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What to Expect When You\'re Expecting Safe Baby Products

by:Aoqi     2020-04-05
I remember going to the big baby retail store for the first time.
I have seen thousands of products, many products that I don\'t even know are there already, and these products are guaranteed to make my children happier, more comfortable, smarter, healthier, stronger,
This is my first exposure to the baby products market, which makes more than $11 billion a year. (
After three children, I felt personally responsible for a large part of the profit. )
What\'s the problem with baby products?
In these stores, there is another side to the image of shiny, happy babies telegraphed so mercilessly.
In fact, some products on the shelves contain chemicals known or suspected to be harmful to the health of infants, and more products contain chemicals that have never been safely tested.
In addition, disclosure of chemical components is purely voluntary, so there is no information for parents to process.
Part of the problem is a flawed federal chemical policy that does not require adequate pre-
The market safety test does not require component disclosure.
But part of the problem is that these baby retailers are actually selling these things.
What\'s your baby sleeping on?
A new report on baby mattresses highlights the need for retailers to be responsible for product safety on shelves.
The report shows that there are fewer manufacturers using chemical methods to meet the crib mattress flammable standard compared to similar reports two years ago.
To this end, Bobby Chase Wilding, deputy director of Clean Health in New York who wrote the report, said: \"Parents can rest assured . \".
But information about the chemicals in the mattress is not readily available;
To gather this information, Bobbi and her team had to reach out to manufacturers and internet research.
None of them are-store.
As a result, Bobbi said parents \"know nothing about which products are safer and which products contain chemicals or materials that they may want to avoid . \".
Baby crib mattress manufacturers in United StatesS.
It is required that its products meet the flammable standard.
Some achieve the standard by soaking internal foam with flame retardant chemicals, many of which are related to serious health effects, or using heavy metal antimony.
Others reach the standard by creating a flame barrier below the surface of the mattress to prevent fire from penetrating the product.
Flame retardant chemicals can be sprayed or added to the flame retardant barrier.
The most disturbing example in the current report is a manufacturer that uses fiberglass fire barrier with organic halogen flame retardant and heavy metal antimony.
Is there a healthy choice for a crib mattress?
Some manufacturers offer baby crib mattresses without flame retardant chemicals or obstacles.
Pure wool is a natural flame retardant material and is used as a fire barrier by some manufacturers.
According to Bobbi, the best thing crib manufacturers can do is design products that are inherently non-flammable.
Mattress burning speed of \"low fuel load\" will be reduced, and chemical or physical fire prevention requirements will also be reduced.
These are Mattresses. there are other things besides foam. -
For example, the inner spring mattress.
What can we do to make sure our baby products are safe?
\"This report states that the company lacks attention to the chemicals used in their products,\" Bobbi told me . \".
\"We should ask if these chemicals should be used in the market.
\"For this, Mom cleaning air force, together with some organizations, told top baby retailers that as a shop dedicated to serving pregnant women and babies, it was their responsibility to remove hazardous chemicals from the shelves
The mom cleaning air force has signed a letter to the baby \"R\" Us and buybaby baby asking them to remove the hazardous chemicals from the shelves.
Here is our letter to the baby \"R\" Us: \"We are shocked by the presence of highly concerned chemicals in children\'s products that exist in the body of infants and children, in our food supply, in the dust of the home and in the indoor air, in the wider environment, we all depend on maintaining all our lives.
Although baby \"R\" Us takes a stand in removing BPA and PVC from some of their product lines, scientists have established a link between many other hazardous chemicals and various chronic diseases and diseases, such as cancer, reduced fertility, learning and developmental disorders, behavioral problems, obesity, diabetes, and asthma
Therefore, we ask the baby \"R\" Us to now take additional steps to remove hazardous chemicals from the products you sell.
As the world\'s leading supplier of children\'s products, you have the ability and responsibility to work with suppliers to stop selling products containing hazardous chemicals and to find truly safe alternatives.
Doing so will not only satisfy your customers, but will also help you reduce your responsibility to carry toxic chemicals in the store.
\"More than a month ago, our alliance had not received a response from any of the stores.
What do you expect from the store where you buy baby products?
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