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Baby in a Box? Free Cardboard Bassinets Encourage Safe Sleeping

by:Aoqi     2020-07-07
The mother of five children, Jernica quiones, was the first parent in New Jersey to receive a free baby box.
Portable, low
Scientific cradle made of laminated cardboard.
But first, she has to take an online course on safe sleep practices, which experts say can greatly reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome.
\"Basically, you want to put the child on the mattress, that\'s it,\" she was looking at 20-
Minutes series of video.
The message may not be a new one.
But health officials say it is vital to protect babies.
In order to reduce infant mortality, parents must let the baby sleep on a strong mattress in a cradle or crib --
No pillows, blankets, stuffed animals or bumpers.
Now New Jersey has become the first state to reduce infant deaths through a broad program designed to distribute up to 105,000 of so-
Baby Box
The number of births in the state is expected this year.
Baby box with comfort
In Finland, where fitted mattresses have been distributed to new parents for decades, Finland is one of the world\'s lowest infant mortality rates, less than half of the US.
\"This is really not a problem with the box;
This is about education . \"
Cooper ie McCans is a pediatric emergency physician at the Cooper University Hospital and chair of the state\'s child death and near-death review committee.
\"To be honest, people like things that are free,\" she added . \".
\"The box is the driving force of education.
There are Pampers, baby wipes, underwear, breasts in the box
Feeding pads and other goodies.
\"Of the 2014 cases with statistics in the last year, 57 of the 61 New Jersey infants died suddenly, accounting for 93%, involving unsafe sleep conditions, Dr. McCans said.
Risks include the presence of blankets, which can create a risk of suffocation or suffocation;
The parents sleeping next to the baby create the potential to roll to them;
And the trapping of babies stuck between sofa cushions or between sickness.
Fitted crib mattress and crib frame.
\"I know this is a very small sample, but there are still a lot of baby deaths,\" said Dr. McCans said.
\"Compared to other states, New Jersey has good statistics on sudden, unexplained infant deaths.
It\'s great, but if we lose 50 kids a yearor even one —
It makes sense for me that we can do something to increase the knowledge base.
\"Across the country, New Jersey has the lowest number of babies, SUID is an umbrella class that covers more common sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, as well as accidental suffocation or suffocation and unknown causes.
Three federal data capture
The SUID rate in New Jersey was 0 from 2011 to 2013.
Five out of every 1,000 live births are tied to the lowest in California.
The national rate for this period is 0.
87 live births per 1,000.
Last spring, Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia started its own baby box program.
Camden is a post-industrial city facing high crime rates, high unemployment and high poverty rates.
McCans and her colleagues soon learned about the Temple initiative.
It turns out that the Baby Box Company in Los Angeles is behind the project.
The company works with hospitals and governments in more than a dozen states, as well as Canada and the UK.
Although the company is-
Profit, it is supported by the foundation, so the cost of the government can be kept to a minimum.
The children\'s death and near-death review committee in New Jersey already has a safe
Sleep Programs, which use about $40,000 a year from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The state will use the money for new projects, but baby box has promised to come up with the remaining funds needed to provide baby boxes free of charge throughout the state.
Company officials declined to disclose the estimated cost of the state on the grounds of proprietary information.
Companies like Pampers and Lansinoh selling breast milk
Supply products, supply items in the box.
The Baby Box Company was founded in 2013 by Jennifer Cleary and a friend who became pregnant after MS.
Clary read about Finland\'s success in baby boxes.
They decided to design an educational program called Baby Box University, which is centered on a series of videos covering sleep safety and breast safety
Feeding and proper use of car seats, among other things.
After watching the video, expectant mothers or new parents will take a short quiz and print a certificate of completion.
In New Jersey, parents can choose to deliver home free of charge or pick up on distribution sites such as hospitals or social services --
Finally Public Library.
Distribution networks in New Jersey are still under development.
Cooper University Hospital was the first such website to start its project in January.
\"The plan is to have at least a few distribution locations in each county,\" said Dr. McCans said.
According to baby box, more than 12,000 people took online classes in the first two weeks of the program.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it did not recognize any products, including baby boxes.
Nevertheless, Nikki Myers, a spokeswoman for the agency, said parents should take adequate measures to help reduce the risk of sudden infant death.
Nationwide, according to the agency, about 3,700 babies died unexpectedly in 2015.
The death toll has fallen sharply since the 1990 s, when the American Academy of Pediatrics released safety-
Sleep advice, including urging parents to sleep on the baby\'s back.
The incidence of sudden infant death syndrome decreased from 130.
In 1990, 3 people died every 100,000 live births, to 38. 7 in 2014.
While many new parents already have the right equipment for their newborn babies, New Jersey officials say everyone can benefit from the baby box program.
These boxes are useful additions to the cradle or crib and can be easily delivered to the hotel or to the grandparents for the night. Ms.
The 33-year-old quainness said that she has been working for her 3-month-
The old son, Blain, but it\'s upstairs.
Before she picked up the baby box now in the living room, she had to run upstairs to see him.
\"It came in handy for me,\" she said . \". Dr.
Many new parents put a sleeping baby on the sofa during the day, when family life revolves around the kitchen and the living room, says Macas.
Sofa cushions like baby crib bumpers can cause poor airflow around the baby\'s mouth.
\"10 or 15 years ago, we may not have realized that the sofa is particularly dangerous,\" she said . \".
\"Even if the baby is partially turned, the face may not be clear.
If there is a gap, the baby will be stuck together.
\"While putting babies in cartons may make some people feel too small, especially in an era of $1,000 --and-up cribs, Dr.
Macon believes these boxes may attract millennials who value minimalism.
\"There are a lot of people trying to simplify their lives,\" she said . \".
\"If millennials see it as cool, renewable and non-toxic, if it gets their attention and gets them educated in a way they can, then I don\'t see any harm
Our goal is all.
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