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Organic Crib Mattresses: Six Reasons To Buy Organic

by:Aoqi     2020-04-08
It takes so much care and attention to prepare a new baby, and it is natural that you want to provide the best.
A decision facing new parents is whether to choose a traditional crib or an organic crib mattress.
The organic crib mattress works just as well as the traditional one, but there is no extra benefit of chemicals.
Here are six notes to help you make your purchase decision: 1.
By buying organic products like baby crib mattresses, you can influence the market with your money.
The more people buy organic products, the more products they may provide in the future.
Because organically grown cotton reduces the use of field pesticides, your purchase helps the environment. 2.
Switching from a traditional crib mattress to an organic crib mattress may not be just an eco-mattressfriendly move.
This may be a security issue.
Many traditional crib mattresses contain a lot of materials with questionable results.
Experts began to look at everything from polyurethane foam to chemical flame retardant to see how they might have an impact on the growth of infants. 3.
Some experts say the natural ingredients of the organic crib mattress allow the air to flow freely on the mattress.
Better air circulation can help your baby breathe better.
In addition, some studies have shown that organic cotton may lead to a decrease in the incidence of allergic reactions. 4.
Due to recent interest in organic baby products, be careful about any abuse of the word \"organic\" in the market.
You want to make sure you are certified organic mattress.
You can also call the Organic Consumers Association to get a list of approved organic retailers. 5.
If you buy an organic crib mattress online, you will need to read fine print and check the list of components.
The mattress may say it is organic, but polyurethane is listed in the Assembly, for example, it cannot be 100% organic. 6.
The organic crib mattress is more expensive than the traditional crib mattress.
But given that a new baby is sleeping 70% of the time, it may be worth a little extra to buy an organic crib mattress.
When you put your child on something you know that does not contain chemicals, you may find it easier for you to rest yourself.
Babies have been sleeping on traditional mattresses for a long time, so don\'t be too wary of statements or warnings you might read online when studying organic baby products.
That is to say, today we have so many chemicals in the world that it may make sense to study your options before making this important purchase.
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