib not cheap part!
The first time the grandparents were looking for a crib here, we were blown away by the price, don\'t say that they are worth the price of this child, of course, compared to the child\'s life, money is nothing,, the price of the crib they want these days is absolutely ridiculous! ! !
I want to buy a good crib that I have used. The price is too expensive. we can afford $500.
00 crib, but it\'s crazy for a short time when they use it.
The government should not take care of the children and these companies should feel guilty about the price they charge.
The only thing that needs to be said.
It\'s time for them to take action.
People don\'t always get surprised when you make garbage and think of a dollar sign.
The easiest thing about any rleclas baby bed is --EVER.
It makes me angry. Why? ?
My mother bought us a crib.
She believes every baby needs a crib.
My husband sorted it out a few months ago and she was 21 months old.
He is going to use it during her nap.
She slept with us.
In any case, when it was together, we found a huge gap on the crib mattress --
A few inches each side.
I called the company and they told me to block both sides with 2 4.
Mattress is a standard size mattress, there is no reason for the gap.
I took a photo and sent an email to the company.
The crib is a convertible crib and we plan to use it as a big girls\' bed when our kids are ready.
Like me, it\'s the kind of fire that triggers attention.
It\'s sitting in a pile in our garage.
It will stay there.
I didn\'t expect the money to come back and we had more than a year before we set it up.
I do want them to bring their baby crib or provide a solutionMaybe trade. Nope.
I would never recommend this company to any parent.
Edit: Although this recall is out of date, the danger of seeing it and these cribs is still good.
The company has not taken the best interests of its children to heart.
It is a shame that they are removing the downsides.
There will be a muscle strain on the back of millions of parents. . . .
A muscle strain or a child is dead.
I am the mother of two children and I used a set of plays with my first daughter because I was between 5\'3 and 5\'4 and I couldn\'t find a crib, I can, my baby.
When I found out that I was pregnant again, my mother-in-law helped me search until we found a safe and affordable multi-level support.
It\'s kind of like searching.
Our second daughter is now 13 months old and if she is leaning against the wall of her crib she must at least sit up and let me contact her.
Since they made it into illegalto, I think they should at least take away those of us who were not so lucky when designing our crib.
In fact, this product is defective due to the cheap materials used. . .
Drop side cribs have been in use for a long time and if made with high quality material then all you need to do is worry about when the child will be able to climb over because they are too big to accommodate the crib. . . such a shame!
Has the manufacturing standards become so unreliable that we cannot produce reliable products?
Or, as a society, are we just looking at other people\'s mistakes?
For those parents who lost their loved ones because of product failure, I am very sympathetic.
What the article did not say was how many cribs were sold in the same period?
There is no 100% fool proof way to protect your child.
Accidents happen from time to time, and some of the consequences are tragic.
Both of my sons have baby cots, but both are doing a great job.
This may change before the company\'s management stops outsourcing the manufacture of baby cots to the lowest bidder.
You can have the best design, but more deaths are likely if the material used is fragile or inferior.
They use more \"eco-friendly and sustainable\" materials to better recycle them.
They get more money and recognition for being a PC, in fact, real wood and solid metal will not be discarded as soon as possible and can be discarded again
Use with confidence.
It may not be all the buildings.
This is building and cheap material.
They tried to fix what they broke because they broke something that didn\'t need to be fixed 20, 40, 50 years ago.
I\'m going to be a grandmother soon and I just found out that the temporary crib is now illegal.
All three of my sons had temporary cribs and I found it very helpful to get them in and out of the crib.
If the baby is as short as I am, how does the mother lift the baby out of the ribs without a stool to reach them?
Manufacturers should maintain higher standards and we can still have the crib style we have used for centuries.
I agree that this new government request will cause a lot of muscle problems.
I am also very sorry for the death and injury caused by the defective crib, but not all temporary cribs are a problem. I agree with Beverly. I am 4\'10.
It was so bad to get my son out of the crib.
I must stand aside and push him to the front.
If he cried, he would only be more excited.
I won\'t use a stool because I don\'t believe I will slip at four o\'clock A. M. Ugh.
I totally agree with what needs to be done, but it\'s still very frustrating.
