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since you didn\'t ask

by:Aoqi     2020-06-10
Dear Secret Service staff, there are several reasons why we don\'t let the children watch the president.
When I was a child, I read a book about Secret Service. I wanted to be a Secret Service agent.
But I know I have to wait until I grow up.
First of all, the children are small and their feet are small, and they can\'t keep up with him when the president walks fast.
It would be interesting to watch them run with short and thick calves to keep up with the president\'s pace, but that is not practical.
However, if it\'s just a matter of going fast, we can let the kids go a bit.
This is not the main reason why we don\'t let the children watch the president.
The main reason children can\'t protect the president is that a strawberry can attract their attention.
They were upset by gum.
The garden sluslu is attractive to them because exotic prostitutes are attractive to adult men.
When it comes to exotic prostitutes and adult men, the children don\'t really think about the problem.
That\'s another reason why they can\'t be secret agents.
Secret Service agents must think things out.
For example, Secret Service agents do not enjoy a bounce house like a child.
The children like to jump the house because they haven\'t really figured it out yet.
It\'s ridiculous to jump off the house, but the children don\'t know.
It\'s called the bounce house, so it\'s ridiculous that they keep jumping in and act like it\'s a bounce house.
A prostitute is like jumping a house.
They are painted in bright colors that will make you Wild as long as you don\'t hurt yourself.
But then the air disappeared.
A prostitute will act like a girlfriend who wants to sleep with you, but then she will want money.
Then you will be sad, pat your pocket and say, where is the money my mom should pay!
In some ways, children act like rich people.
They are used to taking money with others.
They\'re a bit like the president, but not like Secret Service agents.
Children are not great referees of character.
This is another reason why they are not agents of the Secret Service.
Someone can tell a child, \"I really want to be your special friend, baby,\" and the child will believe them.
But when it comes time to pay, the child is frustrated.
I have no money!
I don\'t know how much it is!
I thought you were my friend.
Then you have to stop playing and go to an office without toys and a mean man yelling at you.
I\'m sorry that the mean guy yelled at you after you didn\'t give the prostitute enough money.
He\'s just angry because you might get the president killed.
Sometimes children lie when they are caught.
You might say you\'re just testing those prostitutes to see if they\'re trying to kill the president.
You might say that in order to make sure they don\'t have a machine gun, you have to take off their clothes and look around at their bodies.
You might say you\'re infiltrating them, and maybe you\'re infiltrating them in some way.
But why are you frustrated with the money you splurge there, Buster.
That\'s why the mean guy in the office has to yell at you.
You may not have grown up to the point where you can be an agent.
Not exactly your fault.
After all, no one around you is very mature.
Also, you may have a problem.
You may be distracted too easily.
But the president is a special person and he has to be protected or something bad will happen and everyone will be sad.
So it may not be your job.
You have grown up in some ways.
You have hair on you.
You are big enough to have your own baby.
But you may need extra work in some areas.
Maybe leaving the playground for a while will help you figure out what the extra work is.
I\'m really sorry that the mean man in the office who doesn\'t have a toy hurt your feelings.
What he really wants to say is, \"grow up.
\"I think we all agree that this is a good thing for you.
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