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Sharing the bed with baby

by:Aoqi     2020-06-02
On Sunday, when I heard my husband say something that immediately raised the red flag for me, we were hanging out with friends.
\"Yes, by November, the baby should leave our room and lie in his crib. ”Gulp!
About a month ago, he expressed his wish for us. 8-
The one-month-old slept in his crib all night, but my promise was to install a bed rail guard on one side so we could choose to put munchkin on one side, not between us. Yes, we are co-
Sleeping parents
Obviously, there are a lot of opinions on cooperation.
\"Baby crib-
As highlighted in this issue of parenting magazine, the parents of \"sleeper. (
Read parenting articles).
Almost half of the cribs, according to the National Survey
People who sleep feel
Parents who lack sleep are \"irresponsible\" and put their child\'s health at risk.
Almost 40% of people believe that we have not cultivated an independent sleeper, thus destroying the baby.
It always seems unnatural for me that we would expel our children to sleep alone.
When I breastfeed all night, make him more effective there as well.
When my child put his arms around my neck and snuggled around me, it was clear that he felt safe and slept better.
The other four couples we met shared a bed.
I\'m not sure if the three of them are also important in South Asian descent (like me)
The other pair came from Spain.
Maybe it\'s a culture because many cultures think it\'s unusual not to sleep with your child.
As far as I know, the concerns and common interests of small island states
This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend this practice. (
Read the AAP recommendation)
This is a safer position than taking the risk of letting the parents roll to the baby on the bed, causing damage or even death.
Only when he was a few months old did we start sleeping with him in bed.
He slept in the cradle next to me when he was very young.
When he was sleeping in his crib, because there was no one of us with him, we never put him on our bed, so we were very careful with all the other SIDS risk factors (Read about small island developing States)
It includes keeping blankets, pillows and stuffed animals out and putting him on his back to avoid overheating.
From a security point of view, we can still do it.
No smuggled babies here.
One of the common principles
I think sleeping is crucial because it is based on a tripartite agreement between parents and babies.
If any of these people are uncomfortable with this arrangement, then it is time to give it up and put the \"baby in the corner \"(crib, that is).
So now I need to learn how to transition to this new arrangement and I need help. For you co-
What is the sleeper outside that helped you make this shift, and when did you do it?
Is it more emotionally difficult for you than for babies? For you crib-
Sleeper, do you think parents like me put their own needs above the needs of their children?
If SIDS is not a problem, will you still have a problem?
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This refers to the article \"bed with baby\": Hi Lady
Abedin, and common habits
Sleeper a little culture ,(
I am an immigrant from Asia)
It\'s really not good for children.
Yes, there is a debate about \"putting your own needs above the needs of your children\"-after all, it is easier to feed your children at night.
There is a quick solution: you can find a crib that can be put down on one side of the railing by your bed, just as easy as picking him up next to you.
While you know the risk factors of SIDS, the bed for adults is usually too warm and soft for little kids, and he should not be close to any pillows, unless you and your husband sleep without a pillow.
I suggest you re-
Study the risk factors of SIDS again.
The last thing is that if the baby is used to sleeping with you, you will have a big problem letting him sleep on his own in the future, not only in his own bed, but one day in his own room
The longer he and you sleep, the bigger problems you have to face in the future.
He will get a lot of love from his parents, teaching him independence from the beginning is another way to show your love, which will benefit him for life. Hope this helps!
Doing the right thing for you and your kids is good for you!
If you are a responsible colleague
Sleeper, you will cultivate a wonderful bond between the two (or three)of you!
I don\'t know why people get so angry when they find that their parents are colleagues.
Sleep, but it really causes emotional reactions from those close to itcrib-ers (like my in-laws! )!
I always ask them what people do in countries where they can\'t afford a crib or have wild animals running around. . .
I suspect they put those babies in the next room!
In addition, both mothers and children have clear physiological benefits in cooperation
Sleep, such as the regulation of the baby\'s body temperature and the mother\'s ample milk production.
For us, when we started turning over, we transferred the child to his crib and his birth weight doubled.
We felt he was strong enough to stay there alone and we felt it would be better for him not to walk around.
While everyone warns us that this is not an easy transition, it is.
In fact, when he realized that the \"snack bar\" did not open the door all night, he began to sleep for a long time.
Good luck and enjoy your sweet baby.
I think we are still transforming.
When he started about 8 months, his crib at the daycare center was good and there was no problem.
When he moved to a toddler\'s room in 12 months, he liked naptime with a toddler mat.
So we bought an organic yoga mat. really a futon)
Similar to the foam in the daycare center, let him sleep in our room.
He took a nap on the mat on the weekend.
When he fell asleep before going to bed at night, we put him on the mat.
If he wakes up and wants to lie in our bed, let him in.
As he grew older, he woke less and began weaning.
We find it easier to raise children if we go with the flow and only worry about things that are actually dangerous or impolite (
Like you, we were not together at first. .
Everyone praises how sweet our little guy is, so I don\'t think vandalism will be a problem soon.
I don\'t think there is any problem with independence either-again, he did a good job in daycare.
Everyone always says \"If you don\'t do it now, it will be a big problem in the future\", but we find that this is never the case.
For example, our son doesn\'t want to change from a milk bottle to a tube Cup or tube Cup at 12 months (
Although he drank very well from a cup). . .
A week later (highly unusual)
We kept screaming and wasting pumping milk at the daycare center and returned the bottle to us.
A month later, we made a change. issue.
My mom said peer pressure is a great thing.
Hello, my daughter is now a happy and well-adapted ten years old.
She has been sleeping with us for years because I am a breastfeeding mom and work all day (
She learned to make up for it by eating day and night).