If they are going to make it illegal to sell your old crib then they need to make it cheaper so that all Americans can buy this \"safest\" place for a baby item!
Also, we can still have the downsides if they have better downsides manufacturing methods.
Unfortunately, I am very short (5 ft). . .
Without steps, I would not be able to access most baby cots that do not tilt. . .
So now, when I have kids, it\'s not dangerous that I have to climb up the stool and bring my kids out.
I know there are a few other options, but I have seen them already and they are very expensive! ! ! ! !
I\'m with you.
I just passed 5 feet myself.
We bought one. it\'s expensive and good.
Make baby cots according to previous standards (
Before this came out)
For our children,
Fit the mattress.
It does have a downward side.
I \'d love to sell it to someone who can\'t afford a well.
The crib was built and now I think this good piece of furniture has to be thrown away, which is disturbing me.
I can\'t imagine trying to pick up a 30-pound toddler on the track (
We all know how submissive they would be if they didn\'t want to sleep).
This is an accident waiting to happen!
I work in retail as a small quality specialist.
I speed up the removal of the product in the \"higher\" directionups\".
As a consumer and worker, I see a drop in the quality of the material.
Wood is not pure wood, nor is it solid, and the specification of the metal is getting thinner and thinner, all in the name of environmental sustainability.
21 years ago I paid a lot of money for a solid wood, \"Made in America\" crib and change desk and used a total of 4 years for two children.
We have no problem.
We use bumper pads to put our baby on the belly in case they spit (
They don\'t suffocate as fast as they do on their backs).
I didn\'t put my crib or bed under the window with curtains. (
If I reach out to get the rope that shakes, my mom will break my finger very well (I\'m 48 now).
My parents are parents and do not rely on the government.
I am disgusted with the continued government intervention.
The nanny country is not suitable for me and me.
I can go ahead, but I will let you add.
I am happy to find this option in lnioe.
My daughter inherited a mini crib from my house, but the mattress? came with it? too thin (1 inch).
Colgate mattress assembled the crib like a glove enough to shoot my baby.
I also bought the waterproof quilting mattress pad crib mattress stand for extra support.
For parents who want to be practical, it is beautiful and compact? . This?
My third child, do you need it?
I\'m the one I invested in, bens?
So where did things come from? fast!
I also put all my kids on their stomachs, which is the indication at the time, so they don\'t suffocate if they vomit.
My first was the premiere and often vomited even after his hiccups.
If he put it on his back, he will suffocate.
He is now 40 years old, and the bumper in the crib is also very good.
I will buy a temporary crib and, if still available, make sure it is put together correctly and made of high quality material.
I agree with the fact that it is not safe to stand on a stool and take the baby away from the circus.
I\'m 5 so no one, how do I take them out?
It\'s all about money.
Cheap is cheap.
It takes more money to eat \"organic;
Provide better cost.
So give people cheaper, \"convenient\" food, they get sick and they get the health of the assembly line --
Healthcare and the government can provide funding to pharmaceutical and research companies.
Make cheaper furniture, cars, toaster, etc.
, Disgusting, and requires citizens to spend more money to maintain or replace and promote tax relief
SOURCE manufacturing. . . . . .
What will you end up? ? ?
Drive in a plastic car, put the child in the fat man in the collapsed crib, sit next to the window with a rope hanging, use a toaster and a blown coffee machine. . . . . . . UGH! ! !
I\'m going to stop posting.
I\'m so angry.
Yes, I am very conservative.
You nailed it to your head with your post! ! ! !
I can\'t say anything better!
Just hope that more people will be responsible for their own lives, rather than relying on the government to give them what they have not earned or deserve! ! ! !
Keep posting quality articles like this!
I will be back. .
The mandatory law on roadside cribs is ridiculous, just another invasion of our lives by the government.
Since 2000, only 32 people have died, and what are the factors?
Which caregiver has the wrong mattress size and does not pay close attention to baby/toddler etc.
I \'ve been 35 years old, raising my two kids, my sister raising her two and my friends and family using the same crib without a problem.
The bar on my baby bed is very narrow apart, the crib mattress is too tight, you can hardly put the mattress on it, so there is nothing wrong with my crib.
Now, however, due to government regulations, this crib and millions of other cribs will have to add landfill sites in our country.
