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What Ages Are Toddler Beds Designed For?

by:Aoqi     2020-05-31
When your little one has signs of growing up from a crib, you can look for another bed to provide him with a comfortable and safe sleep.
A toddler bed is an option to consider, as these small beds often help to transition a young child from the limits of the crib to greater freedom of the bed.
When you determine if a toddler bed meets your child\'s needs, consider your child\'s age.
Minimum age although the age of toddlers is somewhat subjective, the Consumer Product Safety Board has determined the minimum recommended age for children who use toddlers.
According to CPSC, children must be at least 15 months old in order to safely use toddler beds, as in the \"toddler bed safety standards\" published in the Federal Register
Safety considerations once your toddler moves to a toddler\'s bed, you will have a variety of new safety issues that need to be addressed to keep your little one safe.
First of all, your toddler is free to wander around her bedroom without supervision.
The baby sleep website warns that for this reason you have to double check the space to make sure your child is not in trouble.
Cover the sockets and wires, place the little things out of reach, and consider placing a door at the door to accommodate your child and prevent her from wandering around the rest of the house.
Pediatric nurse Barb Warner warned that to ensure a successful transition, wait until you are sure your child is ready to move out of the crib
Louis Children\'s Hospital.
This shift usually brings a level of sleep disorder to the child, so if your toddler sleeps well in his crib, then there is no need to rush to move him.
If your toddler is climbing out of his crib and the mattress is in the lowest position, it is better to move him to avoid injury.
Avoid matching baby cotsto-
With the birth of a new baby, the transition of the bed.
Place the toddler bed in the original position of the crib and place the familiar bedding on the toddler bed to make your child feel comfortable and comfortable.
CPSC recommends that when your child reaches 50 pounds, it\'s time to remove her from the toddler\'s bed.
You will know that your child is much longer than her bed because she doesn\'t have much room to walk around when she stretches out in bed.
Bed options after toddler bed include a single bed or a double bed.
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