I put her crib by my bed.
No space)
The railing on one side dropped so I could easily move her from my bed to my crib.
The height of the mattress is almost the same (
1 month low baby crib)
So the effect is good.
We are covered with thick carpets which means the crib will never move so don\'t worry about any separation.
We had a good time before I went to bed for her.
I put it by my bed and she slept there happily.
She climbed up my bed when she wanted comfort (
I weaned her)
When she overslept, she returned to her toddler bed.
Like a crib, the toddler bed was right next to my bed and a railing fell off.
When she was about four years old, I painted her room in her favorite color and decorated it to please her.
We talked about her moving to her big bed and she was very excited.
She has no problem, so do I.
Just last week, I stuffed her in and stretched out next to her.
We were talking about how fun it was to sleep together before, so she let me stay with her until she fell asleep (
Something I never did in her room).
Well, I fell asleep.
My husband came in and blindfolded me and let me sleep there all night.
I must admit it was the best night I \'ve slept for a long time!
Remember, there is no wrong way to complete the transition when you listen to your child.
Your child will tell you what is needed and when.
Good luck with your transition.
Best regards to you. S.
Cultural issues: I am a white Anglo-Saxon.
I guess you can\'t judge a book by its cover! I had a co-
Sleep with my now 5 year old son until he is almost 6 months old.
Instead of using in-bed co-
We used an arm to reach co-
Sleeper, basically a fence-sized \"crib\" with a shorter lip beside the bed, high in the bed, baby in its own place, near
Sleep while limiting risk factors.
As for the transition to his own room, we took a step-by-step approach.
When we decided to start moving him out of the room, we put the crib on the bed and put it in co-sleeper.
Over the next few months, we slowly moved it further and further away from the bed until it passed through the room.
The next step is to move the crib into the baby room, and while I did do this, I will still be in my child\'s room for comfort until he falls asleep.
Then, as I put him on the bed, I gradually started to stay away from his bed until I ended up not having to stay in the room at all.
It takes time and patience, but my son is very safe in his own room and if there is, I have no problem with him staying in the room.
Including the \"Night Mare\" common problems moving into the mother\'s bed.
I have a situation like this, maybe every 4-
For six months, he always goes back to his bed in an hour.
Hope this helps. AmberMrs.
Abedin, I believe it\'s a culture, I\'m African-American and All My Children sleep in bed with my husband and me at some point.
We never rolled over or crushed the two of their biggest sleep in their own bed and room, no problem. We transferred them in about a year. they were seven years old and four years old when Dad was away on business.
I think it depends on the parents, if you are a heavy sleeper or drinker etc, maybe the children will be safer in their own space and her presence knows, so there is no way to crush her, she will start moving to her bed.
The baby sleeps with their mother before we have a crib.
The baby died alone in the crib and did not say that the American Academy of Pediatrics was wrong because there were some parents who did not know about their baby.
Of course, all children want to sleep with their parents. My children are as independent as children who have never slept with their parents.
I\'m Asian and while I don\'t have children yet, my mom insists on not letting babies sleep in the same bed as their parents.
This creates a problem for children not to sleep all night because they will become too attached and when they grow up they will sleep alone.
My cousin had three girls and let the last one sleep with her husband and felt sorry for that.
As she gets older, it\'s hard for them to get her to sleep all night alone.
Although not every night, she is now 8 years old and finally sleeps in her own bed.
Of course, it\'s easier to feed babies in the middle of the night when they\'re around you, but when you sign up to be a parent-it\'s not about making things easier for you but best for your kids, it gives them their own space.
No one wants their children to be in common. dependent.
My husband and I like our baby sleeping between us until she gets too big for 7 months.
The transition to work for us is futon (or mattress)
On the floor of the baby room.
I can lie down with her until she really goes out and then slips away or stays.
Until one day she climbed out, the crib was eventually used to take a nap.
Luckily, The Futon is under it!
The Futon didn\'t start working until she had a real little girl bed ready.
That view may surprise all of you so far, but our son slept in his own crib on the first day he came home from the hospital-in his own room.
He was very happy and satisfied.
He slept well and we were still very close. . .
It\'s a good move for everyone, it doesn\'t affect his confidence, it doesn\'t affect our intimacy as a family.
He can also sleep anywhere when we travel, never picky.
Just another view of what works, because he\'s grown up now, married and in good health --
Even though he had his own room, there were even bottles after weeks of adjustment!
We think it is so important for our babies that it is often designed to meet our own dependency needs.
My 10 year old has been sleeping in a crib until 4 months old.
At that time, he was infected with the respiratory virus and
Sleeping became the norm.
Giving him a nebulizer treatment every 4 hours is easier for us, but also mentally easier for me.
I\'m sure he\'s more susceptible to SIDS, I can\'t hear harsh or breathing sounds through the monitor, and my body will be as far away from gremkid as it is now.
18 months later, he was firmly fixed on the bed at home.
I tried it a few times but it all failed-he didn\'t cry, he didn\'t have pity, he just didn\'t sleep.
Put him back on the bed with us, look! sleepy time. For all of us.
Then I noticed that during the long journey he would fall asleep in the car.
The length was just right, so I bought a sleeping mat for lunch, parked the carriage by the bed and moved him in.
In a few months, we moved the carriage (
How easy it is on wheels! )
From next to the bed, to the foot of the bed, to the door, to his room, to the side of his crib.
Finally, we took down his crib and bought a toddler bed.
When I asked him to pick his own sheets and quilts for the toddler, everything worked out and he started sleeping inside.
Six months later, my second son\'s crib was restored.
