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Organic Crib Mattresses For A Safer Baby

by:Aoqi     2020-04-01
Our first child, we just grabbed any old crib mattress and continued our happy path.
It turned out that she was a terrible, very bad sleeper.
While the mattress may not have anything to do with her horrible sleeping habits, we made sure that during the second sleep we looked into better mattress and furniture options ---
Not just because we want to shut it up.
Eyes, but also due to the laundry list of chemicals and other products used in the crib mattress.
To be honest, we are surrounded by chemicals every day, and the budget is definitely a problem when many parents try to green their nursery.
But considering your baby\'s sleeping
Or cross your fingers and hope to fall asleep)
At least 10-
14 hours a day on the mattress, it is better to give up the premium bedding and super duper change, as this may affect their sleep patterns and overall health.
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