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inside north korea’s bizarre disney-style water park where tourists must be accompanied at all times… even while they’re getting changed

by:Aoqi     2020-06-08
KIM Jong-
The United Nations has built the water park, but only North Korean elites can visit it because of the high entrance fees.
Israeli tourist shalalev took the photos in Pyongyang.
He described how officials closely monitored foreigners during the visit, even in the dressing room. The 32-year-
The old lawyer said: \"For me, the water park in Pyongyang is the best place to communicate with the locals.
\"I chatted with the students in the pool and it was very real.
But he added that all tourists must bow to the statue of the former leader Kim Jong Un.
At the entrance of the park.
The park has 37 acres of swimming pool, slide and gym. A four-
It is reported that the time to visit the water park is equivalent to 7 hours, while the average income of North Korea is only 24 hours a week.
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