He slept in the cradle of our room for about 3 months until he was fully grown up.
This is mainly due to the fact that after all the work put the older person to bed, I didn\'t want his little brother to wake him up every few hours in their shared room.
However, he lives there once he moves into the crib. No co-
Sleep with him
So, I think you can say, I\'m two-way.
Both of my boys are good kids and have no obvious problems, so I guess in the long run neither way is right or wrong-just for kids and the situation at hand
I like it and 16-
The one-month-old daughter was lying in bed with us.
The problem now is that she slept soundly and my husband slept soundly but I didn\'t!
I was squeezed into a bed when they occupied the whole bed.
When she was young, we boasted that she had slept all night since 3 months, and as soon as I stopped breastfeeding, she walked from the cradle to the crib in her room, but about 14 she started crying in her crib at three o\'clock A. M. or 6.
If necessary, one of us will get up, change her and take her to bed.
If we put her back in the crib and leave the room she will cry and then no one will sleep so it seems easier to take her to bed with us.
Now, however, I am not sleeping well and I am worried about how and when we will get her out of bed.
We want another child, which is hard because of the lack of privacy at night.
I know someone said, put her in the room and let her cry out, but she can cry hysterically for 45 minutes and throw up as soon as she gets emotional.
It\'s hard to love, but it\'s crazy.
Sometimes children need comfort.
I am a single mother and I have my daughter sleeping in bed with me.
After she was born, I listened to all the magazines and put her in the cradle by my bed.
For my own peace of mind, after a month or so, I moved her to my bed.
She slept well from the beginning and I found myself jumping all night to check if she was breathing.
I make it easier for her to lie in bed where I can keep my mother\'s eyes (my hand)on her.
After about 6 to 9 months I tried to move her to her cradle again, but now she\'s too big and it\'s getting easier for me to have her in bed.
Once she was a year old, I bought her a toddler bed and moved her to her room.
She went without a problem.
She was very independent from the beginning and there was no problem with the transition.
I\'m married now. she\'s four years old.
She rarely asks to sleep in bed with me, and I usually refuse her requests, but I will lie in bed with her for a while to help her sleep.
I find this is not a problem for her, it is a problem for me.
I asked her to sleep with me, and I found comfort where she was close to me.
I have to find strength, find my independence, she is very good. Good luck!
Of course, it\'s a culture, but starting from the first day of his life it sounds crazy to have kids in a crib and room.
Are you talking about kids who died of slipping in their parents\' beds, kids who died alone in their beds?
I suspect the risk is much higher as the baby may get sick in the crib, but you may not notice it until it is too late.
From the point of view of health/safety, both sides have problems and deficiencies.
But it is important for children to grow up independently.
When the baby is in bed every night for several weeks/months in a row, this is unhealthy for Marra day.
I can\'t tell you how many husbands I met once the baby showed up and they felt ignored by the mom.
Marraiges works and pays attention to the time that is often in the evening considering our busy life.
You even become selfish because of this. . .
After all, your child will certainly not suffer from discomfort by moving to the crib, and it is clear that your husband wants it.
The problem is with you.
You can\'t let go.
God, if you\'re so excited about this kid sleeping in a crib, how can you get him/her to kindergarten, college or get married one day?
I agree with the parents in this article.
As long as the baby is not hurt, they should be able to sleep in bed with the baby.
Both parents are easier and babies usually sleep better.
But for those parents who say it\'s wrong: it\'s their own for everyone.
I have three children and each of them is a little different.
She won\'t sleep unless my eldest daughter is curled up next to my body.
Even if she is older and has a toddler bed, she will wait until we sleep and sneak into our bed.
We ended up compromising on the floor of the room with a cushion.
When she grew up wanting more of her own space, she began to sleep in her own room.
My middle boy is now three years old, he is a dedicated co sleeper in the first year or so, and then walks back and forth according to his mood.
He spent 3 out of 4 nights in his bed.
My youngest child is 10 months old and he doesn\'t care where he sleeps at all.
Unless he is not feeling well, we will keep him in the crib so that we can sleep on our own.
All three of them are well adjusted and independent.
They show no signs of insecurity in their daily lives.
I think it is as important to listen and show your children that you respect their needs and desires as it is to be firm and build boundaries.
All three of my children have very different personalities and do different things.
None of the so-called experts have seen my children, so I\'m not sure if they are qualified to tell me what is best.
I don\'t think it\'s natural to force sleeping separately.
If you think about it, a baby has been in your body for nine months and all his physical functions are regulated by you.
Studies have shown that breathing, heart rate and body temperature are regulated when the newborn touches the mother\'s skin.
I have also heard that children do not fully understand that they are not part of their mother until they are two or several years old.
It doesn\'t make sense for me to put them in another room unless they show they are ready.
I have to admit that there is a bias towards the expert\'s advice.
I think that when you talk about parenting products, \"expert\" is another name for someone who wants you to buy a product that you may not really need.
I have been working in a baby store for a few years and I think retailers shamelessly take advantage of people who are trying to do the best for their children.
People spend hundreds of dollars on the garbage, 90% of which are completely unnecessary. My 8-month-
From the day we took her home from the hospital, the old man began to sleep in a cradle by our bed.
I will take care of her as needed throughout the evening.
When she was four months old, she fell asleep in her crib in her room.
At that time, when she needed it, I would obviously walk into her room and feed her at night.
She slept very well and I couldn\'t have a better child. I did not co-
I feel very close to my daughter.
As a former social worker, I would suggest notsleeping.
Unfortunately, I have dealt with cases in which many parents turned over to the newborn and suffocated them.