Why should everyone be punished for not using their temporary crib properly by some carers.
What is the ratio of birth to death for this problem?
Abortion kills millions of babies every year, but the government sanctions this action and talks about madness!
There is no point in our government, so we want to know why there are so many catastrophic situations in our country.
I don\'t know what abortion has to do with that.
Abortion, as you say, is more than just \"killing babies \".
In some cases, abortion also saved the mother\'s life.
Our government is doing its best to ban abortion and birth control, as you know.
Abortion can avoid what some people don\'t want and don\'t love, as countless others experience every day, every year, and what you have.
Don\'t be one of those people who are trying to deprive others of their rights.
You do not want your rights denied without your consent. Amen Vinda!
Vinda goodman, 35 years ago, when your crib was made, the product was still being made in the way it was intended, rather than using cheap inferior materials and labor.
When I was a child, we had a temporary crib (safely)
For all 9 kids and all kinds of grandchildren in my family, but I will not use any of the last 10 kids15 years.
The quality of all consumer goods has declined.
So, how do I deal with the wonderful state of my daughters in a drop of 3down crib?
It\'s only 3 years old and I can\'t use it anymore and can\'t sell it?
This is ridiculous.
I must agree with Yidan.
It sounds more like government intervention.
I am very sorry to say that only 32 babies died.
More babies die in the car, what will America do about it? ? Ban cars?
I agree there are too many deaths, but who can say that these cribs that don\'t fall will help?
Have there been studies done on non-drop and drop baby beds.
What about injuries to parents?
Picked up a bunch of joy in a very awkward location (
Knees bent too much when lifted up). I guess Obama-
The cost of all back injuries is borne by the caregiver. . . .
Let people live their own lives, we don\'t need you to tell us what to buy!
I used to let my son sleep with me when he was too hot in his crib (
He\'s been three months, too)
So what I\'m doing is putting ploilws on both sides and at the top.
I will sleep by his side in case I put my arm by his side, so I can feel it if I feel the movement.
Good luck to me! Shirley-
Look for labels on the manufacturer\'s baby bed and contact them about the recall.
I just found out that many of them will provide (for free)
Switch the downsides to the replacement panel in the still state.
So whether you are planning to use the crib again or sell it, this should solve the problem.
I just contacted the manufacturer of our crib and asked for a replacement part.
Also, if they can\'t provide you with the parts you need, some companies will provide a dollar credit for the new crib. Hope this helps.
Read the following before you decide to use the old temporary crib: It\'s terrible to think about.
How sad it is to see the bad design (
Probably cheaper)
Manufacturing can do so much harm.
I have used a temporary crib for more than 4 years for my first grandson and now I need a crib for 7 months.
Old grandson, do you have any suggestions? safe & sturdy ?
Thank you so much for giving everyone a great possibility to read in detail from this site.
It\'s really ideal, and for me and my colleagues, searching for your site at least 3 times a week, learning your latest tricks, is full of fun.
Finally, I\'m always happy considering the beautiful strategy you give.
One of the selected ideas in this article is definitely the most impressive we have ever had.
Beautiful Selleria bought a drop side crip for our first child and now it\'s been 16 years and there are five.
I have been observing for about 8 years and over the years we have started breaking a few parts so I have modified the attachment to go through the circuit board and not the parts into it.
After that, it was solid through our last two children.
I don\'t think they designed anything longer than the warranty period, one to three years.
Any longer time now seems like a reward.
It is sad that we have to modify what we buy or buy something new to replace items made cheaply.
Things have been lasting in the past days, not designers trying to find cheaper, cheaper ways to make things and give the company more money.
The trick is to find companies that let their designers find better and better ways to make quality products.
What are the smaller parents who have trouble lifting their babies on the highest track to do?
My wife struggled for this because she had shoulder surgery and she needed help when bringing up anything that was a bit heavy.
There was no problem when I was near but I was not always at home.
We understand security, but we are in trouble. Hi, Neat post.
There is a problem with your website in Internet explorer, will you check it?
Still, IE is a market leader and people will ignore your wonderful writing due to this issue.
If the drop side cribs are so dangerous, then why are they still in hospital use? I know this is a fact because my grandson has done several surgeries from birth to now metal drip edge criband it is a well-known hospital nationwide and very much like you guys will do the same.
