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Gift your Child an Eco Toddler Bed: Top 5 Choices

by:Aoqi     2020-04-08
What did you get for a kid with everything?
An ecological step bed!
If you have children, or know anyone who has children, then you will know that when the children are very young, they will come with a lot of things, buying the latest and most beautiful items for your child becomes an obsession.
You will be laughed at in an age of ecological step beds and natural cribs (or scowled)
Come out of the mother and daughter club and let your child sleep in the bottom drawer as before.
To help the mother, we have listed the top five ecological step children\'s beds and cribs.
Achington-Petra toddler bed from achington, the little guy can spend the night in his own Petra toddler bed.
This project is at the top of the chart because it is elegant and space-
Save and adapt for the child\'s growth.
The wood is completed using a sustainable Baltic birch, non-toxic, ensuring that toddlers remain healthy.
The achington Petra toddler bed costs $300.
MUUThe\'s favorite Sam crib comes from the customizable range of MUU, especially their custom Sam crib.
Although it looks great, it helps the environment by using recycled wood fiber medium density cardboard (MDF).
In addition to environmental protection, it is also friendly to your pocket, as the project can change from a crib to a toddler bed as your child grows up.
Your child will love it because their personality can be added to it via the Muu panel (
Show as helicopter on website).
Over the years, these ecological step beds can be customized to use anything from helicopters to action personnel to Ben 10.
Sam\'s crib is $1175.
The second one is the Oeuf toddler bed for $570, perfect for when your big boy/girl doesn\'t want to sleep in a crib designed for babies, but you\'re not ready to risk falling off the bed in the middle of the night.
There is a bar on the edge of this bed to prevent your child from falling while sleeping, but if they need a toilet at night, it can get your child up.
Ouef refuel the factory by using wood that does not meet the high standards of ecological step beds, and does its part for the environment.
Roh Crib is priced at $1590 and the Roh Crib is very eco-friendly
Friendly, breaking the crib pattern, perfect for your child\'s eco-style bedroom.
The company behind this innovation is Square on Square.
They have taken away the traditional bar to give your toddler the freedom to browse through the transparent 100% recyclable acrylic resin, free of BPA and neighboring benzene ester.
Although this crib is a bit expensive, it is much cheaper than sending them to college;
Let\'s hope that they will remain small forever.
The tune, designed by celery, costs $510.
Put your newborn in a stroller and walk around the block until the days have passed when they get off the bus.
Just put your child on their organic mattress, wrap it up with eco-friendly bedding and let them sleep.
This will be the perfect version for any Eco Style bedroom as it is made of bamboo and 100% recycled medium fiber board, which is formaldehyde free, low/Zero VOC varnish for your ecological step children\'s bed.
With such a great choice, I\'m sure you won\'t be looking for an uneco-friendly premium bed.
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