In these cases, every parent is in good faith, but you never know what happens when you are asleep. Co-
Sleeping is not suitable for me because I don\'t want to take any risks with my precious children.
I\'m just curious if there\'s a direct correlation between baby/toddler
Then the sleeper who sleeps in the crib/his own bed.
I know a few moms who complain about this shift when they are ready to end the collaborationsleeping.
Logic says they wouldn\'t have these problems if they weren\'t fulltime co-sleepers.
I also disagree that the baby needs to be fed all night.
My son is a good example of a breast-fed baby who sleeps in his crib and sleeps all night at 5 weeks old.
He had no sleep or nap problems.
Each relationship is safe to varying degrees.
So, go and do what\'s useful to you and your spouse.
Ask why if your spouse disagrees.
Maybe you used to be the whole of him and it\'s not like \"fun\" to share you \". Good for you!
I allow my two daughters.
Sleep so that our whole family can sleep for a while in care.
It is difficult to transition from bed to crib.
You have to make the baby cry-
It\'s painful for the mother, but the baby will learn how to get her/herself to sleep, probably within a few weeks.
I used to have no problems with cooperation. sleeping.
I think, like many of you, that if my son is by my side, I can pay better attention to him.
Breastfeeding in the middle of the night is very convenient.
We tried to put him in the cradle by the bed, but he would realize that he was not in our bed and began to cry.
I will put him back on the bed with us.
You never thought it was you.
Unfortunately, about 7 weeks or so, my lovely little Eden went to the small island.
SIDS won\'t turn over while your baby is sleeping!
They don\'t know what the reason is, they just know how to lower your odds.
It\'s kind of like some kind of cancer.
We don\'t know what causes it, but we do know we don\'t like smoking, drinking, living near radiation, etc. . SIDS and co-
Sleep has been there since King Solomon\'s time.
I encourage the attention of all of you who love your parents.
I know it\'s convenient and you feel your child will be more grounded, but as a parent who has lost a child, I urge you to reconsidersleeping.
I will make a screaming baby wake up in the middle of the night at all costs, just because he is not used to sleeping himself yet. My daughter co-
She slept with me for 12 months.
12 months I started to put her in my crib in my room and at some point in the evening she would wake up and cry and I would move her back to my bed for a rest night.
About 16 months later we bought her a \"big girl bed\" which is a full size bed and explained to her that it was her bed and she is now
The first night I put her in bed, she slept all night! . . .
She\'s been sleeping like that since then.
She is almost 2 years old now and has to sleep at 9: 00 every night.
I really believe all the ways I attach to my parents: Breastfeeding, wearing a sling, with her
Sleep, not-
Vaccination makes her the person she wants to be, when she feels comfortable becoming the person. . . .
Start training potty now. . . oh, boy!
My daughter was very happy from our room and crib at 6 weeks.
It\'s really her decision.
She slept for the first time.
My son is the opposite. . . .
I think he\'s in his crib now, but he\'s been 5 months and we like to snuggle up all night.
There\'s nothing better than this.
He\'s very safe in my arms. . .
I will be more nervous when he is in the crib because he will roll around and hit his head.
He refused to sleep on his back.
We all slept better when he was hiding in my arms.
I have been worried about how to \"transition\" to the crib, but I think this will happen when the time is right.
We just bought a king bed.
I don\'t understand why people get so frustrated when every family and baby is unique and has unique needs.
We cannot impose our circumstances on another family. . .
It doesn\'t make sense, just to let people try something we don\'t naturally have. (
Breast milk and formula, work and accommodationAlso at home. . . .
Why are we so hard on each other? )
BrendaYes, I\'m stuck. sleeping trap.
I don\'t want my child to cry, and I can\'t make him cry.
I also breastfeed to make it easier for him to be there.
I slept very light.
I always put my arm around his head and he was hiding under my arm so I could feel him moving and if my husband moved I could push him away.
I even have a king bed so we can accommodate everyone.
After about 8 months I tried to put him in the crib and we did a good job and then he caught a cold and I took him back to bed and he slept with us, until he is about 10 years old now.
We always joke that he would be with us before he was 18.
I loved that he was with us and I couldn\'t explain that my first child and everything overprotected the whole spiel.
I have 2nd sons who have been in the crib since the day I brought him home.
He\'s also breastfed, but I feel it\'s safe to make him cry and check him out, I sleep very light and I can hear his every move.
He is 3 years old and occasionally comes in the middle of the night but I bring him back because it reminds me of the fact that I will kick here and there, my husband and we won\'t get a good night\'s sleep either.
You can try to buy a play pen type bed that extends your bed and start trying to separate.
It\'s really hard to separate! Good Luck! I loved co-
Sleep, I don\'t see any problem, if you can take all the kicks away in the middle of the night!
Don\'t worry about what people think or say.
Raise your child the way you want it.
My daughter slept with my husband for years.
She is 11 years old and sometimes wants to enter our room.
This does not mean that she is not independent, but that she sometimes wants to be close to us.
She slept in the room without any problem.
I wouldn\'t shut her out if she had a nightmare or wanted to lie down and watch a movie.
My husband and I both like her very much.
Enjoy it when you have an intimate relationship and one day they grow up and it\'s hard to get a hug because they don\'t want their friends to see it.
Sleep with your baby or not.
When you take your child home, it is natural to want to keep the child safe and warm.
Yes, it is a recognized standard in some cultures.
But this is the culture you live in. independence is an important part of this culture.
I would also like to say that this is what you want and your convenience.
If you want to keep an eye out, put your baby in a crib or cradle by your bed.
But really, you know, a baby doesn\'t know what\'s good for it.
