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Chinese boy survives an eight-storey fall after ripping through a life-saving bed sheet his neighbours caught him in

by:Aoqi     2020-04-27
A little boy in the South
Western China miraculously survived for eight months.
Because of his rapid fall
Think about neighbors. The seven-year-
The old boy was filmed on a high windowsill.
High-rise buildings in Chongqing on Tuesday.
Frightened residents quickly grabbed a large sheet and put it under him.
The boy lost control and fell.
The impact of the fall tore the sheets in half and the child was taken to hospital due to serious injuries.
According to toCQ news, residents of the pen Lake Garden residential area said that the child persisted for less than a minute before falling.
The child was seen kicking him in the leg and desperately trying to pull himself up, but eventually lost his grip and rushed straight to the sidewalk.
He fell right in the middle of the sheets taken by the residents, tore the sheets in half, and landed on the ground.
When the resident informed the emergency service, he was seen lying unconscious on the ground.
The boy is still in the intensive care unit of Pengshui county hospital.
It is not clear whether the boy was left unattended at the time of the accident.
The police are investigating the matter.
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