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Organic Mattress Pads for Babies

by:Aoqi     2020-03-24
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Buying an organic mattress for your baby is a smart move any parent will do.
We know that we cannot protect them from every danger, but it is important to minimize their exposure to toxic chemicals.
New research shows that many of the items that we believe are harmless actually pose a danger to our health.
These toxic chemicals are likely to be banned in the future, just like lead paint.
If we recognize these toxic chemicals now, we can make our lives and the lives of our children healthier today.
These chemicals are dangerous because they are released from the product.
Once they are in the air, you and your family can breathe them.
This process is called out-gassing or off-gassing.
If you ever smell a new car, it\'s the chemicals found in ethylene and other parts.
Unfortunately, the same thing happened with the crib mattress, which consists of foam and vinyl material.
Unlike the smell of a new car, you may not notice this.
But it\'s still there.
Scientists have discovered this in laboratory tests.
They haven\'t analyzed how these chemicals will affect health yet, but there seems to be some connection.
Adults with cars
These chemicals are most likely to lead to immune disorders and other serious diseases.
Our children and our children
Their immune system is not fully developed yet.
Organic mattresses help protect them from chemicals.
While many of the materials used to make traditional crib mattresses may be toxic, there are also safe alternatives.
One thing you want to avoid is vinyl.
Vinyl is traditionally used because it provides a waterproof surface.
It is good to have a waterproof surface because the baby will spit out, wet the bed and put other liquid on the mattress.
Since this can cause mold or bacterial growth, having a waterproof surface is good for your baby\'s health.
But vinyl is not the best option.
It contains plasticizer such as phthlates, which gives the vinyl a soft feel.
But neighboring benzene Ester is a known carcinogenic substance, and the American Academy of Pediatrics says they may face higher risks because children do not have a fully developed immune system.
Certain types of neighboring benzene Ester have been banned in children\'s products including mattresses, but other products are still legal and are in use.
Manufacturers who want to replace vinyl have looked into a variety of green materials to do the job.
Bamboo and damask are the two most popular.
All in all, these are very eco-friendly.
Friendly materials are good for many things.
But they\'re not natural water. proof.
It is important for the crib to have a waterproof organic mattress pad.
If it\'s water.
It turns out that they may have been treated with harsh chemicals.
So, the green mattress is not always the best option.
Another thing to note is polyurethane foam filling.
This is what is used to fill most mattresses.
Unfortunately, this is a highly flammable material.
It must be treated with flame retardant to meet federal requirements.
This can prevent the mattress from catching fire, but it will not make the mattress safe.
These flame retardant are chemicals that cause serious health problems in animal research.
While there is not enough research to ban these chemicals, few parents want to risk exposing their children to them while they sleep.
You might think soy or plant foam is a better option.
In most cases, the foam is still polyurethane with soybean oil.
So be careful which organic mattress you buy.
Another thing you want to see is natural latex, coconut or coconut shell.
Although natural latex comes from trees, it is usually processed in factories treated with various chemicals such as ammonia.
This is also a problem because of allergies.
Therefore, latex is prohibited in some schools and hospitals.
Mattresses that use coconut shells usually also contain natural latex.
So if you are allergic to latex, you will also want to avoid this material.
Wool is another allergen.
Your pediatrician may remind you not to eat wool because wool is the most common form of allergens.
Even if an allergy is not a problem, it is often filled with chemicals you are trying to avoid during processing.
When you want to buy organic mattresses for baby cots and toddler bedding, there are so many things to note that you may want to know if there is anything on the market that can meet your needs
Fortunately, there are a few products that do have what you want.
Looking for a product that uses foodgrade and non-
Toxic waterproof.
It should be tested and certified by an independent agency.
Many parents prefer to buy products made in the United States, where production guidelines are stricter than in many countries.
Some of the companies you might want to consider are American baby company Naturepedic and Snoozy.
While these brands are not the only ones that produce organic mattresses for babies, they are also one of the most popular brands.
Depending on where you live, you may be able to find these items locally, especially if you have a healthy baby store --
Consciousness and ecology
Friendly products.
In general, you will find the best option and the best price from online retailers such as Amazon.
Consider shipping costs in the total price or look for places to offer free shipping.
You can also verify the carrying location of these items directly with the retailer.
We do not yet know the level of danger caused by the chemicals you are in contact with your child.
However, since the baby has been sleeping in the crib for a long time, many parents prefer to be cautious and buy organic mattresses for the baby.
Knowing what to avoid and what to look for will help you make the best informed choices for your child.
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