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my babee tenda crib set review

by:Aoqi     2020-04-16
More than fourteen years ago, I was invited to a day\'s workshop at a hotel in New Jersey.
This workshop will be a sales presentation on baby products, some baby crib package deals.
Babee Tenda must have obtained information about me through the hospital registration system because it is only for prospective parents.
I still have a few weeks left to have my first child and it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive.
I really don\'t expect to sit down on this trip, but my husband is obviously more enthusiastic than I am.
You know, everything works as the first \"dad.
Babee Tenda SeminarWe attended the Babee Tenda workshop and participated in the eternity of \"getting to know us and our product sales traps\", although the meeting was very interesting in general.
We sat down.
My baby and I, of course)
Lengthy demo of how Babee Tenda products work.
It was nice to see this and by then I believe I have won to see the look of the Babee Tenda product and how it works together.
We had seen the crib before, and even had a crib we saw in the store, but the company sold something different than what I had seen before, trust me, I \'ve seen a lot of people buying the crib.
The only reason we didn\'t get one at the time was because we had to move from New York to New Jersey a few weeks before my due date, so we decided to wait until we arrived in New Jersey to start buying baby furniture.
At the end of the workshop, it was time to make a decision.
After looking closely at the products shown, we took the safety of the baby as a high priority and walked away with the crib bag.
These products are a bit expensive, about thousands of dollars ($1000 plus).
We signed up for the entire package including baby crib, high table/chair, bathtub and swing.
I will tell you, though, that it is all worth it.
The history of Babee tendabee Tenda began in 1937 with a group of Safety Engineers who are concerned about the safety of babies who have accidents each year due to poorly designed baby cots and high chairs.
S. Consumer Product Safety board fact sheet states that at least 7000 children receive hospital and emergency treatment each year for falls caused by baby cots and high chairs.
The engineers began to make a baby set of furniture, including baby cots and high-grade furniture.
Chair and other baby accessories.
More than 10,000,000 Babee Tenda products are produced.
Babee baby furniture is designed for the safety of the baby.
There has never been a recall and no accident has been reported by anyone who has used this product.
Babee Tenda baby crib and safety baby EE Tenda baby crib are my favorite.
That\'s exactly what I need.
It was designed to grow up with your baby.
So, you have settings for the baby stage and you can change the settings to suit your youth as your child grows.
Your package contains instructions on how to get from baby crib to youth bed.
Babee Tenda crib can still be used as a sofa bed when your child has exceeded both settings.
Babee Tenda baby crib comes with a door for easy access to the baby crib.
Opening a door to get my kids in and out of the crib was a breeze.
You see, all three of my kids are through C-
So the Babee Tenda crib is perfect for my situation.
I don\'t have to bend over on the bed bar or risk an injury.
I especially like to climb around my kids and let them rock and sleep.
Also, getting my kids in and out of the crib is a breeze.
The Babee Tenda crib also has a safety lock that can only be opened by adults or older children (
From anywhere 7 years ago)
So when my kids grow up, I don\'t have to worry about them climbing out of the crib or falling off the baby bed.
I could open the door in the evening and have my then toddler go out, use their potty easily and get back to the crib right away.
So simple!
Getting Babee Tenda crib is definitely the best investment and the right choice for my family.
The Babee Tenda safe feeding table and the high chair Babee Tenda safe feeding table also doubles as the high chair is very strong and safe.
For newborns, the seat can be adjusted to the reclining position, and for older children there are at least 12 other adjustments, so a 4 year old can use it as easily as a newborn.
There is no weight limit on the table.
My two children were \"climbers\" who played all the tricks on this table but did not fall down at one time.
By the way, we kept the table.
There are two feeding stations.
One has a cut to sit the baby down and use it as a high chair.
When your baby grows up the second top is square with no cut
It can be used to convert the high chair into an ordinary toddler table.
A big feature of the second top is that it\'s two-sided.
The white side when your baby eats.
Easy to clean.
One side of the blackboard is perfect for coloring and doodling children.
It serves all my toddlers.
By the way, the legs of the table can be adjusted to different heights, so it will grow up with your child. See it here.
I only use Babee Tenda bath accessories and SwingThe bath accessories and swings for my first child.
I\'m just making it easier to keep the rocking chair, which can also be used as a high foot chair/cushion on the high chair.
I don\'t want to continue the transition from chair to swing.
So we didn\'t use the swing.
Unfortunately, we had to sell the crib early this year.
It was a difficult decision.
It\'s like breaking up with a family member, and I know it sounds weird, but it feels like we\'re losing something that\'s an integral part of my child\'s growth.
I bought it in the eBay category.
Set the price so high that I don\'t have to sell it.
A buyer called outside the state and refused them.
I find that I like it more than my children.
But we needed space, so I ended up having to let go. sobs).
You can believe that the sales strategy of this company is; Safety -
Every parent\'s concern, new or old, is to make sure that the baby furniture you invest in is the safest for your precious baby.
This company has these hands. down.
They answered all the questions and addressed all the concerns of the parents attending this workshop.
After using it for three children, I believe it may be the safest crib bag. Durability -
This was reiterated again and again, and in the past the customer\'s brochure provided proof of how durable this crib bag was.
I didn\'t quite believe it at the time, I don\'t need to buy another crib for the next few years.
It has been claimed that in 12 years, a crib of the brand was used for babies born in 5 families and then passed on to older children.
Well, it\'s credible that the baby crib has been in use for three children for more than 14 years now.
This company has good products for many years.
It is amazing that this product still exists.
I recently decided to search because I wanted to see if I could get some missing parts to the table.
I found their website but they don\'t have an online order page.
It turns out that the missing part I want, there are some extra parts in the original package.
It was buried in the \"other\" treasures lost in my attic.
What do you know!
It really pays off to make a bag of mice.
Babee Tenda crib is one of the best investments we have made.
Sometimes I wish we had a crib and maybe we could pass it on to our first grandson. Really!
For this good product, it may take about 10 years from now.
As for the table, I guess when it\'s over-used, it\'s likely to just keep it.
Maybe one day, these parts will be of great use (Did I hear the bag? rat? )
To learn more about this company and its products, please click on the link below.
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