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Simple, Elegant Toddler Bed

by:Aoqi     2020-04-06
With two plywood sheets and a screw, you can make a very nice toddler bed.
This design is suitable for cribs/infant beds (about 52\" long)
This will continue to average young children in primary schools.
My child is just two years old.
He is too big for the crib, but the Twins
The space in his room is too large.
You can get a lot of low toddler beds but I would like some with)
Storage below and B)
Enough height to make changing diapers easy.
That\'s what I think.
The basic design is simple.
Five pieces of plywood (
Two headboards on both sides, in the middle).
You will cut them off and use the router on the edge (if you want)
Sand, finish, screw together.
Supply: Tools: * I used a CNC router because I am (
I did it at TechShop and techshop. ws/).
The CNC router is a robot.
Like a machine that uses a vertical mill (
Similar to drill bit)
Delete any design you put in your computer.
Because of this, my design is not optimized for manual cutting.
However, you can still make this bed if you are unable to access the CNC router. Just simplify (
Remove unnecessary curves and holes)and use a hand-
Hand-held rotary saw and/or band saw.
I will provide the dimensions in the next step.
There are two patterns corresponding to two plywood sheets.
I have attached these patterns as vector PDF files.
You can use these tools to generate toolpaths for specific CNC routers and elevation mills that you can access.
I also attached V-
Pro file for engraving two patterns.
These contain information about the toolpath I use (Two of 3/8. Groove end grinding). If you have V-
Carve Pro, you can open these files and export the toolpath directly to any file type you need for your CNC router.
Finally, a pdf is attached (\"layout. pdf\")
Basic size.
You can use it to manually cut the pieces if you want.
Note: If you are using a CNC router, cut out the hole first.
If you cut off the parts first, they may move around when you try to cut out the holes.
If you want, you can simply smooth the edges with sandpaper.
I decided to use a desktop router and a round bit of 1/4 to place a nice radius on the most exposed edges.
In order to screw everything together, I cut some plywood.
To do this, you need: the easiest way to cut these is to see it on the table. Cut five 1.
5 \"long 48 (
Width of your plywood).
Then cut three of them in half.
This gives you two 48 and six 24.
4 of the 24 \"pieces will be used for four vertical corners of the bed.
Two 24 pieces and two 48 pieces will be used to support the center piece (
It\'s for mattresses. .
Use 1-install scabs1/4\" screws.
Install screws from the side of the scabs (
Inside or hidden side of the bed).
Because you have two plywood pieces of 3/4, so 1-
1/4 \"screws will not go through all the way (
This is a good thing).
As shown in the first picture, two 24 \"scabs are required for each side block (
Flush with edges)
And a 48 \"scabs (
Top edge 27-
1/2 from the floor\".
As shown in the second picture, each head plate needs a 24 \"scabs.
The upper edge of the scabs should be 27-
1/2 from the floor\"
I use the track Sander to smooth the edges of the route.
I also use it to remove the wear marks that I have left while dealing with plywood.
Then I finished all the plywood with three layers of clear water --
Polyurethane. NOTE 1: Water-
Wood grain is often improved based on completion.
This is especially true of the edges of plywood.
After finishing the first coating, the edges are very rough.
However, after polishing them and applying a coating of 2nd and 3rd, they end up being very smooth.
Note 2: For more details, please see my instructions on renovating old furniture with a lot of information about the type of finish, technology, etc.
The longer you use it (1-3/4\")
Screw for assembly.
Optional: If you do not want to display any screws, you can connect the side blocks by screwing in the scabs and screwing in the head board (i. e.
Screw from inside to outside).
In this case, the more extensive scabs (
Maybe 2x24 \"works)
Might be better for you.
Now you have a solid, nice-
Find a bed for your toddler.
There is a small railing that prevents him or her from rolling away, but of course, judging by your child\'s age and sleeping habits. Sleep tight!
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