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Is it Safe to Reuse a Crib Mattress?

by:Aoqi     2020-03-22
There is no doubt: it is expensive to have children.
After purchasing necessities such as strollers, cribs, clothes, feeding supplies, diapers, etc. , the wallet can be emptied quickly.
It\'s natural to start looking for ways to save items your baby needs, and one way is to buy used items.
While some used items are good news for your wallet and the new treasure, there are also some safety concerns to consider;
This is especially true when it comes to used crib mattresses.
When you buy an used crib mattress, you can\'t be 100% sure what kind of care or abuse it has experienced during use.
Babies may be particularly dirty due to diaper leaks or milk spills;
All of these things can be collected on the crib mattress, which can cause moisture and mold growth if not cleaned properly.
In addition, if the crib mattress is not placed in a cool and dry place, the moisture will penetrate into the mattress and breed bacteria and fungi.
If you have a crib mattress in your home for older children and you know it is well taken care of and stored properly, then it may not pose any risk to your child.
The standard crib mattress has a minimum of 27 1/4 by 51 5/8 and a height of not more than 6 inch, but not all cribs are manufactured in accordance with these exact specifications and bad specifications
Installing a crib mattress can pose a significant risk to health.
According to Consumer Reports. org, a proper-
The crib mattress should not have enough space between the mattress and the crib side to comfortably fit two fingers.
The crib mattress should be firm to properly support your baby and reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
The used crib mattress may lose some hardness and there will be dents and bumps due to improper use or storage.
In addition, the condition of the mattress is crucial.
Do not use mattresses with tears, exposed springs or fillers, and do not use mattresses that smell musty or damp.
SIDS RiskIn\'s November 2002 British Journal of Medicine, Scottish researchers published a study that provides pre-use
SIDS has a crib mattress and baby death.
The study found that babies were three times more likely to die from SIDS when using used crib mattresses.
Although the exact reason for this study is not foundand-
Using the effect relationship between the old mattress and sid, it does find enough evidence to show attention when accepting the old mattress from someone else\'s home.
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