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Crib mattresses: 72 percent of models use suspect chemicals, advocacy group says

by:Aoqi     2020-07-07
Nearly three-
According to a report scheduled to be released on Thursday, there are \"suspicious or dangerous\" chemicals in the country\'s crib mattresses, stressing the need to reform federal laws regulating the use of chemicals.
The report of the environmental health advocacy group New York clean Health surveyed 28 companies that made the most of the standard
Size crib mattress, found that one or more of the worrying chemicals are used in the mattress model of 72%, including certain flame retardant, antibacterial drugs and waterproof additives.
Only three companies.
Vivetica, White Lotus and naturedi-
According to the organization, part or all of the crib mattresses are made without the use of hazardous chemicals or allergens.
With efforts to better regulate chemicals in household products, results have been achieved.
Since 2009, the consumer goods safety board has banned the use of six chemicals known as \"phalates\" in children\'s products.
The Food and Drug Administration is investing in research into the health effects of the chemicals widely used in plastics-the diphenol.
Within weeks, the Senate plans to hold hearings on a measure proposed by Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-N. J. )
This will require chemical manufacturers for the first time to prove that their products are safe.
Consumer advocates are particularly enthusiastic about lawtenberg legislation as it tries to amend 35-year-
The old laws governing chemicals are not directed at one or two chemicals at a time, but are often adopted by federal regulators and various states or cities targeting potential toxins.
Although a series of studies linked various chemicals to serious health problems, EPA conducted only 200 safety tests of about 80,000 chemicals registered in the country, according to federal data.
Consumer rights advocates say this is because federal regulators have to overcome a huge legal burden in order to test or limit chemicals.
\"In terms of chemicals, this is the Wild West of your home,\" said Andy igrahaz, director of safety chemicals health homes, who reviewed the crib mattress report.
\"With known hazardous chemicals and chemicals, the health impact of products entering our house is still unknown.
\"Clean and healthy New York focuses on baby crib mattresses because babies are particularly exposed to chemicals, says Bobbi Chase Wilding, the lead author of the study, who spends up to 16 hours a day, the face is pressed within inches of the chemicals that their parents may not know.
The 28 companies surveyed by the group produced 190 baby crib mattresses. Some —
About 20%, or 39-
By adding thin organic cotton, and marketing these mattresses as \"green\", the report said, even if other ingredients contain dangerous chemicals, \"small changes, high requirements\" have been made \".
Another 22% declined to disclose the chemicals they used, so it was not possible to determine whether their products were in danger, the report said.
The companies are least willing to answer questions about flame retardant.
On 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission approved the standard to limit the spread of mattress fires.
Scott Wolfson, spokesman for the agency, said the rule does not require the use of chemical flame retardant.
Safer flame-retardant materials include silica in water and wool, the report said.
Two companies with mattresses contain at least one worrying chemical.
My dream with the Foundation
The report said the company did not provide the \"green model\" of the mattress and declined to provide some information about its products.
Officials at the Foundation could not be reached for comment.
Joe Olds, manager of Dream on Me, said he was satisfied with the safety of his mattress.
The old people said the company bought pre-
Cut off foam and mattress covers from other companies and sell wellquality, fire-
Waterproof bed bug-flame retardant
Waterproof mattress.
\"I have never had any problems,\" Olds said . \".
\"My only problem is [
Who is the consumer with?
Use a mattress for six children. They called and said the mattress was worn out.
Olds said his products were certified by the Association of Manufacturers of youth products.
But the association says it does not have a certified crib mattress.
The industry is setting voluntary rules for these products.
The report will be released in clean health ny. org.
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