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cute animal coat rack

by:Aoqi     2020-07-04
My cousin\'s wife is pregnant and she wants a hunting-themed baby bedding set.
When my sister and mom were busy cutting felt and fabric to make bedding sets, we realized we needed a cloakrack to finish the set.
I thought Martha Stewart\'s hanger was cute and thought it was a copy. 6. 5 \"x 16\" x3/4 \"-wooden plank4 -
Big \"hookah\"
Martha Stewart offers free animal rear templates.
If you want these animals, you can download them for free at the link here :.
It would be easier if you could get a template cut.
I did not use these templates because animals are not suitable for our theme.
If you like my drawings, I have uploaded my hand drawn drawings for you to download.
I screw the normal \"s\" hook onto the board and gently tap and bend it into the shape of the tail.
There\'s a lot to spare because you\'re likely to break some!
The screw on the top is the original form.
Adjust the bottom 4.
There is not much difference, so you can skip the adjustment if you want.
I get a little nervous sometimes when it comes to details :-)
You need your board ready.
Polish your board first, then drill two big holes. don\'t drill all the time.
Now nail the hook.
Now draw the board into the background you like. I painted it-
White, a little beige. Let it dry.
Place your template on the board and tape it.
Transfer patterns using transfer carbon.
Draw the pattern very easily.
Whatever color you like, you can draw it!
I paint to fit the animals on the bedding.
That\'s what I did-
Paint the lion orange.
Color the outline in a darker color.
Similarly, paint mane Brown and add a little orange.
Outline the shape of the head with Brown.
The elephant is painted in blue and the outline is dark blue.
In the next steps, I drew the elephant\'s hair with a thin black marker.
First paint the giraffe yellow and the Zebra White.
Now, give the details of the giraffe by applying the hair of the giraffe to a mixture of orange and brown.
Give the body some brown spots.
Use orange paint for mouth and ears.
Draw the hair of the zebra and paint the black stripes for the zebra.
I never thought about it at that time, but I thought it would be easier if I used a ruler and a marker pen!
Because it was a jungle theme, I drew some vines and leaves.
Except for the tail, it\'s all painted now.
I did some polish for the background because I was a little out of line.
Let your board dry.
When you draw, the animal puts the hook nearby.
Apply the relevant animal color to each tail.
Now drill the back of the animal and screw it on the hook. All done! isn\'t it cute?
This is a bed linen.
You know why I painted my elephant blue! :-)
My cousin\'s wife was happy to receive her baby bedding.
She\'s due in a few weeks.
I can\'t wait to see a photo of a new member of the family :-)
Thank you for reading through, please, I hope you can vote for the Craft Contest!
The most popular prizes are :-)Thank you!
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