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Custom Baby Bedding and Bumper Pads: Jungle Theme

by:Aoqi     2020-06-14
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Custom baby bedding and bumper pads can appear in every theme you want, but you have to admit that the jungle theme is awesome.
The crib is specially designed for your baby, which means there are several requirements.
Besides trapping.
The baby\'s feet and hands are really small.
Small hands are actually one thing that makes the baby cute.
But these little hands get stuck even in the tightest.
This is why vertical bars should not be separated by more than 2 inch.
From suffocation.
It sounds really scary, but there\'s a reason why children shouldn\'t put pillows or stuffed animals in their cribs.
If they turn over, for example, they actually suffocate.
Cleaning the crib from objects that may suffocate is an important precaution. High enough.
With a higher crib, the little child can\'t climb out of the crib, but more importantly, it can\'t roll out of the crib either!
A safe crib is not necessarily equal to an ugly crib.
With custom baby bedding and bumper pads, you can do a lot of things to make your child look cute when he\'s asleep.
One of the coolest themes I can come up with is the jungle theme!
Luckily, there are bedding here!
Under these sheets your child will immediately look like Mount Tai or Jane!
Custom baby bedding and bumpers: Jungle cot jungle schedule: giraffe, monkey and elephant.
What else do you want to do for this crib set? It consists of 4 parts in the jungle theme.
It includes a decals quilt, decals 4-
Side bumper, printed crib sheets and dust folds.
Jungle PalsCredit: bedding looks the same as NoJo\'s, but there is a lion in this bedding, not an elephant!
I think it\'s more of a boy type of jungle bedding.
The four covers include quilts, fitted sheets, bumpers and dust folds.
This bedding is slightly different from NoJo bedding but still an amazing bedding.
This group includes monkeys, elephants and zebras!
Includes: crib quilt, crib bumper, fitted crib sheets, 2 window valves, crib boots, diaper stacker, toy bag, 2 decorative accent pillows and 3 wall art decorations
Jungle animation of boutique safari: slightly different in appearance but more jungle theme!
These jungle animals are more cartoon than other animals.
This set includes quilts, bumpers, fitted sheets, dust folds, diaper stackers, two window covers, toy bags, baby pillows and baby bib.
Hope you get some inspiration from this list of jungle theme custom baby bedding and bumper mats!
If you want to give something special to your girl or boy, check out the baby bedding and bumper customized by the girl, or the baby bedding and bumper customized by the boy!
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