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Crib Mattress Safety

by:Aoqi     2020-03-24
A good crib mattress will not only make your baby sleep more comfortably, but will also support his growing bones.
But good mattress is a good choice.
Take into account the cost, comfort and longevity as your child may sleep in a crib for three years.
You may also want to consider convenience;
Many parents have found that the easiest way to change the crib sheets is to remove the mattress from the baby bed every time.
You will have two types of crib mattresses to choose from-
Foam and inner spring :-
Many parents prefer foam mattresses made of polyester or polyester because they are less weight than spring mattresses.
This can be important when you change dirty sheets in 3a. m.
Also, the foam pad is cheaper than the innerspring mattress.
There are various thickness foam crib mattresses to choose from.
But the thicker it is not necessarily the better;
Density is the most important thing.
Foam mattress is better high
Density, about 1.
5 pounds per cubic foot
Unfortunately, most foam mattresses don\'t list the density on the package, so it\'s hard to know exactly what you get. -
Some parents choose a coil mattress instead of a foam mattress because they maintain a longer shape (though a high-
Density foam mattress may wear as well).
The manufacturer equates the number of coils in the inner spring mattress with the overall hardness.
Factors such as the number of laps per coil and the tempering of the wires also contribute to the hardness.
It\'s a good idea to look for mattresses with at least 150 coils.
What\'s the right question to ask when you get a question :-
Is the size right?
If you can comfortably place two fingers between the mattress and the side of the crib, then the mattress is too small, which means that if your child falls between the mattress and the side of the crib, he may suffocate. -Is it firm?
Squeeze the mattress to the edge and center to test its hardness. Firm is good.
Some cases of sudden infant death syndrome are associated with soft bedding. -
It\'s ticking (mattress cover)sturdy? For water-
Resistance, looking for doubleor triple-
Nylon reinforced laminated drip.
This composition is also more resistant to tearing holes. -
Is there enough ventilation?
If the mattress has enough vents, it will smell a fresher smell, which will allow the smell to dissipate.
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