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Which Organic Crib Mattress Should I Choose?

by:Aoqi     2020-03-28
As a retailer of organic crib mattresses, I am often asked which crib mattress is suitable for my child?
This is understandable.
After deciding to invest more money on an organic crib mattress, you don\'t want to choose the wrong one.
It\'s really easier than you think.
First of all, you have to make sure that the mattress you choose is truly organic.
Organollabeldo did some research and made sure that the description and information stated that 100 is organic if there is metal?
It is clear that organic metals do not exist.
What you want to look for in the innerspring mattress is the oil they use for metal.
Check out descriptions of non-toxic oils such as Tung oil and beeswax, or other types of non-toxic oils used on springs.
When an internal spring has 100 organic matter, plus any oil used on the spring is nottoxic.
You should also be careful with the word \"nature.
Many people think that the words nature and organic are the same.
In some cases it may be true, and in others it\'s another word that makes you think you\'re getting a better quality mattress than you actually get.
Read the description, read the labels, and ask questions.
Type of organic crib mattress. The next thing to choose the right organic crib mattress for your baby is to check the type of all available crib mattresses.
You will find a variety of springs and natural rubber (
Also known as LaTeX)mattresses.
The inner spring mattress is usually more affordable and consists of metal springs, cotton wool, filler and topping.
In innersprings, you will find less padding, more padding, innersprings with EDGE support, and the number of various coils.
You want to take a closer look at the number of these coils.
The typical inner spring crib mattress has about 180 coils.
The higher the number of coils, the longer the quality and life of the mattress will be.
The number of coils at 210 will be better than 180, but not as good as the number of coils at 260.
Don\'t be confused when you find an inner spring with EDGE support.
Many parents think there is support outside the mattress.
In fact, they are clips built into the inside of the mattress to prevent side collapse.
This is especially helpful when used in toddler beds.
Natural rubber consists of rubber collected from rubber tree plants, forming foam rubber by heating and stirring.
Then wrap with cotton and wool to board, fill and top.
It is softer than the built-in spring (
Although still firm enough, it is safe for babies)
And more in line with the body.
As discussed above, this is an area where you want to be very careful about labeling.
In natural rubber, you will find that there are different degrees of thickness from 3 to 6 sheets.
Which one do I choose?
The first thing to choose the right organic crib mattress for your baby is to determine when the baby will use the mattress.
If you are pretty sure that your child will only use the mattress when using the crib, then the option is the easiest.
Children under two years of age need a sturdy mattress that does not sink more than inches when placed on it.
Besides, it doesn\'t matter what they sleep.
So you might as well buy a basic spring mattress.
Pay attention to the warranty information in these aspects, because some budget internal springs with less filling and less coils do not provide warranty, and may not be as durable as springs with more filling and more coils.
Choose the Best common organic hot springs your family can afford and it should do well.
If you want to transfer the mattress to a toddler bed, there are many other factors you need to consider.
Children between the ages of 2 and 6 need more bone structural support.
In this case, natural rubber is the best option as it fits your child\'s body while sleeping and provides the best support.
I personally do not recommend less than 4 natural rubber mattresses.
5 inch thick, but parents don\'t have to use 6 inch thick.
It really depends on the parents because any thickness is from 4.
5 to 6 will do the same work.
Some parents feel more comfortable with the 6 thick mattress just because it is the normal thickness of the standard crib mattress.
When using the 100 organic crib mattress.
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