You are a parent and you have learned good judgment and you need to use it.
It\'s not safe to have a baby stay in bed with you all night, like pillows and turn over, etc. . . .
In order for the baby to sleep with you, regular night feeding is also encouraged.
You need to monitor this again.
If broken by continuous night feeding, no one will get a good night\'s sleep.
A baby who knows that food is served on demand will never really be full for good feeding and long periods of quiet sleep, which everyone needs.
Although I read about some successful transitions here, I can assure you that most parents regret the day they took their children to bed.
This really becomes a problem when the child has difficulty sleeping alone.
Develop a child\'s sense of self and independence-keep the child in the room for a few months until you feel comfortable moving the child into your own room.
You will be a good parent. . .
If you don\'t forget, doting on children is the first step to ruin their confidence. .
Put their needs above your needs and you will find that you are really doing it for you.
A good compromise is to feed the baby at 6: 00 in the morning (
Three-hour feeding schedule)
In the last hour or so before you get up, put your baby on the bed.
In this way, everyone has more sleep at night, and everyone has a good warmth.
Sounds happy and healthy to me!
For Melissa in Los Angeles, if you don\'t have children, then I really don\'t think it\'s fair for you to judge.
Every child and parent is different.
My son and my husband are sleeping and have no problems at all. .
This is our choice. .
When I brought him home from the hospital
One month after his birth, he was prime minister for two months.
I don\'t have a hospital monitor to assure me that everything is OK, so it\'s much easier to have him with me and make me feel like he\'s safe.
My idea is that for those who complain that the child should not be in the same bed as the parent, \"you don\'t sleep with me, can you complain when you sleep?
Thanks for this article! I am a co-
I know I should have put her in bed but I can\'t!
I know everyone thinks we\'re crazy, but I sleep better and she does.
I slept very light and I would be worried all night if she was in another room.
We are like everyone else.
Sleep because of breastfeeding, but I like to hug her and watch her sleep.
As far as SIDS is concerned, I feel that they are more vulnerable in their crib, just a few days ago I read that a 1 year old has a cold, seizures in the middle of the night, death.
I know this is a rare case, but what if those parents are sleeping all the time?
They may also bring their baby boy!
I\'m not saying that my way is correct, but I want a child for a long time, we are with my lovely little girl after a miscarriage and I want her to be with me all the time!
One day we will transform, but now I\'m not ready for her to grow more than she has.
Our first child slept with us from the beginning.
About 1/2 months later, we sent her to her own room with a crib inside.
She cried and cried the first night, but finally fell asleep.
After that, we shook her to sleep and put her in the crib.
She woke up a few times a night and I went in and fed her and put her down.
On the night she is in particular need of help, I will take her to my bed or sofa.
Now she often runs into our room in the middle of the night and sleeps well with us.
We have eight months now.
He starts at night in the cradle by our bed and ends at night in our bed.
Sometimes the four of us are crowded together, so I usually sit on the sofa with the children (or the hide-a-bed)
Or my husband will.
Many of my friends criticized me for sleeping with my children, but I found it comfortable to sleep with them and they loved it.
Also, my husband works four nights a week, so I also feel relieved to have both of them see and hear them at night.
It\'s definitely not that quiet when I put them in my own bed, but if I really want them to sleep alone, I\'ll make sure it happens. I co-
Slept with six of my seven children. (
With the first one, I believe in magazines and opinions that say it\'s dangerous.
Only in extreme despair did I sleep with my second bed so I could sleep a little while feeding at night, when I realized there was no risk at all and convenience was unbeatable)
My husband is always more eager to get the baby up than I am --
I like to have them snuggle up in their sleep quietly, and every time I wake up I know they are all fine.
They never woke up completely and cried for feeding, all they had to do was start twisting and stirring and we would turn around and open the latch and the two fell asleep again soon.
For us, most babies do not get up until they are weaned.
When they are ready to spend the whole evening without feeding, I think they are big enough to sleep on their own.
For some of them, this didn\'t happen until the second year.
For some of them, about a month before the arrival of the new siblings, I started putting them in my own bed.
Seven people are healthy and alive. no roll-overs here)
Well adjusted.
I have 5 kids including a 7 month old.
Every child is different.
Some people have slept in their own bed since day one, and my second son slept with us until one month before his siter arrived.
Now, the baby sleeps with us.
He was born with breathing problems and spent several weeks in the NICU.
Since I work outside, I snuggle up most of the time after other kids go to bed, or after we get up in the morning.
There\'s no better feeling in the world than reaching out a little hand to make sure you\'re there in the middle of the night.
On the other hand, the baby is big enough now and dad\'s little toe is next to it.
We will move to the crib soon.
There is a difference between suffocation and real SIDS.
The risk of suffocation is greatly increased by poor common sleep habits-allowing the baby to sleep alone in the adult bed, allowing the baby to sleep without restraint in the adult bed, smoking, being significantly overweight, or drinking/taking drugs (
Including OTC sleep).
All of this is similar to the risk of placing babies on their stomachs with plush animals, fluffy blankets, etc.
However, the real * sid * rate was significantly lower compared to common sleep.
The current theory is that some babies are underdeveloped nervous systems, which means they sleep too hard to breathe at all.
Sleep research shows that sleeping mothers automatically reduce the breathing frequency of babies and move around during sleep to wake up babies.
The right way to sleep is to hold your own child with the body so that it is not possible to roll over the belly or be pushed off the bed, let alone it is rolled over.
Putting the baby in the crib is an easier way to keep the baby safe, but sleeping properly is still safer.
@ Terri, just because I don\'t have children yet does not mean that I can\'t have any opinions about my future children and how I will raise them.
