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Choose a Crib Mattress That is Safe and Pthalate Free

by:Aoqi     2020-03-30
Choosing a crib mattress for your baby\'s nursery should not be a slack decision.
To keep your little one safe, you should look for a few things on the crib pad.
The crib mattress you choose for your baby should be particularly sturdy and fit to a specific size specification.
You should also be familiar with the necessary mattress height adjustment as the baby grows.
Quality cannot be ignored.
In particular, toxic chemicals are known to exist in many traditional crib mattresses, known as phthal salts.
Before buying the right mattress around for your priceless baby, arm yourself with this knowledge.
In order to avoid trapping or choking, the baby mattress must be comfortably placed in the crib.
You should not install multiple fingers between the mattress and the crib/track.
I also recommend that you use a standard size baby mattress.
It should measure 51 5/8 kWh with 27 1/4 kWh and the thickness should not exceed 6 °f.
Before putting the mattress into the crib, make sure you measure it yourself.
This is because the manufacturer label is not a 100% proof of error.
This is the 20,000 Simmons mattresses recalled in June 2008.
The safe baby mattress should not only be tightly placed in the crib, but also provide adequate support.
Choose a firm and unified one.
The sturdy internal support system prevents the mattress from drooping.
This will keep the installed sheets in a tight and loose area (
Choking danger)
Will not be created.
You can quickly test the hardness by squeezing from both sides of the middle.
Once you let go, a sturdy mattress will pop back soon and will not fit the shape of your hand.
However, if an extra sturdy crib pad is placed on the height of the crib, it may still be a springboard for possible accidents.
In most cribs on the market today, the height of the mattress can be adjusted to several different levels.
This is a safety feature that must be used once your baby becomes more flexible.
Once your baby is able to stand, I would recommend minimizing the mattress.
This will stop your little one from climbing out.
However, if your baby keeps trying to climb out (
Or higher than the sidebar)
Then the crib and mattress are no longer safe.
However, in the first year of development, I recommend investing in a high quality crib mattress.
Since your baby spends most of the first year on a mattress, avoid buying cheap mattresses that cost less than $80.
Cheap mattresses are not very durable in my opinion and are not safe enough at all.
While high-quality baby mattresses will be made of high quality materials, more is expected to be paid.
In my opinion, the best crib mattress on the market is a mattress made of 100% certified organic materials.
These mattresses are not chemically treated during the manufacturing process, so they do not filter harmful chemicals like neighboring benzene ester.
Neighboring benzene Ester is a class of chemical substances with potential toxicity.
As babies are still developing and growing, they are considered to be more harmful to babies.
Studies of phthalates suggest that they may increase the risk of developing asthma, allergies and disrupting the reproductive development of infants.
For decades, neighboring benzene Ester has been added to traditional baby mattresses.
Mattress manufacturers have been adding neighboring benzene ester to PVC plastic in order to make flexible and soft waterproof vinyl covers for baby mattresses.
This danger is created when the neighboring benzene Ester often oozes from the plastic mattress or the gas enters the surrounding air.
The baby may stay on the crib mattress for at least 10 hours a day.
At least in the first two years of the baby\'s birth, this may continue, which is also a critical stage of healthy development.
Considering how close the baby sleeps to the mattress cover, coupled with the duration, there is a high probability of exposure to phthal salts.
Committee on Consumer Product Safety (2004)CPSC)
Inform the manufacturer of the baby mattress that they have the option to voluntarily remove the neighboring benzene ester from the mattress.
But these companies don\'t listen.
The removal of neighboring benzene ester from the mattress results in a very hard and unusable sleeping surface.
Just recently, the CPSC proposed new guidelines in February 10, 2009.
These guidelines are developed to minimize the use of six major phthal salts (over 0. 1%)
Mattress for baby.
In my opinion, these guidelines are not good enough at all.
Especially in the production of baby mattresses, CPSC does not completely prohibit the use of phthal salts.
But since scientific research has proven the toxicity of these chemicals, they should of course do so.
One of my main concerns is whether the manufacturers will really follow these guidelines and how they are implemented.
My advice to parents is not to wait until the mattress manufacturers change their production habits.
I would advise them not to invest in any of the mattresses as they may contain a slight ester of neighboring benzene.
The risk is considerable.
The only viable solution I can think of is to invest in a 100% certified organic crib mattress.
Organic mattresses are produced without the addition of harmful chemical additives or toxins.
The use of neighboring benzene Ester should be prohibited for all baby products. The well-
Our newborns should not be compromised by convenient or old manufacturing methods.
Companies should not ignore the immediate problems, but should do everything possible to find a safe alternative in the process of producing baby mattresses.
Our precious babies cannot be exposed to these toxic chemicals, especially when they are so vulnerable to sleeping quietly on the crib mattress.
The safe baby mattress is just one of the many necessary parts of the baby nursery.
I firmly believe that safety should take precedence over style or design.
Therefore, please invest in a crib mattress with high quality and safety first.
The design of the furniture and nursery should be secondary as it will not affect the health of your child.
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