This clever work and reporting!
Keep up with the excellent staff I invited you to blogroll.
I would like to know that when I raise 4 children to use the temporary crib, the temporary crib causes 32 deaths.
Then I realized that no longer using the old style, made up of metal rods, the sides of the crib slide up and down and fall on the spring.
Dangerous cribs have some tacky plastic sliding devices that any child can kick out.
Why do all things become shoddy?
Is the smooth sanding solid maple hardwood floor over?
When I was looking for a crib for my first grandson, all the cribs I found now were made of light pine trees of poor quality and of course from China, because obviously the United States can no longer produce anything.
Very disappointed.
I wish I had kept the baby\'s crib.
It was made in the early 80 s of American child craft and I have never had any problems.
When it sounds reasonable at first, the core of your writing is not sitting with me after a while.
Unfortunately, somewhere in the entire paragraph, you made me a believer.
Still, I have a problem with your leap in assumptions, and you \'d better fill in all those breaks.
I will be very impressed if you can do this.
Shopping is very helpful for babyI individuals as they prefer to use the lift slide. .
When I try to image this damn device I have to use for my granddaughter as close to my child, they don\'t hurt my back. .
As my granddaughter has grown up and tried to climb out on the baby level, the bed was lowered. .
I\'m a 5\'1\' short man trying to lean on this damn solid railing and drop a 25 pound baby off the floor, which is impossible. . .
The railroad was already in my arm pit so I had to have my granddaughter sit down and put her down hoping and praying it wouldn\'t wake her up and sometimes I tried to get far enough, let her get as close to the mattress as possible, and that\'s standing on the tip of her toes, close to throwing her in, the head and ass are already on my arm, or I\'m leaning against my ribs. . .
I hit my damn rib in this baby bed without a slide. . .
I borrowed my grandmother\'s slide crib from 1964 until I could buy one myself and 2 years later I bought my own slide crib and I raised 3 kids with them, I lent it to a friend who raised her son in it and another friend who had four children in it. . .
On the box, the instruction book says to observe the Wear area, make sure it is properly installed, and show where and how the space between the mattress and the track is checked. . .
It also says check your kids regularly even if you are going to the bathroom.
In the evening. . .
Heck, I \'d rather build a bag, play the game pen and put my granddaughter in, at least I won\'t throw her in and hurt myself! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Think about it, the side rail arm or foot is stuck, you can slide the track down if needed, for the non-sliding guide you have to turn off the damn guide and risk the mattress malfunction, use the slide rail crib to cause more damage than you have to deal. . .
In terms of this, I \'d rather put my granddaughter mattress on the floor than put her on the bed with me or use this non-sliding track POS! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Also, this BS happens when you ask us to make items in another cheap butt corner cutting country that we use to make in the USS.
Better quality products. . .
If people stop buying products from these cheap corner countries, forcing companies to produce them in the United StatesS.
Maybe we can get rid of the idea of this fixed side rail BS. . .
We hope you will never stop!
This is certainly one of the best blogs I have ever read.
Man, you have some crazy skills here.
I don\'t expect you to ever relax your style as you are probably definitely one of the neatest bloggers around.
Just because the internet needs people like you to spread the word, please continue to do a good job.
-Teman silahkan joins di DewaJudiQQ banyak hadiah dan promo menarik yang menanti andaI agrees with several: vinda Goodman, mamabux, theresa & others who understand what\'s going on with the drop side crib.
I used a crib with a very solid round metal railing inside to slide ed up and down.
When rising up and the release bar is down at the bottom, click on each side.
I can\'t remember a wrong feature.
I am a protective mother with some miscarriage.
My heart is safe.
When my careless son grows up, I remember how it felt to safely put a sleeping baby down!
It\'s not easy to lift the weight with the arm out!
It is reasonable to issue a risk warning for cribs with plastic or inferior hardware.
It is very sad to lose an innocent life.
Texting young drivers really worries me!
I often tell young people that getting on the bus is the most dangerous thing!
We all need to think for ourselves and don\'t expect the nanny country to make sure you\'re safe!
Those of us who are fortunate enough to grow up with common sense and etiquette should feel obliged to pass on them.
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