I have family and friends who have done it, and those who let their children lie in bed regret it.
They were unable to successfully transfer the child to their own bed.
I slept in my crib from day one and it turned out to be good.
It looks like Irene and Joyce are the few people who understand that it is best for that child to let the child sleep on his own.
A new generation of helicopter-style parenting is frightening.
No wonder the children are shooting at each other at school now.
Without Mom and Dad holding their hands, they don\'t know how to deal with each step.
Late one night, I was called to the emergency room of our rural hospital.
Upon arrival I was stopped by the face of an emergency room nurse who looked at me in despair and just shook her head.
As I turned around, I saw three images that would never leave my head.
First of all, a young mother knelt on the ground and screamed over and over again, \"I killed my child, I killed my child!
\"Second, a young father opens his arms with a dead baby, full of fear and confusion as to why his child cannot be resurrected.
The third is the baby himself, a cold, wax doll --
Like the body, limp forever.
If you try to convince me
Sleeping is safe, I challenge you into my memory, take these three pictures from me, maybe replace them in your own mind, like yourself, your spouse and
If you can do that, I will no longer tell people the real danger of working together
Sleep with baby
I say to you, if you try to convince yourself that it\'s not just your own selfish convenience, is your baby\'s life worth taking risks?
I\'m 31 years old, smart and successful.
Sleep with your parents
I am lucky because my parents are not selfish or nervous and they love me enough to keep me close when I need it.
Now, I sleep well alone, thank you very much.
I have been living alone for a while and have a college degree and am completing a second degree.
As you can see, I\'m still alive and not crushed to death (
This is really ridiculous advice).
As most smart people know, baby
Sleep has nothing to do with SIDS.
Babies die alone in their cribs far more often than they do in their parents\' beds.
Do something that feels right for you and your child.
Most people who oppose cooperation
People who sleep or think unnatural do not come from intimate loving homes, where gentle parents play a role in their growth.
Their relationship with parents and others as adults shows their growth.
If I had a baby one day, I would definitely
Sleep with other aspects of gentle parenting.
I feel sorry for those who are so against it, sorry for them and any children they bring to this world, and then stretch out their arms.
Children who \"shoot each other at school now\" are those who don\'t have love and support.
It\'s a pity that people are trying to oppose loving your child in hysterical language.
I am the mother of four children.
This is different for each child, from day one is happy in the crib and the other prefer to sleep in bed with the parents, in.
But in all cases, from day one, after they slept in bed with me, I transferred them to their own crib (I nursed all 4).
It helps me to fall asleep so I can stay alert and care for others, no.
Mom is under a lot of pressure and they all look happy.
Besides, I believe parents are the center of the family.
It\'s important that children surround their parents, but the core is mom and dad.
Mom and Dad must have a healthy relationship and if your husband is ready to let the baby go, it could be a good time for you, him and the baby.
I found that after he/she fell asleep, the work of the baby had just been transferred and developed without pain to be able to fall asleep alone.
Also, if the baby is having trouble with the transition, it may not be the baby, but the mother letting the baby know that she is nervous.
So trust your intuition.
You seem to be ready and we all know your husband is ready.
Just believe what you\'re doing is right and make sure you\'re on the same page as dad.
If the parents are happy, the children are happy.
Regardless of your cultural background, regardless of income, whether mom is working or staying at home, this is true.
Happy and confident parents will make the baby happy.
Everything else is secondary.
I slept with my first child and everything was fine and yes, I like it so easy to breastfeed her at night because I am a single parent.
When I came for the second time, his father didn\'t like the idea of cohabiting and this time he wasn\'t single.
It\'s dangerous to say.
I tried to argue with him that I would be careful and there would be no problems.
I also found out that because my youngest child was not mature when he was with us, he slept better.
On the other hand, when we moved in with my husband, my oldest child stopped sleeping with me. . . she was four.
I think it\'s a personal choice, just like breastfeeding.
But for me it seems natural to have my child with me, if not because my husband said no when the child was born two years ago, there might still be two.
I remember the days when I had no children.
Like Melissa, I have a fixed view of the child as well.
Criticize anyone who disagrees with the \"I\" view. Guess what?
After five kids I realized I didn\'t have any \"settings\"in-
The theory of stone, just children, they are all individuals with different personalities and different needs.
Two sleep in the crib and three sleep in our place.
A man who slept in his crib had night fright and nightmares, from 3 to 5 years old, who slept in a sleeping bag on our floor.
The other crib sleeper is good and can sleep anywhere and never has a problem.
It seems to me that the children who sleep with us seem to adapt better.
We had no problem transferring them to our room when their time was different.
Let them sleep with us for a while and I don\'t regret it at all.
They are in their 20 s now.
As I grow older, I review and cherish the memories of the sweet faces they sleep on my side and marvel at their success.
I feel guilty for a child now (my first)
Who should probably sleep with us, but in the crib, who I allow to cry and sleep screaming on my mother and mother --in-
Advice and adherence to the law.
Every instinct I said would pick her up, hold her and love her, but I was told that I would spoil her.
She is a child of mine in the Army and will be on a second deployment soon.
Melissa may need to do more research on the history of children in school shootings.
I take the liberty of guessing that they don\'t have a close relationship with their parents, they are left on their own for quite a bit of time, television and video games are not monitored or filtered, they have guns, they are bullied and they need help and attention urgently.
In any case, \"helicopter\" parenting sounds like a serious insult to parents who care about their children.
I don\'t believe this cooperation.
Sleeping or attachment to parents can lead to school shootings.
I support the common rights of every parent.
Sleep with their children or coax them to sleep.
