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Baby Pillows - Should I Give My Child A Pillow?

by:Aoqi     2020-06-15
As adults, it is perfectly normal for us to use pillows when we sleep.
In fact, sleeping without a pillow can be very painful, making our neck stiff when we wake up, or even making us unable to sleep in the first place.
Therefore, it is not surprising for many parents whether their children will also be more comfortable if they give them a pillow.
However, the answer to this question depends on the age of your child and where they sleep. . . . . . .
Pillows are definitely not recommended if your child is under two years old.
Children under this age usually do not need the support of the head, and more importantly, they are always likely to suffocate on the pillow.
Also, if your child is still small but has started climbing, crawling, or walking, then the pillow can be used as an aid for climbing out of the crib.
As a result, most studies have shown that pillows should not normally be considered and no longer sleep in a crib until the baby is at least two years old, but have developed to a toddler bed.
Even though your kids are a little older, they don\'t always need to use pillows.
If they don\'t have a pillow to sleep well, there may not be a need to introduce the pillow.
If you decide to give your child a pillow, make sure it\'s a real \"Baby Sleep Pillow\" instead of the one you already have at home.
The pillow should be relatively firm so that the child does not sink into it while sleeping and does not suffocate or suffocate.
It should also be smaller than a normal adult pillow, probably near the size of the travel pillow, which is easy to clean when these minor accidents happen to your child.
If your child has any allergies, you can also buy a baby pillow that is not allergic
If you are still not sure if it is appropriate to introduce a baby pillow in your child\'s bed, you may consider talking to your doctor to hear from him or her, or just wait until your child really wants a pillow or struggles to sleep on a flat bed.
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