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by:Aoqi     2020-06-15
I like traveling. Usually by van.
But traveling alone often makes me feel lonely. Very lonely.
But, thankfully, I found out how to eliminate the loneliness I experienced on the road: by making my own van, a Ford Aviation star, it looks like an ice cream truck.
First of all, I would like you to use Ford Aerostar as well, but all these tips below also apply to 1983 Top Chevrolet custom vans.
Buy a used one and burn all the paper work.
Then dig it out like a fish.
What do you need :-
First of all, all real ice cream trucks use modern bells, a miniature harmony 64 that burns dozens of melodies on the chip.
Can play three-
Pay attention to harmony, there are 37.
A 5-watt amplifier that drives the horn.
It costs you 500 yuan.
You need a whole-
Weather speakers with Nichols Concert Hall.
If you want to use one, you can email me after work or go to my website.
Click on the naked weight lifters and all the information will be there. -Get some steel.
To be exact, I am referring to an overall soaking cabinet for ice cream.
But let\'s be blunt.
It\'s really not an ice cream problem.
This is about the appearance of eating ice cream.
I suggest Series 300-
The outside is stainless steel and all the corners are welded.
It should be forced.
Air condensation unit.
Most importantly, you will want a wide interior space.
About 28 cubic feet.
This is the key if someone stops you.
You need to point to the cabinet and say, \"I sell ice cream. \" -
Decals are a must.
What drives \"customers\" is diversity.
\"A decent set of decals will make you $200.
I recommend waffles, omelet, flavor outbreak, twist (
Vanilla and chocolate)
Cone, salad, hard cone, chocolate sundae ice cream, chocolate dip cone, pineapple sundae freak.
You can get all of this at the franchise. com.
If you want to expand your appeal, though, buy frozen bananas, slu water and splits meat.
The canopy is optional, but it makes the whole thing \"real \".
\"And you want to be convincing.
Remember, all you need is decals.
Ice cream is basically unnecessary. It melts. -
Of course, you need a power inverter.
About 800 watts of baby.
For automatic selling equipment.
It would be big enough to drown most of the stuff in the truck.
Scott, my roommate and a flight attendant, vowed to fly. (
Anyway, when he\'s in town).
So you have wheels, decals, soaking cabinets, music and power. So what\'s left? A mattress.
I recommend using the air mattress Topper. It\'s an air-
100% cotton sleep surface filling adjustable sleep system.
Due to regular university schooling and Moveon.
Help compile this useful methodto.
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