Melissa does look good-kind, kind, nourishing and loving.
One day she will be a wonderful mother-in the distant future.
Of course I want all the parents who are worried about \"common death\"
Never put your baby in the car.
Do you know how many children are killed and seriously injured in car accidents every year?
Even those who sit in the car seat?
Of course I don\'t want my kids to be exposed to the dangers of cars!
I think the parents who let the children take the car just put their selfish desires above the child\'s absolute safety.
After all, parents can easily walk anywhere they need to, which is much safer.
Seriously guys-it\'s impossible to reach 100% security in this world.
Be sensible, don\'t sleep with your child if you\'re drunk or taking drugs.
In addition, do not sweat for small things and \"common death\"sleeping\" (
Has this really happened? Maybe once? )
It should not be a major concern.
Worry more about the contaminated air your child is breathing and the toxins in your food. If you like to cooperate
If not, go to bed.
Just don\'t argue about it as a moral issue. Case closed.
My husband and I are colleagues.
Not because of culture, but because it\'s easier. I had a c-
It is very difficult to get on and off. So, co-
The answer is sleep.
My son feeds about every two hours so we don\'t have to get up in the middle of the night to have children or buy bottles. The co-
Sleeping became less frequent at 6 months because he developed respiratory syndrome and did not breastfeed at all.
After I was discharged from the hospital, I found him sleeping in the car seat (
No belt, tilt back as much as possible)
In the crib, make his breathing easier and make his breathing therapy easier.
After he recovered, I asked him to sleep in bed with us and then moved him to the crib while he was sleeping.
At the age of 1, his crib was moved into another room.
At the age of 3, he got a bed.
Mattresses and springs on the floor).
At 4, I lay down with him until he fell asleep.
Most nights he still hovers in our bedroom at different times before dawn.
But it\'s okay with us.
I\'m going to get him to sleep soon.
But not in a hurry.
We let him set the rhythm.
I have heard, \"Do it yourself!
\"So it won\'t be too long!
I have two boys, four and six years old now.
Both of them slept with me.
Sometimes I sleep on the couch, not on our bed. .
But seriously, I just did everything for us.
Before his brother was born, my eldest son kept insisting on sleeping with us.
But the transition is easy. . .
We moved to a completely different town and were forced to stay at the hotel for a few weeks.
In the hotel he had his own bed and the policy went on as soon as we got the new house.
I kinda forced my youngest child to transition and I kinda regretted it until he was fully ready.
But I am ready, even though the shift is harder. . (
For several different reasons)
We have no problem with it.
Now they are very happy in their own bed, and even if they have nightmares, they rarely come to our bed.
No one can make the bed comfortable anymore. .
They always want to go back to their own world. You know. . .
Do things that are useful to you and your family.
I don\'t have children so I can\'t comment on most of the content of this article.
I just want to comment on the negative response you get from your heart
The law and others who firmly oppose cooperationsleeping.
For some reason, many people think this is open.
About the season of parents and their parenting style, this is o. k.
Publicly criticize any decision made by parents that does not agree.
This behavior is very rude but common.
I suggest that you let their criticism roll off your back and transition to another topic by saying \"you show so much attention to our family.
Can you hand me the peach?
My, it\'s delicious!
\"On the other hand, cooperation often arises
Sleeping parents complain about the many inconveniences caused by this arrangement.
Complaints about family life are also impolite.
Unless you talk privately to a trusted friend who wants to hear your complaints)
But more importantly, when you complain about the inconvenience of cooperation
Sleeping you open the issue and it seems that someone else\'s comments, including criticism, have been invited. So don\'t do it.
Keep your private life (
The sleeping arrangements should be private, shouldn\'t they? )
It is unlikely that others will invest their two cents.
I work in a public health agency and in the Iserve area 6 babies died this year from sleep-related incidents.
Six people could have been prevented from dying.
Parents should always follow the ABC of safe sleep:.
Babies should sleep alone and not sleep with adults, other children, pillows, blankets or stuffed animals. B.
The baby should be placed on the back, not on the belly or side. C.
The baby should sleep in the crib.
The crib should be safe with a sturdy mattress.
Yes, everything we do is risky.
However, in order to reduce the risk of injury, parents put babies and children in car seats.
Parents use Socket plugs to prevent electric shock from their children.
We do these things out of love.
If something happens to my child I \'d rather know that as a parent I \'ve done everything I can to protect them than regret knowing that I know the risks, but in any case, I still took a chance in their lives.
You\'re right, colleague.
Sleeping is a controversial issue in the United States.
When doing it responsibly, it\'s a great way to connect with your child, but unfortunately I see a title once in a while, someone doesn\'t, and the end result is
I come from a family with 10 children between my sister and I, they all sleep in their parents\' beds.
It\'s not something we discussed, it just looks natural.
All children receive breastfeeding, which may increase the convenience of breastfeeding.
When my daughter was a baby, I never had any problems.
She didn\'t sleep with us until she was almost two years old.
After a while my husband and I slowly moved her to her new room and new bed.
I admit I\'m nervous it will be a tough task, but it turns out to be easier than I expected.
I am sure that much of this has to do with your child and how they understand this new sleep arrangement.
I\'m currently a colleague.
Sleep with my son.
When he was a newborn, we bought one.
The sleepers attached to your bed.
But in the end, he became very big.
Now he\'s just sleeping with us. it\'s okay.
I am not in a hurry to take him away.
When pillows are small, one suggestion about pillow issues is to actually put them under the proper sheets so they have no way to steal or steal under it.
All in all, this is a personal decision that must be handled with common sense.
My 2 year old has been sleeping with me since the day he was born.
