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Woman’s memory foam mattress reveals a secret as her pals help her move house

by:Aoqi     2020-07-10
A woman in X-
Her memory of the rated mark on the bottom of the foam mattress leaked a dirty secret.
This hilarious photo was posted to Imgur with the caption: \"Today\'s friend movingher mattress.
I guess you know what\'s stored below?
At first glance, this picture looks innocent enough, but look closely and you will find that the mattress reveals what the woman would rather keep secret.
It turns out that the memory foam hides the imprint of some adult items previously hidden under it.
Read more: \"I watched The Human Centipede with my mom\": people revealed their most embarrassing parents moments when the police were hunting for \"unicorns\" because locals reported that, the bio-six robot running in town will \"teach us to warn anyone who plans to rearrange the bedroom with the help of friends than the world\'s Sex book.
\"Memory foam will never be forgotten,\" commented one user, another, \"Jesus, Take a bedside drawer, you animal.
One eagle-eye observer joked that things might not look like they do, saying that he could only see \"a lot of crayons and a microphone\" at the right price.
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