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Best Crib Mattresses

by:Aoqi     2020-03-22
As every parent knows: no one sleeps well if the baby doesn\'t sleep well.
A good night\'s rest is important for the health and development of infants and young children.
That\'s why you need a great crib mattress.
Sleeping is not a joke or a topic that can be taken lightly.
According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF)
Sleep is the main brain activity during the early development of children.
Baby needs time to improve sleep
The wake-up cycle can be determined in six months.
By the age of two, most children spend more time sleeping than waking.
In general, children will spend 40% of their childhood sleep.
From this data you can see why the crib mattress is an important investment.
With so much on the market, it\'s hard to know which are the safest and most comfortable baby crib mattresses.
Fortunately, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
Provide guidelines to help parents narrow their choices.
According to the AAP, your child should sleep on a flat surface, whether in a crib, cradle or game field.
There shouldn\'t be anything else in the sleeping space other than the baby.
In addition to the comfortable fit in the crib, the mattress should also be firm.
In other words, it should not be indented when the baby is lying on it.
Bedside sleepers who meet CPSC safety standards may be an option for some parents, but AAP notes that, in fact, no published study examined the safety of these products.
AAP also warned against being left and right by crib mattress manufacturers who claim their products can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
Because there is no evidence that this is true.
Instead, the AAP recommends the use of mattresses that meet the Consumer Product Safety Board (CPSC)
Safety standards.
CPSC is recommended for use in a full mattress
The crib is at least 27 1/4 by 51 1/4 in size to prevent the possibility of head clamping and choking between the mattress and both sides of the crib, and the mattress thickness should not exceed 6 inch.
We found the best crib mattress to not only give the baby a good night\'s sleep, but also to reassure the parents, but also to last long enough, so that your child can easily use it during the baby period and in his or her transition to a toddler bed. Made in the U. S. with medical-
This mattress is made of high-grade fabric, waterproof and has peculiar smell. resistant.
It has also been shown to have no toxic flame.
Flame retardant chemicals and low volatile organic compounds that do not affect indoor air as much as possible (VOC).
Use a damp sponge to easily clean the low allergy lid. Buy Now $196.
90 advantages: Double surface of small dreamer as two
Stage sleep system, which means you can use the extra solid layer for your baby, and then, when the baby grows up, flip it over so that he or she can enjoy a softer sleep, more plush side.
The size of this mattress is 27.
5x52 inch.
Cons: The mattress is a bit of an investment flavor.
For more than a century, beauty rest has been a trusted name on the mattress.
This crib mattress has a natural fire-proof packaging and a waterproof barrier for its excellent woven fabric, thus achieving high marks. Buy Now $141.
24 advantages: the 231 Deluxe pocket spiral springs provide a surface that is uniform, firm and supportive and the baby will fall asleep easily.
You can flip the mattress and let your toddler enjoy the other side, which includes an extra layer of foam for increasing the buff.
This mattress is 52x27. 5 x 6.
6 inch thick.
Several parents pointed out that the seams were cracked over time.
This 5 \"mattress has no toxins and harmful chemicals, and due to its unique foam design, it does not flatten over time, and foam is produced to mimic the uterus. Buy Now $55.
49 professionals: parents appreciate the affordable price.
In addition, the milliard foam is naturally hypoallergenic and has resistance to allergens, mold, bacteria and mites, and is ideal for patients with allergies and asthma.
The size of this mattress is 27.
5x52x5, 5 inch thick.
Cons: This mattress is not waterproof and parents complain.
The mattress is made of a breathable memory foam, which Serta says also has a thermal material that can get more heat from the baby\'s body. Buy Now $174.
99 professionals: This mattress is also double, according to reviews, it can be both light and sturdy in any casesided.
The side is stronger for the baby.
The other is for young children who need something softer.
Disadvantages: there is water on the cover of knitted fabric
Resistant to support, but this means it is not waterproof and any liquid placed on the baby bed will stain the cotton outside anyway.
Colgate family-
The business that owns and operates, skillfully designed this double
Sturdy crib mattress, packed with 6 inch eco
More friendly foam made of sustainable vegetable oil. It’s CertiPUR-
Our certification is a safe, high-quality foam. Buy Now $185.
99 pros: Parents say the mattress is well maintained over time and there is no sign of wear even when the baby grows up.
The size of the mattress is 51. 7 x 27. 5 x 6 inches.
It is 6 inch thick as required by law.
Cons: Some consumers have received \"dirty seams\" mattresses.
Others found it almost \"too firm \".
This mattress is made in an innovative way of breathing
By technology that allows the free flow of air. Buy Now $299.
99 pros: Parents of older babies who turn over and like to sleep face to face say that this mattress gives them peace of mind because of breathability and many have tested breathability for themselves.
They point out that it also does not wear or indent over time.
Newton crib mattress measures 52 \"x 28\" x 5.
5 \", suitable for baby cots of all standard sizes.
Cons: This mattress is expensive and some say it has a chemical smell gone after drying.
This crib mattress is light weight, Superdurable.
It is characterized by soybean foam
Using the core of the percentage of natural and renewable soybeans grown by American farmers to provide hardness for infants, softness for young children, now buy $79.
99 Pros: This mattress is easy to clean due to water and stainsCover resistant. Its lock-
Stitching the binding helps prevent the liquid from penetrating into the interior while wiping away household allergens such as dust and dandruff rather than sticking to the surface of the mattress. (
Anyone who ever had the cat climb up the crib can appreciate this! )
Parents say it works well after years of use.
Mattress measures 51. 63 x 27. 25 x 5.
25 inch, suitable for US standard size baby crib and toddler crib: because it is made of foam, it can warm the baby while sleeping.
This crib mattress is made without PBDE flame retardant, lead, mercury, formaldehyde, O-benzene Ester and other potentially harmful substances. Buy Now $95.
Pros: These two-in-
It can be said that your child has a mattress.
The mattress is characterized by strong soybeans
Reinforced foam core serious support. It has a dual-
Provide a solid side design for the baby, while the toddler side is more comfortable and comfortable.
This mattress features a naturally woven cotton cover with a waterproof backing.
The size of the mattress is 52x27. 5 x 6 inches.
Cons: Parents say there is a strange smell in the mattress, though not chemical.
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