I didn\'t let him sleep with me for one night.
I made him breakfast for 21 months.
One night he played in his crib and wanted to sleep.
I can\'t sleep next to him in two hours.
I brought him back to my bed.
My husband slept in the mystery room.
I have a 6 year old daughter who I have been sleeping with before my son was born (
When she is about 4 years old, on the weekend, I still let her come to my bed if she wakes up early in the morning).
My daughter is a grade 1st student and is number one in the class and also indenpent.
I don\'t believe what\'s said outside.
When we grew up, all my brothers and sisters slept with their parents or grandmothers.
We are all safe now.
I will continue to sleep with my son.
We all like this very much.
Sleep soundly.
My husband doesn\'t mind.
For the best interests of our son. He needs Mommy.
I will love it as long as it lasts.
My girlfriend was very sad. one day, when her son was about 7 years old, she told her, \"Mom, I\'m a big boy now. can you go out ? \" I need to close the door when I take a shower.
\"She felt she was out of work and after two years of hard work she no longer needed it.
She cried when she told me the story.
All parents enjoy every minute they spend with their children.
They grow very fast. I am a full-
Mom\'s working hours
Sometimes, I feel very tired after sleeping all night.
But it\'s part of being a parent and we enjoy it.
As a common child
I can assure you (and Melissa)
Helicopter parenting has nothing to do with co-sleeping.
The other thing is that the risk of SIDS is common.
Sleep Country (
My family is white so it\'s not culture for us).
My brothers and I
I slept with our parents and survived. I was very independent and down-to-earth.
Our parents let us make mistakes and never \"helicopter \".
\"Helicopter parents are around because parents are afraid to let their children fail or do not teach their children responsibility.
I don\'t want to be with you.
Sleep with my son because I will be happier when I sleep, but after waking up every 45 minutes to let him sleep for 3 months, I tried everything provided in the book
Swing, pacifier, vibration chair, wake him up. . . )I tried co-
Sleep without pillows, blankets and tight sheets.
We were dressed warm and the air conditioning was on all night to keep the baby cool enough.
Our son 3-
4 hours the first night and have been with us since then.
I found that I slept better and woke up in the same position as I fell asleep so turning over was not a problem.
People have an inherent understanding of where they are in bed (
How often do you fall even on the edge? )
Mothers know especially where the baby is, so if you\'re awake, not overly tired, lying in a safe bed, there\'s little risk of turning over.
I like to keep him close and know he feels safe.
It helps us keep breastfeeding (
10 months)
Anyone who says night tours are harmful doesn\'t know about successful breastfeeding!
If I put him there, he will sleep in his crib now, but I choose not to sleep because he wakes up often, but will wake up completely and cry instead of turning over, eating and drifting again.
The same is true of my nephew. both children are very independent and happy.
My other nephew is a crib sleeper and is as independent and happy as our colleaguessleepers.
I don\'t know why people judge others and do what works for you as long as they are safe for babies!
Everyone has different stories and needs.
I\'m not a parent yet-
I waited until I graduated from college so I really had time to be with them!
But I\'m a little annoyed with some of these comments!
I know the doctor has done research and found out what should be a better way of doing things, but it is still a parent\'s own choice for how to raise a child. Co-Sleep or not
It\'s their choice and I don\'t think anyone has the right to say it\'s wrong or to feel ugly about it.
Yes, the incident happened.
But anyway, even if you follow everything that all doctors and experts tell you
Things will still go wrong.
Let parents decide what to do for their children
People need to stop judging like this.
Instead, focus on showing your child how adults should accept others!
My two daughters.
Sleep with kids
They are great kids.
The only problem they had was the size of the bed.
We are your basic white American dog with a little bit of Native American ancestry.
Both daughters have chosen.
Because they\'re sleeping.
Because it looks natural.
For Karen and Jen, are you telling me because in my generation and past, when mothers are not sleeping with their children, we are not close to our family?
Are we shooting other kids outside?
I can tell you that I have a close relationship with my family and I\'m sure if you look at history, the kids didn\'t have these shooting spree in junior and high schools until the last 10 years as more mothers joined the workforce, parenting really started to change, from what I read here-together
Sleep with a baby
See what kind of helicopter parent Karen is because it sounds like you might be one of them.
I know I will be a great parent because I learn from the best-my mom!
Just because most of you sleep with your children and don\'t suffocate them doesn\'t mean it didn\'t happen.
Are you saying that if a person falls from a 16-story building, is it OK to jump out of a 16-story building?
That\'s the logic you\'re using.
Mimi Wiz\'s post should be a wake-up call, something worse than a child who doesn\'t sleep in his own bed or sleep through the night-can and does happen.
Sleeping with children-what is the effect of this on the initial partnership between husband and wife?
In particular, her husband slept in the BB88 in the guest room.
Without the child next to her and not her husband, she can\'t sleep, does anyone feel sad?
How can there be any relationship if a child is in bed (
This also includes the emotional bond between husband and wife)?
Don\'t think for a minute, as a colleague
Wrong sleeper.
My daughter is now 19 months old and has been living in her own room for the last two months. As a first-
Time mom, I am very worried about all the risks associated with death and children.
She slept in our bed until four months old.
After that, move to the cradle with a crib in the back-and a very worried mom.
I remember waking up regularly all night to check her out.
Being so close to your child is not a bad thing-in the end they will feel more connected with you and you will benefit from it.
Who can run if the child is not a parent?
If someone objects to your point, tell them: \"This is my child and the way I am a parent.
If I feel comfortable doing this, it\'s none of your business to push your opinion.
If you still have a problem, here is someone who cares about listening. \"Good luck ?
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