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world\'s biggest bounce house is returning to san antonio

by:Aoqi     2020-06-10
One of the most popular activities in San Antonio is to get back to town.
The Big Bounce America, touted as the world\'s largest bounce house, will be set up in October at the Whitley Heights Sports Center. 19-21.
The event was sold out last year and the organizers promised to do the same this time.
\"Put down your phone, stay away from TV, and spend some good time with family and friends in the world\'s largest bounce house,\" Big Bounce America said in the event details.
This amazing candy
Colorful inflatable castle is 10,000 square feet of fun, games and laughter for all ages.
\"In the bounce house, the children and their parents will find areas with basketball rings, obstacle classes, slides and ball pits.
Jumpy juniors can also walk through the inflatable forest, hang out in the DJ area, play and age-
There will be the right party music around.
Tickets range from $12 to $17 and can be found online with more information.
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