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Consumer Reports - Crib Mattresses

by:Aoqi     2020-03-29
When you buy a crib, you also need to choose a mattress, which is usually sold separately from the crib.
In addition to safety, the most important thing is the firmness of the mattress and the quality of the covering (or ticking)
It\'s your main concern.
There are two types of crib mattresses: foam mattress and spring mattress.
Both tend to maintain good shape.
Of course there are different.
First, the foam is lighter.
Foam mattresses with the largest density usually do not exceed 10 pounds, while some inner spring mattresses have a density of 20-25 pounds.
Therefore, it may be easier to replace your baby\'s sheets with a foam device.
The foam is also not elastic, so it is not easy to encourage your child to use the mattress as a trampoline.
Despite this, the innerspring crib mattress is still the most popular.
If you are thinking about using the afoam mattress, remember
Expensive models tend to be paste and fragile with thin vinyl coverings and vinyl edges.
They may not be safe either.
Sleeping on a soft mattress increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Higher-
Models with higher prices are often relatively strong (
So safer)
, Has a thicker, reinforced vinyl or cotton covering.
Evaluation of foam density (
This has a direct relationship with hardness)
, Compare the weight of different foam models.
It\'s not always easy to do in the store, but do it if you can lift a few different mattresses.
Generally speaking, the heavier the foam mattress, the denser the foam.
You can also do the extrusion test in the center by pressing the Palm on both sides of the mattress at the same time.
The mattress is too dense for you to press far.
Denserfoam mattresis may also have a stronger edge, another important performance factor.
To judge the quality of an inner spring mattress, do not go to the sales gimmick of \"coil count.
\"While the cheapest innerspring baby mattress has about 80 coils and the most expensive one can have 600 coils, the high number of coils does not always mean a better mattress.
In fact, the model of the 150 coil is stronger than the model of the 600 coil.
You can judge by picking up the mattress to compare their weight and by squeezing the mattress to test the hardness.
The edges of the inner spring model are usually firmer compared to the foam mattress, but the squeezed edges are compared.
You can also feel the border bar around the top and bottom, which provides additional edge support for safety and durability.
The number of layers of padding, the material of the padding and the quality of the covering increase the price and increase the comfort.
The cheapest inner spring, like low-
End foam mattress with thin vinyl covering and edges, it will tear, break and dry over time.
As the price rises, the cover becomes thick
The reinforced double or triple laminated material has a fabric combination with the edges, which is a sign of quality.
In addition, reversible, the presence and thickness of the ventilator are factors that distinguish one model from the other.
The mattress of your choice should also comply with the new flammable law, which came into force on January. 1, 2004.
Although this is a state law that applies only to California, baby crib mattresses sold in other states are expected to comply with this law.
Shopping Secrets compare mattresses in the store.
Do this by squeezing them.
Confirm the store return policy.
Keep the receipt.
The store\'s return policy is more important than the mattress manufacturer\'s warranty.
The store should be willing to replace the inappropriate mattress, which is a major safety issue.
In alphabetical order, the foam mattresses and inner spring mattresses of the main brands are: children\'s crafts, Colgate, Evenflo, Kolcraft, Sealy and Simmons.
Prices range from $30 to $230.
It is recommended that you do not have to spend the most money on a good quality mattress, but do not be stingy.
The budget between $90 and $150 will usually provide great service to your baby.
A good and strong mattress can also promote the correct posture and is more durable. This is important if your child will use the same mattress as the toddler bed, or if you will pass it on to future siblings.
In the built-in spring model, look for a border bar with strong support for the afsid mattresswith.
The bezel bar provides additional firmness, durability, and edge support.
Mattresses with reinforced or embossed vinyl are leak-proof;
It is also unlikely to tear the metal edge of the mattress base, and it should stay better over time.
You can also look for vents along the side of the mattress, which not only helps to keep the mattress ventilated, but also prevents the seams from cracking when your tot inevitably starts jumping.
Choose high mattress when choosing foam mattressdensity foam.
The hardness of the center and edge is tested by extrusion.
Hold the clothes or tick;
It should feel thick, not fragile.
Make sure any mattress you buy goes through two
Finger Test for baby crib.
That said, if you can place more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib, then the fit is not enough.
Check to see if the fitted sheets fit tightly and securely, overlapping the corners so you can\'t easily pull them up at the corners. Ill-
The fitted cribmattress sheets are in danger of suffocation and suffocation.
Never use adult sheets as crib sheets, not even at critical moments.
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