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useful tips to choose safe baby bath products

by:Aoqi     2019-11-08
Due to concerns about potentially harmful chemicals in baby products, parents are looking for safer bath products that not only provide clean bathtubs, but also prevent rashes and other allergic reactions.
This aptparent article provides some valuable tips to help parents choose the right bathing product for their children.
As a caring parent, his/her little one wants the best, it\'s easy to go too far and buy more products than the baby actually needs.
This includes a large number of baby bath products such as baby soap, body wash, shampoo and body wash, which make the baby smell very good.
Unfortunately, there are concerns about the safety of baby bath products.
But isn\'t all baby care products safe and gentle for the skin?
Well, they may make these claims, but there are a lot of bath products that are far from safe for a child.
They contain ingredients that can harm children\'s soft, sensitive skin, such as para-ester and neighboring ester.
In addition, unlike adults, infants with long-term exposure to contaminants in personal care products develop weak organs and immune systems.
This is why parents need to be careful and understand what to look for when buying baby bath products. Take a look.
For parents, it may be shocking to read recent media reports about the presence of harmful chemicals in baby care products.
At 2009, a non
Some cancer-related chemicals found by profit institutions, 1-4-
In some bath products, there are two oxygen six rings and formaldehyde.
This includes baby shampoo, body wash and body wash.
When choosing bath products for infants and infants, pay attention to harmful ingredients, including: formaldehyde and formaldehyde
Release preservatives such as monoammonium-
15. Midazol-based urea, dmdm heinin, diazol-based urea, copper phenol and sodium phenol a acetate.
Ingredients containing 1-4-
Dioxyhexyl ring, such as PEG compounds and sodium p-chlorphenol (
Special C, Isopropyl-, Butyl-, and Isobutyl-parabens)
Phthal salts associated with birth defects, reproductive problems, hormone changes, and liver, kidney, and lung injuries. âx9cx97 BHA (
Ding Dingji isoyan ether)
Most parents like the cute smell of babies after bathing.
What they do not know is that the ingredients in the perfume are not on the market and there is a possibility that it will be harmful to the child.
Some perfumes contain hormone disruptors that can also cause allergies.
The bubble bath and shower gel have detergents and other harmful ingredients such as sodium laurate and cocamidopyline.
In addition, they are fragrant, which only increases the risk of them becoming potential stimuli.
They can cause skin irritation, rash and allergic reactions.
As we all know, these bubble baths can also cause urinary system infection.
Soaking in these bubble baths for a long time increases the risk that chemicals are absorbed by the skin.
Limit the use of bubble bath (
Even if they are fun for your kids)
Instead, use vegetable or glycerin soap, not only the foam is good, but it is also safe for your child.
A good choice is that it is a pure Castile soap made of natural oil without any fragrance.
When it comes to babies or babies, the less the better.
You don\'t need to prepare a bathtub full of toiletries for your child.
In fact, babies hardly need strong body wash or soap.
The chemicals in these products deprive the skin of a natural protective layer that remains smooth and soft.
Instead, use a selection of products that are safe for babies.
Check the product recall online.
It\'s also a good idea to check out the consumer reporting website to get a track record of the product.
Some baby products that appear to be \"safe and gentle\" contain some shocking chemicals.
You can also view information about the ingredients of baby bath products.
Because there is no health study or pre-health study
EWG conducts market testing of chemicals in personal care products to provide online safety guidelines for cosmetics and personal care products.
It lists ingredients that are considered safe or harmful, allowing parents to make informed decisions.
The best part is that they have a comprehensive list of the best products in the market.
If your child has sensitive skin and is prone to frequent rashes and allergies, then you need to select the product accordingly.
For example, if your baby has eczema and other skin allergies, then a gentle bath product might be great for him/her.
Similarly, for newborns affected by the cradle cap, this problem should be well addressed.
If you don\'t like all the chemicals used in baby bath products, look for natural bath products.
There are many companies that have natural products that best suit your child.
Contains natural and organic cleaning ingredients, is tearsfree, non-
Dry, smooth and soft skin.
Some excellent natural bath products on the market include: earth mother angel baby shampoo and body wash baby gentle conditioning shampoo California baby calm shampoo and body wash nourishing my body baby shampoo and body wash consumer demand safe baby products there are many manufacturers dedicated to the production of safer bath products.
To protect the baby from harmful contaminants, please check the ingredients.
Don\'t like labels and marketing gimmicks like \"all natural\" and \"baby safety.
Instead, when purchasing baby care products, check the labels and make an informed decision.
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