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Children\'s beds: Best time to transition from cribs and best products to buy

by:Aoqi     2020-05-31
The transition from the crib to the toddler bed is a huge change for both the baby and the parents.
While it is not necessary for your child to introduce a toddler bed as soon as he is 1 year old, you may notice a surge in growth over the next few months, which will definitely create a need for a larger bed.
It\'s right for you to start looking.
Because each child is different from their journey, there is no specific time to determine when the child should transition to a new bed, but some guidelines and safety steps will help you make the best choices for your child
When should toddler transition from crib to toddler bed?
There are no specific rules when you switch your child from the crib to a toddler bed, but when they are big enough to walk around during sleep, it\'s time to transfer them to bed.
To get a better understanding, this is what you should observe when you start looking for a toddler bed --
Has your child been trying to escape the crib?
If he or she keeps pushing himself out of the crib, a toddler bed can prevent them from falling off and hurting themselves.
Is the bedroom shared?
If your child is your youngest child, you have a big child who can sleep on the upper bunk, and then, now may be a good time to consider providing bunk beds for two children, and make some space in their room.
Is there a new baby on the road?
For a young child, changing the position of sleep can be intense, but it may also be a way for them to accept their status as a bigger sibling.
Did your child\'s toilet train?
If your toddler is well trained and now you want them to go to the toilet by themselves at night or in the morning, then it\'s time to shop for the toddler.
What should you know before buying a crib --
The common question when purchasing toddler beds is \"what is the size suitable for toddler beds ? \"? .
The toddler\'s bed size starts from 31 inch to 56 inch.
Sometimes, just remove the sides and the crib can also be converted into a bed.
Cribs with various components can be easily used to make toddler beds.
When you buy a bed for your child, you can think ahead and plan for 6 years.
Because you know that your child will exceed the size of the bed, you can buy a large enough size in 6 years, or invest in a cheaper model now, then buy a bigger bed at a later stage.
There\'s the best toddler bed to buy here-
Single bed White finishImage Source: Pepperfry.
Letting your toddler decide on the theme and style of the bed will facilitate timely sleep while also reducing the length of your decision making process.
This wide bed with safety railing and Crown template is perfect for baby girls.
In addition to looking great, this toddler bed follows the safety specifications and is subject to harmful emissions tests.
The baby bed has alphabetsImage Source: kidskouch.
Incorporating educational furniture is a great way to introduce children to initial learning.
This white toddler bed has a safety barrier on both sides to provide safe sleep time for your child.
Attractive infographics on the framework will encourage learning and curiosity.
This toddler bed is perfect for small spaces.
Baby bed with storageImage Source: kidskouch.
Whether it\'s their toys or other essentials, storage is always a problem once the kids arrive at any home.
This colorful toddler with steps to add a little fun tips is perfect for toddlers to transition from a crib.
Having your own bed will also make your child more independent.
Bunk beds for SiblingsImage Source: www. woodenstreet.
If you have two young children, your little daughter can be transferred to a separate bed, which is perfect for your toddler to share with older siblings.
The step ladder with railings provides a safe option to climb the bed and also increases the storage space of the bed itself.
Toddler beds can be a long-term investment for families, as both beds are separate, which makes them have their own two different beds.
This toddler bed is made of durable Sheesham wood for a long life and strength.
Source: alexdaisy.
This toddler bed is made of high quality E-
Grade 1 engineered wood with a safe headboard and pedals with lovely heart-shaped patterns.
The toddler bed is also equipped with hydraulic storage under the bed, which is a useful furniture that can reduce the clutter of the child\'s room.
The mattress base is also lifted smoothly through an ultra-soft hydraulic mechanism so that you can easily maintain winter wear, quilts, toys, carpets, suitcases and more.
Source: www. toddlers in engineering Wood Bicycleshometown.
This stylish car bed provides railings for the safety of young children, suitable for young artists and car lovers.
This toddler bed features a high quality mid-fiber board with no stains, scratches and moisture-proof melamine finish
It is poisonous and safe for children.
While this stylish bed will definitely be liked by your toddler, they will also grow up very quickly, so be careful if you are looking for a long bedterm solution.
Classic nursery bed cherry wood pattern picture Source: Amazon.
This classic cherry wood bed is perfect for parents who want a simple, classic design without any overdecoration. This low-
The stylish toddler bed is perfect and safe for young people, along with a central leg that strengthens stability.
This simple bed also does not have O-benzene Ester, latex, lead and BPA.
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